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Robot Strike
When robots refuse to work.
(From Robots of the World! Arise! [1952] by Mari Wolf)
A state in which gravity is effectively absent or cancelled out.
(From If Science Reached the Earth's Core [1938] by John R. Binder)
Flesh Men
Thinking beings that are not mechanical robots - human beings.
(From Robots of the World! Arise! [1952] by Mari Wolf)
Lead-Bodied Android
A robot designed for use in the nuclear industry.
(From Robots of the World! Arise! [1952] by Mari Wolf)
Droid (First Use)
Contraction of "android".
(From Robots of the World! Arise! [1952] by Mari Wolf)
A vehicle for space travel.
(From War in Space [1926] by Raymond Quiex)
Artificial Island
An entirely artificial, floating island.
(From Between Earth and Moon [1930] by Otfrid von Hanstein)
Neural Lace
An interface between the brain and computer facilities.
(From Surface Detail [2010] by Iain M Banks)
Chin Window
An aperture that allows an astronaut to see his own feet (greater field of view).
(From Have Space Suit - Will Travel [1958] by Robert Heinlein)
Space Socks
Protective garments for the lower extremities.
(From Lost Rocket [1941] by Manly Wade Wellman)
Minimal spaceship.
(From The Man in the Maze [1969] by Robert Silverberg)
Remote-Control Slavery
Mental control (possibly mediated by radio waves) of individuals of other species.
(From The Man in the Maze [1969] by Robert Silverberg)
Prime Directive
The first and most important rule; usually protective.
(From With Folded Hands [1947] by Jack Williamson)
OSMO (Osmic Mobile Observers)
UAV with the ability to "smell" their human quarry.
(From Quantico [2007] by Greg Bear)
Very hard alloy for tanks.
(From Honor of the Regiment [2002] by Keith Laumer)
Buildings that are hundreds of stories tall.
(From New York 2140 [2017] by Kim Stanley Robinson)
A very small flapping wing UAV that can be carried by a larger flying device.
(From Quantico [2007] by Greg Bear)
A person born on planet Earth.
(From Make Mine Mars [1952] by C.M. Kornbluth)
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