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Vision Strip
A circular vision strip for robots.
(From Orphans of the Void [1952] by Orville Shaara)
Magnetic Boots
Special footgear holds spacemen to the metal deck in spite of the lack of gravity.
(From Salvage in Space [1933] by Jack Williamson)
Keyboard With Changing Keys
A computer keyboard with keys faced with little displays, so the label could change based on the application or language.
(From Imperial Earth [1976] by Arthur C. Clarke)
Artificial Skin
(From Star Rangers (The Last Planet) [1953] by Andre Norton)
Not of Earth.
(From Judgement Night [1943] by C.L. Moore)
Mechanical Men
Remote controlled robots used to perform dangerous work.
(From The Ancient Brain [1929] by A.G. Stangland)
Personal Metallic Record Disc
A stamped metal record that contains all of a person's data in a convenient form.
(From The Ancient Brain [1929] by A.G. Stangland)
A device used to artificially stimulate cell growth and development.
(From The Ancient Brain [1929] by A.G. Stangland)
A device for seeing at a distance.
(From The Phantom Teleview [1929] by Bob Olsen)
Manufactured Planet
Is that a moon - or a space station?
(From The Heritage of the Earth [1932] by Harley S. Aldinger)
Spaceship Garden
A fully-enclosed garden on a spaceship producing edible foodstuffs.
(From The Heritage of the Earth [1932] by Harley S. Aldinger)
Pent House
An island in the sky - a hermetically sealed skyscraper isolated entirely from its surroundings.
(From The Pent House [1932] by David H. Keller)
Living Space Ship
A space ship made of a living substance, in this case cellulose.
(From Proxima Centauri [1935] by Murray Leinster)
First Contact
The initial encounter with a non-human race.
(From Proxima Centauri [1935] by Murray Leinster)
Time Stream
The total sequence of events considered as a kind of flow.
(From Time Stream [1931] by John Taine)
An organism that has come into being through genetic mutation.
(From The Man Who Evolved [1931] by Edmond Hamilton)
Space Laboratory
A specialized space station, for scientific research.
(From Crystalized Thought [1937] by Nat Schachner)
Venus Cities Float In Atmosphere
Cloud cities on Venus.
(From Bread Overhead! [1958] by Fritz Leiber)
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