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Explore the inventions, technology and ideas of science fiction writers at Technovelgy (that's tech-novel-gee!) - over 2,400 are available. Use the Timeline of Science Fiction Invention or the alphabetic Glossary of Science Fiction Technology to see them all, look for the category that interests you, or browse by favorite author / book. Browse more than 4,100 Science Fiction in the News articles.

Will You Upload Your Mind Anytime Soon?
And if so, how long will the copy last? (10/22/2014)
Students! NASA Wants To 3D Print Your Tool Design In Space!
'Mass-produced only in the orbiting factories...'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1979 (10/21/2014)
Amazing ARES Augmented Reality Sandbox
'First he showed him where the input and output of his brand-new kingdom were, and how to program wars...'- Stanislaw Lem, 1965. (10/21/2014)
'3D Light Sculpture' Projected Directly Onto Retina
'...projects directly on the retina of the eye…'- Kornbluth and Pohl, 1952 (10/20/2014)
3D Printer Vending Machine Dispenses Dreams
'Nanofax AG offers a technology that digitally reproduces objects, physically, at a distance.'- William Gibson, 1999. (10/19/2014)
Why Not Nurse Grandma With A Robot?
'She's made of a combination of springs, levers, acoustic instruments...'- David Keller, 1928. (10/18/2014)
Flock Of Minisats Will Image The Earth
'We... dropped roughly a thousand eyes on Beta Hydri IV.'- Robert Silverberg, 1969. (10/17/2014)
Should Robots Have Civil Rights?
'I've seen things... you people wouldn't believe...'- Blade Runner. (10/16/2014)
Robert Heinlein, Your Self-Driving Car Is Almost Ready!
'Mary Risling settled back for a little nap...'-= Robert Heinlein, 1941. (10/16/2014)
The Manned Maneuvering Unit Story
'Little spurts of red-orange flame from the reaction pistol marked his companion's trail...'- Gordon A. Giles, 1937. (10/15/2014)
Scheherazade, An Open Story Generator
'How can you compete with an IBM heavy-duty logomatic analogue?'- JG Ballard, 1971. (10/15/2014)
Sample The In Vitro Meat Cookbook
'I grabbed two Syntho-Steaks out of the freezer...'- Robert Heinlein, 1950. (10/14/2014)
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Special material for space dome leaks.
(From The Great Dome of Mercury [1932] by Leo  Zagat)
A base material for synthetic food.
(From The Great Dome of Mercury [1932] by Leo  Zagat)
Dressing Machine
A robotic device to serve as a mechanical dresser.
(From Roll Our the Rolov! [1953] by Christopher  Anvil)
A specialized robot for the bedroom.
(From Roll Our the Rolov! [1953] by Christopher  Anvil)
National Network Surveillance
A system for providing the government with a way to monitor computer network use.
(From The Shockwave Rider [1975] by John  Brunner)
Ultraminiature Spy-Circuit
Tiny bits of 'smart dust' used as surveillance devices.
(From The Unknown [1972] by Christopher  Anvil)
Nexus-7 Android
The next version after the Nexus-6.
(From Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? [1968] by Philip K.  Dick)
Android Safety Mechanism
A device that temporarily incapacitates an android.
(From Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? [1968] by Philip K.  Dick)
Orbiting Factories
Manufacturing centers in orbit around the Earth.
(From The Fountains of Paradise [1978] by Arthur C.  Clarke)
Alien Zoo
A zoo that brings together plants and animals from many planets.
(From The Dosadi Experiment [1977] by Frank  Herbert)
Smoke Jets (Air Leak Detection)
A means of determining the location of air leaks in a building built on an airless moon.
(From The Great Dome of Mercury [1932] by Leo  Zagat)
Floating Castle
A vast building floating freely above the land surface of Ringworld.
(From Ringworld [1970] by Larry  Niven)
Ownership of Machines
Who will own the machines that produce material abundance?
(From The Revolt of the Machines [1931] by Nat  Schachner (w. AL Zagat))
Dressing Machines
Semi-autonomous guided devices that could dress a person in ordinary clothing.
(From The Revolt of the Machines [1931] by Nat  Schachner (w. AL Zagat))
Robot Gas Station
An entirely automated station for dispensing fuel to consumer vehicles.
(From Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said [1974] by Philip K.  Dick)
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Ten Years Ago In Technovelgy

Alter Ego Exhibit - Avatars Revealed
An exhibition of avatars and their real-life counterparts opened in London. (Re: Neal Stephenson)

Minority Report-Style 'Discovery Informatics' At Purdue University
The new 'data CAVE' takes a new approach to working with large volumes of data. (re: Steven Spielberg)

Future Face - The Principal Eigenface?
Will the widespread use of digital enhancement to "improve" faces in photographs suggest the kind of face that people will have in the future? (re: William Gibson)

Using Bad Movies To Teach Good Science
Some movies do offer scientifically accurate scenarios and devices. (re: Various)

Graphene - Nanofabric One Atom Thick
The graphene nanofabric belongs to the family of fullerene molecules (buckyballs and nanotubes); this is the first truly two-dimensional fullerene. (re: Arthur C. Clarke)

Nap-Cap - How About A Hat-Tip For Larry Niven?
...a "stylish cap" that keeps your head supported in a comfortable position while sleeping in transit. (re: Larry Niven)

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