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Technovelgy recieved a "2005 Top 100 Sites You Didn't Know You Couldn't Live Without" award from PC Magazine.

"Technovelgy is one of those sites with unlimited surfing potential—its articles are short and punchy, and each offers links to another item or three just as intriguing. With more than 700 entries in its SF inventions archive—and a fiction sample appended to each—it is also a great place to go to sample new authors, particularly those writing hard SF. Inspiring inventors and engineers to create real versions of imagined technologies is one of SF's greatest spinoff benefits. This site celebrates that ongoing accomplishment with panache and humor." Site of the Week

"If you're a scientist into science fiction, this site is a must for you... One of the cleverest ideas I've seen this year. Rating: Excellent"
Kevin Ahern, PhD.
Genetic Engineering News

"Hot site!"
USA Today

Recommended in BusinessWeek:
" - use it to mine not-yet-practical ideas"
Eric S. Rabkin, PhD
Prof. of English, UM

"On the radar" in
Circuits Diary
New York Times



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|| One of PC Magazine 2005's Top 100 Sites You Didn't Know You Couldn't Live Without ||Sci-Fi Site of the Week - "a unique fusion of practical science and unadulterated dream" || "If you're a scientist into science fiction, this site is a must for you..." Kevin Ahern, Genetic Engineering News || "Mine not-yet-practical ideas" BusinessWeek Innovation Issue || "Great fun..." halfbakery ||" Hot Site!" USA TODAY || " ...this site is way cool." Edward Willett, children's sf writer || " On the Radar" - New York Times Online Diary || "...has a cool database of science fiction inventions...Knock yourself out." - Spacecraft Blog, Prof. Christopher Hall, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering, Virginia Tech || "Bien fait ce site, intéressant, plein d'hyperliens" (This site is well-done, interesting and full of hyperlinks) Les Pensées de Zénon || "ein unerlässliches Tool für jeden Patentanwalt und für Nerds aller Arten." ( essential tool for patent lawyers and nerds of all kinds.) De:Bug || "...entertainment with smarts!" floccinaucinihilipilificate






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Ultimate WMD

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