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Explore the inventions, technology and ideas of science fiction writers at Technovelgy (that's tech-novel-gee!) - over 2,500 are available. Use the Timeline of Science Fiction Invention or the alphabetic Glossary of Science Fiction Technology to see them all, look for the category that interests you, or browse by favorite author / book. Browse more than 4,300 Science Fiction in the News articles.

Via Virtual Reality, Mother Encounters Deceased Daughter
'But that barrier was going to melt away someday soon. The transhumanists had promised...' - Stephen Baxter, 2008. (2/1/2020)
Clothes That Do Photosynthesis
'Clothes are no longer made from dead fibers of fixed color and texture...' - JG Ballard, 1970 (1/30/2020)
Stratuscent Electronic Nose
'It's picking up diphenyl compounds and tetra hydrocarbons.' - Michael Crichton, 1985. (1/28/2020)
CIMON Companion Robot For Space Station Astronauts
'... in some departments their power is absolute.' - James Blish, 1957. (1/26/2020)
Qbit Robot Bartender Also Makes Coffee
'...he sipped the cognac that the robot bartender handed him.' - Alfred Bester, 1956. (1/24/2020)
Moving Desks Not SciFi After All
'Charged with hope, he zipped from stack to stack...' - Don Wilcox, 1939. (1/22/2020)
Cruise Autonomous Car Drives Aimlessly For An Hour
Convincing video shows progress (and limitations). (1/20/2020)
Fast Charging A Bus In 20 Seconds
'... in almost every town and village.' - John Jacob Astory, 1894. (1/19/2020)
Realistic Translation With The Waverly Labs Ambassador
'The speech patterns you actually hear decode the brainwave matrix which has been fed into your mind by your Babel fish.' - By Douglas Adams, 1979. (1/17/2020)
Biotech Firms Raised $Millions For Anti-Agathics (Longevity Drugs)
'Against Death doth no simple grow.' - James Blish, 1957. (1/15/2020)
Out-Of-Work Blue Collar Robots Need Your Help
'His legs relaxed with a rattle as he cut off all power below his waist... and ran his eye down the Help Wanted - Robot column...' - Harry Harrison, 1956. (1/13/2020)
The Dawn Of Orbiting Manufacturing In 2020?
'It can be mass-produced only in the orbiting factories.' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1978. (1/11/2020)
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Robots Refuse To Serve Man
When robots evolve their own perspectives, and ultimately refuse to act as servants to human beings.
(From The Mentanicals [1934] by Francis  Flagg)
A device used to see into specific internals of time.
(From Legion of Time [1938] by Jack  Williamson)
A substance that is impervious to penetration.
(From Redmask of the Outlands [1934] by Nat  Schachner)
Polarized Window
Rather than curtains, use the window to control the light.
(From The Houses of Iszm [1954] by Jack  Vance)
Finger Jet Bath
The ultimate in luxury tubs.
(From The Houses of Iszm [1954] by Jack  Vance)
Public Vehicle Tube
Underground transportation tubes.
(From The Houses of Iszm [1954] by Jack  Vance)
One-Man Car
A small transport vehicle.
(From The Houses of Iszm [1954] by Jack  Vance)
An alien assigned to become an expert in just one person.
(From The Mote in God's Eye [1974] by Larry  Niven (w/J. Pournelle))
Thought Pattern Divination
Attempting to construct the thoughts of a person by imitating their actions.
(From The Houses of Iszm [1954] by Jack  Vance)
Smarter People Having Fewer Children
The original argument that less suitable human pairs are having proportionally more children.
(From The Marching Morons [1951] by C.M.  Kornbluth)
Coffee Cube
Concentrated coffee that boils itself!
(From The Marching Morons [1951] by C.M.  Kornbluth)
A hovering craft used by referees in rocket polo.
(From Ra For The Rajah [1938] by John Victor  Peterson)
Polo played with rocket-powered craft.
(From Ra For The Rajah [1938] by John Victor  Peterson)
A small gyrostabilized hovercraft.
(From Ra For The Rajah [1938] by John Victor  Peterson)
Skull Alarm
Implanted wakeup call.
(From Millenium [1983] by John  Varley)
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Ten Years Ago In Technovelgy

Planetary Parks Proposed For Mars Conservatio
A set of seven 'planetary parks' have been proposed for the conservation of the martian environment by two European scientists. (Re: Alfred Bester)

Robotic Tomato Harvester Ready For Space
Peter Ling of the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center has created a robotic tomato harvester. (re: Gregory Benford)

Crime-Fighting Computer - The Game's Afoot 24x7
The computer system is able to work on crime-stopping twenty-four hours per day, all week long. (re: Isaac Asimov)

Ornithopters In Fact And Fiction
An ornithopter under development at the University of Toronto's Institute for Aerospace Studies may yet make Leonardo da Vinci's dream a reality. (re: Frank Herbert)

Skeletar And Dragon Lyre ExoticGuitars - Science Fiction Instruments
Luthier Peter McGilton has used his Masters Degree in Fine Arts, and post graduate studies in classical instrument construction, to take the guitar-maker's art to truly science-fictional levels. (re: Various)

Robotic Fish From China
The black-bodied robot fish is about four feet long, and resembles a real fish in both shape and movement. (re: Michael Swanwick)

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