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Grow Wood Without Trees
Pretty soon, you'll start seeing this term on very expensive items. (4/19/2021)
Biohybrid Robotics USArmy Adds Muscle Tissue To Robots
'Great rectangular slabs of muscle, slung into a rectangular frame.' - Jack Vance, 1967. (4/17/2021)
China Requires Social Credit Codes Of Live Stream Users
'Every man has his characteristic strakh...' - Jack Vance, 1976. (4/15/2021)
African Gray Parrot Given Vehicle To Drive
It's an old story, but it "checks out", as fans say. (4/13/2021)
NYPD Dog Robot Called Out As Sfnal
Reality now features props from science fiction television. (4/11/2021)
Autonomous Russian Greenhouse For ISS Wheat
'We saw the gardens, flooded with artificial sunlight, planted with everything imaginable, that supplied the necessary food.' - Harley S Aldinger, 1932. (4/9/2021)
NASA MOXIE Extracts Oxygen From Mars' Air
'Making oxygen is the trick...' - Greg Bear, 2014. (4/7/2021)
Implantable Covid-Detecting Microchip Developed By DARPA
'Employees... were implanted with advanced microprocessors...' - William Gibson, 1984. (4/5/2021)
SpaceX Requests Starlink For Starship
'... sweating, heat-blistered engineers at every interplanetary radiograph station on three planets.' - Harry Gore Bishop, 1907. (4/3/2021)
SF Writers Predicted John Deere Autonomous Tractors
'The huge plow... seemed to shake itself - and began to move back southward.' - Otfrid von Hanstein, 1935. (4/1/2021)
DARPA Funding AI Fighter Pilots
'Cultured brains on a slab.' - Peter Watts, 1999. (3/29/2021)
StoryFile To Help William Shatner Become Landru
"I am Landru. I am he! All that he was, I am." Gene Roddenberry, 1967. (3/27/2021)
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A person who travels in space.
(From The Death's Head Meteor [1930] by Neil R.  Jones)
Spherical Tires
Tires that are shaped like balls, rather than like squat cylinders.
(From The Death's Head Meteor [1930] by Neil R.  Jones)
Asteroid Space Flyer
Specialized one-man craft for exploring asteroids.
(From The Death's Head Meteor [1930] by Neil R.  Jones)
Iron Fingers
Special metal manipulators set on the hull of a space craft, and manipulated from the inside.
(From The Death's Head Meteor [1930] by Neil R.  Jones)
Anti-Glare Coated Glass
Special coated glass for space craft.
(From The Death's Head Meteor [1930] by Neil R.  Jones)
Solar Beam
Obtaining solar power by means of a direct connection with the sun.
(From The Long Way [1944] by George O.  Smith)
Making use of hand-held rockets or other reaction devices to move through space.
(From A Question of Salvage [1939] by Malcolm  Jameson)
Extraecliptic Travel Lanes
Organized interplanetary travel using routes not confined to the ecliptic.
(From A Question of Salvage [1939] by Malcolm  Jameson)
Experienced hands on space ships.
(From A Question of Salvage [1939] by Malcolm  Jameson)
Etheric Typhoon
The idea that space itself can have disturbances.
(From A Question of Salvage [1939] by Malcolm  Jameson)
Creates a written record of distress signals and other reports.
(From A Question of Salvage [1939] by Malcolm  Jameson)
Time Tunnel
A gateway into the past.
(From Rule 18 [1938] by Clifford  Simak)
Banning Gun
Shoots a pencil heat ray.
(From Voyage 13 [1938] by Ray  Cummings)
Emergency Air-Suit
A light-duty space suit.
(From Voyage 13 [1938] by Ray  Cummings)
Vacuum-Cupped Sandals
Used for walking in weightless environments.
(From Voyage 13 [1938] by Ray  Cummings)
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Ten Years Ago In Technovelgy

FURO Waitress Robot
FURO uses its sensors to detect when a customer comes near; it can even demonstrate friendly emotions to keep customers coming back. (Re: George Lucas)

Amazing Solar Impulse Completes Night Flight
12,000 solar panels cover its 64 meter wingspan; one-quarter of the weight of the plane is accounted for by the lithium batteries that powered it at night. (re: John W. Campbell)

Computational Journalism The Homeostatic Newspaper
The use of computers in the otherwise human task of news writing and dissemination. (re: Philip K. Dick)

Terahertz Remote Sensing Detectors
These sensors could see through walls, containers and clothing from hundreds of feet away. (re: Doc Smith)

Ikaros Solar Sail Works!
Ikaros has generated the biggest acceleration through photon during interplanetary flight in history. (re: Jack Vance)

Pharmed Blood Is DARPA's Tru Blood
We are basically mimicking bone marrow in a lab environment. (re: Charlaine Harris)

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