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Habitable Exoplanet Moon
An Earthlike moon that orbits a gas giant.
(From Star Wars [1976] by George Lucas)
Space Cadet
A young person training to be a spaceman.
(From Space Cadet [1948] by Robert Heinlein)
A computer-simulated environment.
(From Encounter at Farpoint [1987] by David Gerrold)
Dragonfly Sky-Bike
An ultralight human-powered flyer.
(From Rendezvous With Rama [1972] by Arthur C. Clarke)
Anti-Acceleration Engine For Space Suits
Counteracts the effects of high acceleration.
(From Black Destroyer [1939] by A.E. van Vogt)
Strong metal you can see through.
(From Black Destroyer [1939] by A.E. van Vogt)
City of Glass
An entire city made of unique structural glass and ceramic.
(From The Godmakers [1972] by Frank Herbert)
Space Pirate
Space ships taken against their will.
(From Impossible Pirates [1946] by George O. Smith)
Surveillance devices, small and insectile.
(From Vulcan's Hammer [1960] by Philip K. Dick)
A robotic writer of hard-bitten detective yarns.
(From End as a Robot [1954] by Richard Marsten)
An automated servant.
(From The Godmakers [1972] by Frank Herbert)
Familiar name for our own sun.
(From Out of Void [1929] by L.F. Stone)
One's planet of origin.
(From A Honeymoon In Space [1901] by George Griffith)
Photonic Sail
A sail that uses light pressure for propulsion.
(From Think Blue, Count Two [1962] by Cordwainer Smith)
Lado-Acheson System
A device for "pumping in" sunlight into an enclosed space habitat.
(From Neuromancer [1984] by William Gibson)
A chamber for long term sleep between the stars.
(From Think Blue, Count Two [1962] by Cordwainer Smith)
Light-Sail Ship
A spacecraft that used a huge sail moved by light pressure.
(From Think Blue, Count Two [1962] by Cordwainer Smith)
Deceleration Chambers
Stressed, the ship breaks apart into parts that may survive.
(From The Storm [1943] by A.E. van Vogt)
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