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A hovering craft used by referees in rocket polo.
(From Ra For The Rajah [1938] by John Victor Peterson)
Skull Alarm
Implanted wakeup call.
(From Millenium [1983] by John Varley)
Used to search out radium in asteroids.
(From Beast of Space [1941] by F.E. Hardart)
Frictionless Toilet
A toilet bowl that does not require water, because its surface is frictionless.
(From The Mote in God's Eye [1974] by Larry Niven (w/J. Pournelle))
Device to automatically avoid asteroids or other bodies.
(From A Race Through Time [1933] by Donald Wandrei)
Coal Mole
Robotic device for asteroid mining chews through the interior, preparing raw materials for use
(From The Web Between the Worlds [1979] by Charles Sheffield)
Disney Therapy
Letting people retreat to a simpler time, for their mental health.
(From Steel Beach [1992] by John Varley)
Conscious Retarded Animation
A kind of hibernation, but leaves the user fully conscious, but aging at an incredibly slow rate.
(From A Race Through Time [1933] by Donald Wandrei)
Preserves and maintains the body.
(From A Race Through Time [1933] by Donald Wandrei)
Has the opposite effect of adrenalin.
(From A Race Through Time [1933] by Donald Wandrei)
Space Phobia
When astronauts have had enough.
(From Let 'em Breathe Space! [1953] by Lester del Rey)
Air Speedster
Highly maneuverable air vehicle for hunting.
(From Foundation [1951] by Isaac Asimov)
A sex robot.
(From Millenium [1983] by John Varley)
Oddly canine, telepathic beast digs in asteroids for metal.
(From Beast of Space [1941] by F.E. Hardart)
Invulnerable Wall
A material created by insects that grew stronger as it was compressed.
(From Jackpot [1956] by Clifford Simak)
Spice (Melange)
The spice must flow.
(From Dune [1965] by Frank Herbert)
Fairy Digits (Tiny Waldoes)
Waldoes used for very fine work.
(From Waldo [1942] by Robert Heinlein)
Mechanical replica of hands, that mimic the movements of actual human hands.
(From Microhands (Микроруки) [1931] by Boris Zhitkov)
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