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A sex robot.
(From Millenium [1983] by John Varley)
Space Phobia
When astronauts have had enough.
(From Let 'em Breathe Space! [1953] by Lester del Rey)
Oddly canine, telepathic beast digs in asteroids for metal.
(From Beast of Space [1941] by F.E. Hardart)
Invulnerable Wall
A material created by insects that grew stronger as it was compressed.
(From Jackpot [1956] by Clifford Simak)
Spice (Melange)
The spice must flow.
(From Dune [1965] by Frank Herbert)
Fairy Digits (Tiny Waldoes)
Waldoes used for very fine work.
(From Waldo [1942] by Robert Heinlein)
Mechanical replica of hands, that mimic the movements of actual human hands.
(From Microhands (Микроруки) [1931] by Boris Zhitkov)
Eel Operator
A surgically modified human being able to operate a robotic eel
(From Re:Set [2012] by Susan Beetlestone)
Robotic Eel
A five-foot long artificial eel, controlled by an operator.
(From Re:Set [2012] by Susan Beetlestone)
Three Generation Work (Century Piece)
An artwork created by three consecutive generations of artists, in exactly one century.
(From The Sub-Standard Sardines [1949] by Jack Vance)
A small spacecraft used when abandoning the main ship.
(From The Ethical Equations [1945] by Murray Leinster)
A natural fiber that is as strong as steel.
(From The Howling Bounders [1949] by Jack Vance)
Emergency Space-Boat
An escape ship.
(From Revolt of the Star Men [1932] by Raymond Z. Gallun)
Vortex Gun
A device that projects whirling fields of atomic instability.
(From One Against The Legion [1939] by Jack Williamson)
A small, pendant-shaped device that works to communicate over large distances.
(From One Against The Legion [1939] by Jack Williamson)
Device provides instantaneous teleportation of selected objects over vast distances.
(From One Against The Legion [1939] by Jack Williamson)
Geofractor Shield
Protects the bearer against unwanted geofractor use.
(From One Against The Legion [1939] by Jack Williamson)
Manmade Black Hole
Using the power of a hole in the continuum.
(From One Against The Legion [1939] by Jack Williamson)
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