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Explore the inventions, technology and ideas of science fiction writers at Technovelgy (that's tech-novel-gee!) - over 3,600 are available. Use the Timeline of Science Fiction Invention or the Dictionary of Science Fiction Technology to see them all, look for the category that interests you, or browse by favorite author / book. Browse more than 6,100 Science Fiction in the News articles.

Star Trek Voyager Replica Tricorder And Galaxy Quest
'They designed those controls after watching you...take her out!' (1/9/2022)
Rolls Royce Electric Airplane Breaks Records
'A white electric plane approached at great speed...' - Charles Cloukey, 1930. (1/7/2022)
Chang'e-5 Lunar Lander Seeks Water
'... get out the solar power apparatus and send it down to us from the air-lock by the crane.' - Max Valier, 1931. (1/5/2022)
I Really Want A Folding Computer
'...A paper thin polycarbon screen unfurled.' - William Gibson, 1986. (1/3/2022)
A Kill Switch For Your Car?
'The car faltered as the external command came to brake...' - Keith Laumer, 1965. (1/1/2022)
Scientifiction, Searchlight of Science
'And science goes on, with scientifiction as its searchlight.' (12/31/2021)
Wearable Biomedical Sensors Printed Directly On Your Skin
'The dragon is a skin computer... People put it on their arms and exchange personal data.' Greg Bear, 2009. (12/29/2021)
Artificial, Implantable Kidney Prototype
'George Walt's corporate existence proved the workability of wholly mechanical organs...' - Philip K. Dick, 1964. (12/27/2021)
Ultra-short Pulse Laser Kills Bacteria In Vivo
'...coherent beams at precise wave-lengths passing through her flesh to zap foreign molecules within her body.' - Robert J. Sawyer, 2003. (12/25/2021)
Bioprint Prototype Handheld Bioprinter
'He turned the little art-derm nozzle...' - Philip K. Dick, 1960. (12/23/2021)
Betty Crocker, The First Company Avatar
'After six months of surgery and psycho-conditioning, he was identical with the other 496 Mr. Prestos...' - Alfred Bester, 1956. (12/21/2021)
Augmented Reality Book Covers Reveal The Inner Book
'The E-paper holograms leaped from lurid covers...' - Greg Bear, 2003. (12/19/2021)
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Artificial Eyes
Eyes that are the duplicate of what humans are born with, produced entirely artificially from elements.
(From Synthetic [1930] by Charles  Cloukey)
Synthetic Life
Living animals made from scratch using inorganic elements.
(From Synthetic [1930] by Charles  Cloukey)
Electric Plane
An airplane powered entirely by electricity.
(From Synthetic [1930] by Charles  Cloukey)
Sound-Killing Air Fluid
A means to eliminate all of the noise made by machines in a city, leaving the voices of human beings.
(From The Noise Killer [1930] by A.M.  McNeill)
Bone Conduction Receiver
A concealed radio receiver.
(From Sixth Column [1941] by Anson  MacDonald)
Visible Halo
Providing a religious figure with a technological sign of grace.
(From Sixth Column [1941] by Anson  MacDonald)
Home Robot
A robotic device designed to serve families in their homes.
(From Runaway [1985] by Michael  Crichton)
Star display.
(From Citizen of the Galaxy [1957] by Robert  Heinlein)
Oxygen Pill
Meets your need for oxygen without additional breathing.
(From Get Out Of Our Skies! [1957] by E.K.  Jarvis)
Asteroid Belt
The circular region of space containing many small celestial bodies.
(From The Disc-Men of Jupiter [1931] by Manly Wade  Wellman)
Simulogs (Simulated Playmates)
Computer-generated playmates.
(From The Age of The Pussyfoot [1966] by John  Brunner)
Escape Pod
A small automated ship attached to a larger ship or station, used in the event of an emergency.
(From The Vanisher [1954] by Michael  Shaara)
Satellite Search and Destroy
Destroying satellites in orbit.
(From The Shockwave Rider [1975] by John  Brunner)
Individual powered flight.
(From A Journey to the Year 2025 [1921] by Clement  Fezandie)
Darkened Glass Face Plate
The use of darkened glass on the face plate of a space suit helmet to protect the wearer from solar radiation.
(From The Achilles Heel [1940] by Raymond Z.  Gallun)
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Ten Years Ago In Technovelgy

FURO Waitress Robot
FURO uses its sensors to detect when a customer comes near; it can even demonstrate friendly emotions to keep customers coming back. (Re: George Lucas)

Amazing Solar Impulse Completes Night Flight
12,000 solar panels cover its 64 meter wingspan; one-quarter of the weight of the plane is accounted for by the lithium batteries that powered it at night. (re: John W. Campbell)

Computational Journalism The Homeostatic Newspaper
The use of computers in the otherwise human task of news writing and dissemination. (re: Philip K. Dick)

Terahertz Remote Sensing Detectors
These sensors could see through walls, containers and clothing from hundreds of feet away. (re: Doc Smith)

Ikaros Solar Sail Works!
Ikaros has generated the biggest acceleration through photon during interplanetary flight in history. (re: Jack Vance)

Pharmed Blood Is DARPA's Tru Blood
We are basically mimicking bone marrow in a lab environment. (re: Charlaine Harris)

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