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An early version of the raygun.
(From The War of the Planets [1929] by Harl Vincent)
A small, portable air-tight structure used on the lunar surface.
(From The Lunar Chrysalis [1931] by Raymond Z. Gallun)
Gravity waves ripple across the solar system.
(From Things Pass By [1945] by Murray Leinster)
Electromagnet-tipped rods used by meteor miners to capture iron-rich asteroids in space.
(From The Meteor Miners [1935] by L.A. Eshbach)
Meteor Swarm Mining
A fleet of ships hunting for meteoric iron - in space!
(From The Meteor Miners [1935] by L.A. Eshbach)
Nutrient Gelatin Tank
Essential hardware for creating a new, improved humanity - isotope men!
(From The Isotope Men [1936] by Nat Schachner)
Telepadion Instructor
A device that places an entire sensory experience directly into the brain.
(From An Adventure on Eros [1931] by J. Harvey Haggard)
Aliens Speak English
The skeleton men of Mercury speak English, but have a good reason for it.
(From The Mines of Haldar [1934] by Maurice A.  Hugi)
A spaceman; someone who makes his living by voyaging in space.
(From The Star-Roamers [1933] by Edmond Hamilton)
Folding Computer Terminal
A foldable pocket computer.
(From The Merchants of Souls [2002] by John Barnes)
Belt Automatic-Equalizers
The wearer's experience of gravity will be just like Earth's.
(From The Star-Roamers [1933] by Edmond Hamilton)
Tubular Space-Gangway
A means of traversing the short distance between two ships in space.
(From The Star-Roamers [1933] by Edmond Hamilton)
A city planned as a checker-board of alternating vegetation and buildings.
(From The Star-Roamers [1933] by Edmond Hamilton)
Etheric Propulsion-Vibrations
Faster-than-light travel.
(From The Star-Roamers [1933] by Edmond Hamilton)
AI-Based Hiring and Firing
Letting a computer system handle the hiring and firing of employees.
(From Manna [2002] by Marshall Brain)
A building material, too good to be true, with hidden properties.
(From Macrolife [1979] by George Zebrowski)
Metavirus (Digital Metavirus)
Binary code that can infect computers or even hackers, through the binary nerve.
(From Snow Crash [1992] by Neal Stephenson)
Poison Space Cloud (Etheric Poison)
A deadly cloud of gas large enough to envelop the solar system.
(From The Poison Belt [1913] by Arthur Conan Doyle)
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