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Projects a possible future, based on your own impressions.
(From The Worlds of If [1935] by Stanley G. Weinbaum)
Home Ad Blocker
Device insulates house against intrusion by 3D advertisements.
(From The Computer Connection [1974] by Alfred Bester)
Cushion Fence
Gentle force field
(From The Computer Connection [1974] by Alfred Bester)
Fruit-Picking Machine
An humanoid machine for automatic fruit picking.
(From The Hidden Colony [1935] by Otfrid von Hanstein)
Automated Factory
A factory that works entirely automatic, without human guidance.
(From The Hidden Colony [1935] by Otfrid von Hanstein)
Conscious Farm Machines
Farm machinery that worked on their own.
(From The Hidden Colony [1935] by Otfrid von Hanstein)
Emotion Meter
A device for empirically determining human emotion.
(From The Emotion Meter [1935] by W. Varick Nevins, III)
Undersea City
A great city under the sea, covered by a crystal dome.
(From The Crystal City Under the Sea [1895] by Andre Laurie)
Flexible Sprung Boots
Boots designed to be flexible when walking, but upon a hard step, will have a spring characteristic.
(From Inherit the Stars [1977] by James P. Hogan)
Identification Beacon
Radio pulse to identify orbiting craft.
(From Methuselah's Children [1941] by Robert Heinlein)
Ground vehicle that can also lift off like a helicopter.
(From The Prince of Space [1931] by Jack Williamson)
Abbreviation for "faster than light".
(From The Enchanted Forest [1950] by Fritz Leiber)
An exploratory robot.
(From Autofac [1955] by Philip K. Dick)
Rocket Tug
The equivalent of a tug boat for space ships.
(From Crystalized Thought [1937] by Nat Schachner)
Repulsor Screen
Diverts troublesome asteroids.
(From Crystalized Thought [1937] by Nat Schachner)
Transparent and light and has the tensile strength of steel!
(From Crystalized Thought [1937] by Nat Schachner)
Photo-Electric Mosaic
A means of capturing astronomical images.
(From Beyond Which Limits [1937] by Nat Schachner)
Mercy Gas
Breathe it and die.
(From The Saga of Pelican West [1937] by Eric Frank Russell)
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