Glossary of Science Fiction Ideas, Technology and Inventions
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Device Name Book/Story Author Date
Ablative Heat (Reentry) Shield - very early reference Triplanetary Smith  1934
A-Bomb Sixth Column MacDonald  1941
Absolute Black - so dark, you can't see it Restaurant at the End of the Universe Adams  1980
Accelerated Schooling Cities in Flight Blish  1957
Accelerated Schooling Helmet Cities in Flight Blish  1957
Acceleration Chair The Mote in God's Eye Niven (w/J. Pournelle)  1974
Acceleration Couch The Mote in God's Eye Niven (w/J. Pournelle)  1974
Acceleration Hammock Pioneer - 1957 Gade  1939
Acceleration Shell The Forever War Haldeman  1974
Acceleration-tank - very early reference Triplanetary Smith  1934
Accu-Terrain Floor Natulife Brin  1994
Acoustic Apparatus (Osophone) - original patent filing Acoustic Apparatus Gernsback  1923
Actinoscope Ralph 124c 41 + Gernsback  1911
Adam Selene The Moon is a Harsh Mistress Heinlein  1966
Adiabatic Pods - personal cold sleep The Lady Who Sailed The Soul Smith  1960
Adjustable House Gather, Darkness! Leiber  1943
Adjustable Television The Simulacra Dick  Ace
Adnix Contact Sagan  1985
Advertising Airship Blade Runner Scott  1982
Aerial Navies The World Masters Griffith  1903
Aerial Telegraph Edison's Conquest of Mars Serviss  1898
Aeriduct (Rain Maker) - watch for showers A Journey In Other Worlds Astor IV  1894
Aero Bus (Flying Bus) What Not: A Prophetic Comedy Macaulay  1918
Aerocab Buck Rogers, 2430 AD Nowlan (w/D. Calkins)  1929
Aerocar - first use of idea? The Abduction of Alexandra Seine Smale  1900
Aeroflyer Ralph 124c 41 + Gernsback  1911
Aeromuse Pillow The Human Blend Foster  2010
Aerostat Monitor - a small flying platform The Diamond Age Stephenson  1995
Aether Cannon Storm Thief Wooding  2006
Agfom Potent-Shot - picture the future Clans of the Alphane Moon Dick  1964
Aggressive-Response Service The Golden Globe Varley  1998
Agile Recording Robot Solar Lottery Dick  1955
Agony Box - testing for humans Heretics of Dune Herbert  1984
Agricultural Robot Pest Controller - picking off the pests Runaway Crichton  1985
Agricultural World Foundation Asimov  1951
Air Blast - the first air dryer Coventry Heinlein  1940
Air Renewal From the Earth to the Moon Verne  1867
Air Speedster Foundation Asimov  1951
Air Tunnel Through the Air Tunnel Vincent  1929
Airbag Jacket - instant Michelin Man Snow Crash Stephenson  1992
Air-Blanket Hollywood on the Moon Kuttner  1938
Airboarding Halting State Stross  2007
Aircab Time Crime Piper  1955
Air-Car - a flying taxi A Matter of Size Bates  1934
AIRE - reverse engineering software Mother of Storms Barnes  1994
Airjeep Uller Uprising Piper  1952
Airlock Skylark of Space Smith  1928
Airmaker - breathe it Ringworld Niven  1970
Airmakers The Big Rain Anderson  1954
Air-o-Stat Satellite Five Barnes  1938
Airplane Window Ads - ads on clouds The Space Merchants Pohl (w/CM Kornbluth)  1952
Airpolo Sunward Flight Zagat  1943
Air-Propelled Train - silent mass transit Fahrenheit 451 Bradbury  1953
Air-Restorer Capsule The Planet Strappers Gallun  1961
Air-Ship (VTOL Airship) The Angel of the Revolution Griffith  1893
Air-Taxi - hail the skies Prelude to Foundation Asimov  1988
Air-Tight Suit - air-tight dress Edison's Conquest of Mars Serviss  1898
Airtight Tent Asteroid of Fear Gallun  1951
Air-to-Surface Missile - first use of concept The Angel of the Revolution Griffith  1893
Aladur Sunward Flight Zagat  1943
Alcatraz of Space Reunion on Ganymede Simak  1938
Alcodote Space Viking Piper  1962
Alcoholic Reliever Bad Medicine Sheckley  1956
Alcohol-Sensing System The Game Players of Titan Dick  1963
Alderson Point - a wormhole to the stars The Mote in God's Eye Niven (w/J. Pournelle)  1974
Alibi Archive - personal recording Hominids (Neanderthal Parallax) Sawyer  2003
Alien Life Form The Hothouse Planet Barnes  1937
Alien Self-Government Co-Operate or Else van Vogt  1942
Alien Tarantula Engine City MacLeod  2003
Alien Trojan Out of the Dark Webber  2010
Alien Zoo The Dosadi Experiment Herbert  1977
Allswell Anathem Stephenson  2008
Alohydrolium Ralph 124c 41 + Gernsback  1911
Alpha Insert Exiles of the Moon Schachner (w. AL Zagat)  1931
Alpha Plus Brave New World Huxley  1932
Alterable License Number Methuselah's Children Heinlein  1941
Alternate Computer Personality The Moon is a Harsh Mistress Heinlein  1966
Altitude Suit The Black Star Passes Campbell  1930
AM - an Agressive Menace I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream Ellison  1967
AM-280 Needle Rifle A Matter For Men Gerrold  1983
Ampek F-a2 Recording System The Simulacra Dick  Ace
Amphibious Skimmer Storm Thief Wooding  2006
Anabolic Protoplaser Spock, Messiah! Cogswell (w/C. Spano)  1976
Anacronopete (Time Machine) El Anacronopete Gaspar  1887
Anadrenalin A Race Through Time Wandrei  1933
Analogue - devolution through chemistry The Stars My Destination Bester  1956
Analogue Treatment Ticket to Anywhere Knight  1952
Android The Cometeers Williamson  1936
Android Safety Mechanism Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Dick  1968
Androide - the original Cyclopaedia Chambers  1727
Andy - an artificial human Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Dick  1968
Anemopter Finisterra Moles  2007
Angel Music Player Flood Baxter  2008
Angel Teeth Freedom Suarez  2010
Animal-tissue Culture Vat Uller Uprising Piper  1952
Annihilator Beam The Conquest of Gola Stone  1931
Ansible - the ultimate long distance phone Rocannon's World LeGuin  1966
Answerboard - good name for it Rainbows End Vinge  2006
Anti-Acceleration Engine For Space Suits Black Destroyer van Vogt  1939
Anti-agathic drugs Cities in Flight Blish  1957
Anti-Gerasone - drink and look younger Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow Vonnegut, Jr.  1954
Antigrav Boots The Day We Celebrate Bond  1941
Antigravity - first use The Vanguard of Neptune Walsh  1932
Anti-Gravity Belt Armageddon: 2419 A.D. Nowlan  1928
Antigravity Globe Arena Babel-17 Delany  1966
Anti-Heptant To Live Forever Vance  1956
Antiholo Generator The Ophiuchi Hotline Varley  1977
Antimatter Collision Orbit Williamson  1941
Anti-Onc Cream - cancer remedy Earth Brin  1990
Anti-Robot Propaganda Liar Asimov  1941
Anti-Spying Device Foundation Asimov  1951
Antithermal Shield The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch Dick  1965
Anti-Tri-D Shot The Morning of the Day They Did It White  1950
Anti-Virus Design Software Super-Cannes: A Novel Ballard  2000
Apergy (Apergion) - antigravity substance Across the Zodiac Greg  1880
Arachnofiber Uniforms - Spidey delivers pizza Snow Crash Stephenson  1992
Architectural Coral - build to any shape A Gift From Earth Niven  1968
Arctic Signal Light A Journey In Other Worlds Astor IV  1894
Argento-Platinoid Dispatch Box Venus Mines, Incorporated Schachner (w. AL Zagat)  1931
Armor Cloth The Mote in God's Eye Niven (w/J. Pournelle)  1974
Armored Clothing - modern armor The Dosadi Experiment Herbert  1977
Art-Derm - spray-on skin Dr. Futurity Dick  1960
Arteria Portal The Algebraist Banks  2004
Artificial Atmosphere Machine Venus Mines, Incorporated Schachner (w. AL Zagat)  1931
Artificial Brain The Metal Giants Hamilton  1926
Artificial Butterfly Changeling Zelazny  1980
Artificial eye - first use of this idea? Galactic Patrol Smith  1937
Artificial Eye Drone Glimpse Wellman  1938
Artificial Food The World Set Free Wells  1914
Artificial Gill Outfit We Can Remember It For You Wholesale Dick  1966
Artificial Gravity - first mention Brigands of the Moon Cummings  1930
Artificial Gravity System Last and First Men Stapledon  1930
Artificial Gravity-Assisted Childbirth Time Enough For Love Heinlein  1973
Artificial Intelligence Device (AID) A Hymn Before Battle Ringo  2000
Artificial Island Between Earth and Moon von Hanstein  1930
Artificial Life Across Space Hamilton  1926
Artificial Muscles - for cyborgs Cyborg Caidin  1972
Artificial Planet - before the Death Star Triplanetary Smith  1934
Artificial Planet Star Maker Stapledon  1937
Artificial Telepathy We All Died At Breakaway Station Meredith  1969
Artificial Transparent Element - see through it Last and First Men Stapledon  1930
Artificial Womb - very early use of concept Brave New World Huxley  1932
Artificially Grown Organs A Gift From Earth Niven  1968
Artificially Pulsating Star The Cosmic Blinker Binder  1953
Artiforg Ubik Dick  1969
Artif-Org - mechanical replacement organ Cantata 140 Dick  1964
Artigraft Solar Lottery Dick  1955
Asbestos Sunshade The Achilles Heel Gallun  1940
A-Som (Antisomnolence Drugs) Shuteye for the Timebroker Di Filippo  2006
Assassin Bird - genetically engineered Sparrowhawk Easton  1990
Assault Ship The Forever War Haldeman  1974
Asterite Collision Orbit Williamson  1941
Asteroid Claim Law Jurisdiction Schachner  1941
Asteroid From Outside Solar System Brigands of the Moon Cummings  1930
Asteroid Garden Asteroid of Fear Gallun  1951
Asteroid Homesteaders' School Asteroid of Fear Gallun  1951
Asteroid Lanes Jurisdiction Schachner  1941
Asteroid Mine - ore from space Love Among The Robots McDowell  1946
Asteroid Mining Edison's Conquest of Mars Serviss  1898
Asteroid Mining (Blasting) Asteroid of Gold Simak  1932
Asteroid Mining Robot Catch That Rabbit Asimov  1944
Asteroid Prison One Against The Legion Williamson  1939
Asteroid Rocket Salvage in Space Williamson  1933
Asteroid-Metal - raw materials from space The Mechanical Monarch Tubb  1958
Astrogation (to Astrogate) - steer to the stars Methuselah's Children Heinlein  1941
Astrogator The Conquest of Space Lasser  1931
Astronaut Across the Zodiac Greg  1880
Astroposit The Hunch Anvil  1961
Asymptotic Drive Imperial Earth Clarke  1976
Atlotl/Gibiril Regimen - regrow and rejuvenate The Godmakers Herbert  1972
Atmosphere Control The Mote in God's Eye Niven (w/J. Pournelle)  1974
Atmosphere Tester The Emperor of the Stars Schachner (w. AL Zagat)  1931
Atmospheric Advertising - write it on the clouds In the Year 2889 Verne  1889
Atmospheric Braking Space Cadet Heinlein  1948
Atom Compactor (Metal Earthworm) Death Dives Deep Ernst  1936
Atom-Driven Drill Asteroid of Fear Gallun  1951
Atom-Gun Revolt on the Tenth World Hamilton  1940
Atomic Automatic Revolt on Io West  1940
Atomic Blast Weapon The Achilles Heel Gallun  1940
Atomic Bomb - very early reference The World Set Free Wells  1914
Atomic Energy - very early reference. The Crack of Doom Cromie  1895
Atomic Energy Motor The Man from the Atom Wertenbaker  1926
Atomic Machine The Man from the Atom Wertenbaker  1926
Atomic Microscopy The Crack of Doom Cromie  1895
Atomic Pistol Mutiny on Mercury Simak  1932
Atomic Shell Buck Rogers, 2430 AD Nowlan (w/D. Calkins)  1929
Atomic Torch One Against The Legion Williamson  1939
Atomic-Powered Lifting Suits The Brain Pirates Campbell  1938
Atomics Nerves del Rey  1942
Atom-Shifter The Worlds of Tomorrow Wellman  1940
Attraction Ray Pirates of the Gorm Schachner  1932
Attractive Ray - first use of idea? Crashing Suns Hamilton  1928
Attractor - come hither and stay still The Conquest of Gola Stone  1931
Audio Relay - personal RFID transceiver The Puppet Masters Heinlein  1951
Audiphone Blood of the Moon Cummings  1936
Auto Course-Finding Pilot Clans of the Alphane Moon Dick  1964
Auto Shovel The Simulacra Dick  Ace
Autobutle The Godmakers Herbert  1972
Autocab Between Planets Heinlein  1951
Auto-Car The Revolt of the Pedestrians Keller  1928
Auto-Clerk Beyond This Horizon Heinlein  1942
Autodoc - automated medical device The Warriors Niven  1966
Auto-Driven Auto (Spinner) - it drives itself The Dream Master Zelazny  1966
Autofac (Nanorobots) - a factory that can replicate itself Autofac Dick  1955
AutoM8 Daemon Suarez  2009
Automated Apartment Maintenance Ubik Dick  1969
Automated DNA Typing - from one drop Gattaca Niccol  1997
Automated Drone Probes The Man in the Maze Silverberg  1969
Automated Factory The Hidden Colony von Hanstein  1935
Automated Hotel Reservation Methuselah's Children Heinlein  1941
Automated Restaurant - food from robots A Princess of Mars Burroughs  1912
Automated Search For Habitable Planets Cosmic Quest Hamilton  1936
Automated Sentry - automatic face recognition Darwin's Children Bear  2003
Automated Space Factories Mona Lisa Overdrive Gibson  1988
Automated Surface Measurement - 100 years before cgi needed it When the Sleeper Wakes Wells  1899
Automated Taxi Sagramanda Foster  2006
Automated Travel Bureau Friday Heinlein  1982
Automated Wake-Up Call - the hotel wakes you up The Kokod Warriors Vance  1952
Automatic Air Mail Plane The Living Machine Keller  1935
Automatic City The Man in the Maze Silverberg  1969
Automatic Commercial Deletion - no more commercials Satellite Five Barnes  1938
Automatic Companion Robot - better than a puppy The Midas Plague Pohl  1954
Automatic Control Car Imperial Earth Clarke  1976
Automatic Cultivators Piracy Preferred Campbell  1930
Automatic Door - like a roll top desk When the Sleeper Wakes Wells  1899
Automatic Factory Autofac Dick  1955
Automatic Gun - targets without human intervention The Andromeda Strain Crichton  1969
Automatic Hotel (Hotel Hendrix) - the hotel is your host Altered Carbon Morgan  2003
Automatic Light Switch The Man Who Sold The Moon Heinlein  1950
Automatic Massager - robot masseuse Far Centaurus van Vogt  1944
Automatic Navigator A Matter of Size Bates  1934
Automatic Ore Cart Autofac Dick  1955
Automatic Pilot - a brief history The Space Merchants Pohl (w/CM Kornbluth)  1952
Automatic Refueling Screen Biddiver Sturgeon  1941
Automatic Reversed Memory - EEG in reverse Brain Control Cummins  1937
Automatic Shell The Great Stone of Sardis Stockton  1897
Automatic Speeding Fine Old Fireball Schachner  1941
Automatic Ticket Machine - your ticket to the stars Second Foundation Asimov  1953
Automatic Toll Payment The Living Machine Keller  1935
Automatic Truck Mechanocracy Breuer  1932
Automatic Vein Finder The Andromeda Strain Crichton  1969
Automatic-Electric Packing Machine Ralph 124c 41 + Gernsback  1911
Automatized Factory The Tunnel Under The World Pohl  1955
Automatobile Sally Asimov  1953
Automatobus Sally Asimov  1953
Automaton Chessplayer - the first chess-playing computer Moxon's Master Bierce  1910
Auto-Navigation The Dream Master Zelazny  1966
Autonomic Cab - all on its own The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch Dick  1965
Autonomic Food-Processing System - untouched by humans Cantata 140 Dick  1964
Autonomic Interviewer - pape's proxy The Zap Gun Dick  1965
Autonomic Plow Clans of the Alphane Moon Dick  1964
Autonomous Assassination Drone Kill Decision Suarez  2012
Autonomous Car Intercommunication Sally Asimov  1953
Autonomous Truck Autofac Dick  1955
Autonomously Recharging UAV Changeling Zelazny  1980
Autoporter - personal baggage handler The Shockwave Rider Brunner  1975
Auto-Scan This Moment of the Storm Zelazny  1966
Auto-Seal Stand on Zanzibar Brunner  1968
Autosecretary (Autosec) - clipping service for the net Earth Brin  1990
Autosurgeon - doctor's robot helper Altered Carbon Morgan  2003
Auto-Treadmills (Needle-Gym) Natulife Brin  1994
Ava - she wants to be taught The Calcutta Chromosome Ghosh  1995
Avatar - godlike poseurs Snow Crash Stephenson  1992
Avatar Construction Set - build your virtual self Snow Crash Stephenson  1992
Axolotl Tank - device for regeneration Dune Messiah Herbert  1969

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Elon Musk STILL Wants To Make Heinlein's 1940's Speedster
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Mercury Capsule Ablative Shielding
re: EE 'Doc' Smith

Heinlein And Russian Quail In Orbit
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Listen Up, Coppertop - Wearable Device Turns You Into A Battery
re: Wachowskis

Solar Powered Robot Cleans Up Solar Panels For Free
re: Arthur C. Clarke

Spot Arm From Boston Dynamics Picks Up Like Heinlein's Hired Girl Robot
re: Robert Heinlein

Electric Vehicle Prices Will Drop To $2,890
re: Niven and Pournelle

TIGER Ultimate Mobility Vehicle From Hyundai
re: Anthony Boucher

Drones Communicate With Each Other Using Quantum Encryption
re: Frederik Pohl

Space Construction Tools For Large Structures By OAC
re: Arthur C. Clarke

SpinCare Electrospins And Shoots Wound Dressing
re: Philip K. Dick

Tesla Model S And X Moves Toward KITT Knight Rider Styling
re: Various

Sophia Robots By The Thousands
re: Fritz Lieber

Scaly-Foot Snail Works With Iron
re: Unknown

Updated Piaggio Gita Personal Robot Porter
re: John Brunner

Las Vegas Tunnels To Have Autonomous Teslas
re: Isaac Asimov

TCL CSOT 17-Inch Printed OLED Scrolling Display
re: EC Tubb

Reachy Humanoid VR Teleoperation App
re: AG Stangland

Unitree A1 Robot ala Black Mirror and Snow Crash
re: Neal Stephenson

DALL-E Makes Creative Images From Text
re: Various

BladeBUG Robots Clean Massive Wind Turbine Blades
re: Arthur C. Clarke

Looms To Manually Weave Lunar Rover Wheels
re: Charles Sheffield



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