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Sea Robot
An enormous robot able to function in the ocean.
(From The Metal Monster (Jarvis) [1943] by E.K. Jarvis)
An autonomous vessel carrying trade materials.
(From The Mountain in the Sea [2022] by Ray Naylor)
Using insects for surveillance.
(From Kill Decision [2012] by Daniel Suarez)
Beam Car
A vehicle like an elevator car, but which travels on a radio and magnetic beam, from the surface of a planet up to a satellite.
(From Lost City of Mars [1934] by Harl Vincent)
Space Mittens
Protect your hands in space.
(From Space Flotsam [1934] by Raymond Z. Gallun)
Evacuating Arms
Empty out the contents of an airlock exposed to space.
(From Space Flotsam [1934] by Raymond Z. Gallun)
Portable Atomic Heater
Compact source of energy.
(From Misfit [1939] by Robert Heinlein)
Forward in time.
(From The Traps of Time [1964] by John Baxter)
Traveling back in time.
(From The Traps of Time [1964] by John Baxter)
Violet-Gun (Ion Gun)
Ultra-violet fury!
(From The Brain Stealers of Mars [1936] by John W. Campbell)
Anti-Burglar Installations
Every electronic house should have automated defenses.
(From The Angry House [1955] by Richard R. Smith)
An entirely automated dressing assistant.
(From The Angry House [1955] by Richard R. Smith)
Moon Hopper
A jet-powered single-person vehicle for the Moon.
(From Rider in the Sky [1973] by Raymond F. Jones)
Lanson Screen
An elliptical shield of force large enough to enclose a city.
(From The Lanson Screen [1936] by Leo Zagat)
Electric Boat
A surface vessel powered by electricity.
(From The Great Drought [1932] by S.P. Meek)
Amtal Rule
Testing to destruction
(From Dune [1965] by Frank Herbert)
Tractor Boots
Space suit footgear that has atom-driven caterpillar treads.
(From Magician of Dream Valley [1938] by Raymond Z. Gallun)
A device that creates a 'group mind', a single mind, from the many gathered around it.
(From The Universe Wreckers [1930] by Edmond Hamilton)
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