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Describes a reality separate from our own.
(From The Plattner Story [1896] by H.G. Wells)
Robot-Control Wave Band
Special command circuit for robots.
(From Rex [1934] by Harl Vincent)
Self-Aware Robot
A robot that thinks and reasons for itself.
(From Rex [1934] by Harl Vincent)
Robot Skin Covering
Realistic covering for the bodies of robots.
(From Rex [1934] by Harl Vincent)
A perfect robot for perfected human beings.
(From Rex [1934] by Harl Vincent)
General Strike of the Robots
All over the world, robots cease their labors.
(From Rex [1934] by Harl Vincent)
Perfect for dystopian future air pollution.
(From The Sheep Look Up [1972] by John Brunner)
Supervisor Robot
A robot that watches over and gives orders to other robots.
(From Manners of the Age [1952] by H.B. Fyfe)
Robot Tennis Player
A purely mechanical, autonomous foe on the court.
(From Manners of the Age [1952] by H.B. Fyfe)
Tiny robotic surveillance devices fly using propellers.
(From Manners of the Age [1952] by H.B. Fyfe)
Flesh Putty
A flesh replacement, good for putting in bullet holes.
(From Titanium Noir [2023] by Nick Harkaway)
Faster than light spaceships.
(From Yachting Party [1952] by Fox B. Holden)
Pseudo-Insects (Synsects)
A swarm of self-guided, programmed microarmies.
(From One Human Minute [1984] by Stanislaw Lem)
Planetary Computer Network
A global data net.
(From Dialogues [1957] by Stanislaw Lem)
Runabout for outer space.
(From Waves of Compulsion [1932] by Raymond Z. Gallun)
Micro-Android (Micro-Robot)
An extremely tiny robot or nanobot.
(From Dawn of the Demigods [1954] by Raymond Z. Gallun)
Fossil Shell Coin
The use of rare natural shells of an extinct species, for money.
(From The Coming Race [1871] by Edward Bulwer-Lytton)
Space Sailing
Using the solar wind to propel a space vessel.
(From The World, The Flesh And The Devil [1929] by J.D. Bernal)
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