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Asteroid From Outside Solar System
An asteroid or similar body that comes from outside the solar system; an interstellar body.
(From Brigands of the Moon [1930] by Ray Cummings)
Electronic Analogue of Living Brain
Imposing the abilities of a human brain into a computer
(From The Tunnel Under The World [1955] by Frederik Pohl)
Royalties For Imitation Learning Subjects
A payment to people who are used as subjects for imitation learning by robots.
(From Q.U.R. [1943] by Anthony Boucher)
Laws Against Human Drivers
The idea that autonomous vehicles should be the only cars on the road, for safety.
(From Sally [1953] by Isaac Asimov)
Autonomous Car Intercommunication
Automatic cars talk to each other about everything.
(From Sally [1953] by Isaac Asimov)
Positronic Motor
A combination of motor and brain; an engine with a cerebellum and a carburetor.
(From Sally [1953] by Isaac Asimov)
Self-Cleaning Autonomous Car
An automatic vehicle that keeps itself clean.
(From Sally [1953] by Isaac Asimov)
An autonomous or self-driving bus seating a number of people.
(From Sally [1953] by Isaac Asimov)
An autonomous private car.
(From Sally [1953] by Isaac Asimov)
Suicide Tooth
A false tooth containing poison.
(From Lies, Inc. [1964] by Philip K. Dick)
A multi-purpose electronic device worn upon the nipple.
(From Lies, Inc. [1964] by Philip K. Dick)
Cholinesterase-Destroying Gas
Horrific anti-personnel poison.
(From Lies, Inc. [1964] by Philip K. Dick)
Bug Chasers
Anti-surveillance devices.
(From Lies, Inc. [1964] by Philip K. Dick)
Weary Deep-Sleep
Phildickian old-sleep.
(From Lies, Inc. [1964] by Philip K. Dick)
Robot Control Board
Control panel with small screens showing the point of view of different robots.
(From The Robot Master [1929] by O.L. Beckwith)
Trans-Space Transmission
A curious method of communication between worlds.
(From The Moon Moth [1976] by Jack Vance)
Living Book
A small creature that is used to contain and play back information.
(From The World Below [Collins So] by Sydney Fowler Wright)
Pocket Gravity Nullifier
Personal device stops gravity's effect.
(From The Sky Maniac [1929] by Henri Dahl Juve)
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