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Solar Engine
A space ship that gets it motive power from the rays of the sun.
(From A Matter of Size [1934] by Harry Bates)
Wrist Search Display
A wearable device that uses its own search beam to view scenes close by.
(From A Matter of Size [1934] by Harry Bates)
Automatic Navigator
Device steers your spaceship to its destination without additional effort from you.
(From A Matter of Size [1934] by Harry Bates)
The first use of this contraction for "robot".
(From We All Died At Breakaway Station [1969] by Richard Meredith)
Space Force
That branch of the military with a presence outside the atmosphere.
(From Hindsight [1940] by Jack Williamson)
Home Planet
Usually the birthplace of your species or simply your planet of origin.
(From Last and First Men [1930] by Olaf Stapledon)
Single Vehicle Tunnel
A small diameter tunnel that accepts a single vehicle to a single destination.
(From Foundation [1951] by Isaac Asimov)
Ugly T-Shirt
Uses disruptive patterning to make the wearer invisible to computerized surveillance techniques.
(From Zero History [2010] by William Gibson)
A public data network.i
(From Dune [1965] by Brian Herbert)
Electronic Cash
A digital currency, like Bitcoin.
(From Heavy Weather [1994] by Bruce Sterling)
Burn the Ship
Utilize parts of the ship as fuel for forward movement.
(From Around the World in 80 days [1868] by Jules Verne)
A device that records verbal output and determines truth or falsehood.
(From Whipping Star [1969] by Brian Herbert)
Substance D
An addictive, psychoactive drug.
(From A Scanner Darkly [1977] by Philip K. Dick)
Logical Pathogen
Malware concealed in DNA.
(From The Medusa Chronicles [2016] by Alastair Reynolds (w/S. Baxter))
Negative Matter Space Drive
A reactionless space drive using negative matter.
(From Timemaster [1992] by Robert Forward)
A small remotely-operated surveillance robot.
(From Anything You Can Do [1962] by Gordon Randall Garrett)
Third Eye
An output device that uses the skin of the user.
(From Daemon [2009] by Daniel Suarez)
Test Box
A remote-controlled device for capturing small objects from open space.
(From The Devil's Pocket [1940] by F.E. Hardart)
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