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A fluttering wing airplane for a few passengers.
(From When the Sleeper Wakes [1899] by H.G. Wells)
General Intelligence Machine
News and information from one device.
(From When the Sleeper Wakes [1899] by H.G. Wells)
A vast passenger ship in space.
(From Liners of Space [1930] by Jim Vanny)
A transparent hemisphere used as a habitat.
(From Last Blast [1952] by Eric Frank Russell)
Levitator Pack
Handy anti-gravity when you need it.
(From Gears for Nemesis [1942] by Raymond Z. Gallun)
Landing on the Moon
Men from the earth land on the Moon.
(From Somnium (The Dream) [1634] by Johannes Kepler)
A floating armchair.
(From Killing Gramps [1988] by Ann K. Schwader)
Personality-Construct (Lazarus)
A chip providing a robotic body with the attributes of the selected person.
(From Killing Gramps [1988] by Ann K. Schwader)
Meteor Hulls Ship
A small meteor tears all the way through a ship
(From Moon People Of Jupiter [1931] by Isaac R. Nathanson)
Asteroid Lanes (Blasted)
Actually clearing safe routes through asteroid belts.
(From Flight of the Typhoon [1936] by Clifton B. Kruse)
Meteor Particles (Sand Blast)
Tiny sand-sized asteroids sand-blasting the hull of a spacecraft.
(From Flight of the Typhoon [1936] by Clifton B. Kruse)
Ensures the obedience of robots.
(From Women's World [1939] by David C. Cooke)
A mechanical device that tells people what to do.
(From Women's World [1939] by David C. Cooke)
At no time.
(From A Feast for the Gods [1971] by Poul and Karen Anderson)
Black Bag
A medical kit from the future.
(From The Little Black Bag [1950] by C.M. Kornbluth)
Aeroplane Baseball
A standard-sized baseball making possible non-standard pitches.
(From The Educated Pill [1928] by Bob Olsen)
A floating, spherical cab.
(From Earth Rehabilitators, Consolidated [1935] by Henry J. Kostkos)
Automatic Judge
Automatically listens to the plaintiff and defendant and provides a just verdict.
(From Dr. Hackensaw's Secrets Some Minor Inventions [1926] by Clement Fezandie)
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