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Metal Fish
Fake flounders for sport fishermen on Martian canals.
(From Atom Drive [1956] by Charles Fontenay)
Robot Introspection
A robotic brain grows and learns about itself.
(From Unforeseen [1949] by Roger P. Graham)
Robot Cat
A cat with mechanical parts.
(From The Cat and the King [1946] by Raymond F. Jones)
A method for a plane to know its location over the Earth.
(From The Iron World [1937] by Otis Adelbert Kline)
An airplane that flies up to the edge of the atmosphere.
(From Colossus [1934] by Donald Wandrei)
Electric Cat (Robot Cat)
A robot presenting the appearance of a common domestic cat.
(From Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? [1968] by Philip K. Dick)
Time Loop
A series of events repeats, the stream crosses over itself.
(From The Time Entity [1936] by Eando Binder)
Shadow People
Alien knowledge leads to alien results - for humans.
(From Way Station [1963] by Clifford Simak)
Powered Print-Book
Part computer, part book.
(From Prelude to Foundation [1988] by Isaac Asimov)
You’ve seen them.
(From Prelude to Foundation [1988] by Isaac Asimov)
Scanning-Disk Telescope
A telescope which uses a television-like monitor instead of an eyepiece.
(From The Power Planet [1931] by Murray Leinster)
Air Tank Flying
Using little blasts of compressed air to fly around inside a space station.
(From The Power Planet [1931] by Murray Leinster)
Foot Loops
Hold yourself down in zero gravity situations with this low-tech device.
(From The Power Planet [1931] by Murray Leinster)
Observation Room Recreation Center
A vast internal space in a space station, often used for exercise and amusement.
(From The Power Planet [1931] by Murray Leinster)
Underwater Robot
An autonomous mechanical for use underwater.
(From The Velvet Glove [1956] by Harry Harrison)
Antigravity Plate (Antigravity Raft)
A thin, circular craft that floats.
(From Co-Operate or Else [1942] by A.E. van Vogt)
Gum Tree
A huge tree that lashed out with a mind of its own.
(From Symbiotica [1943] by Eric Frank Russell)
Ubik Spray Can
One of many definitions of Ubik. Take only as directed.
(From Ubik [1969] by Philip K. Dick)
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