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Automatic Factory
Manufacturing facility that functions entirely autonomously.
(From Autofac [1955] by Philip K. Dick)
Automatic Ore Cart
An autonomous truck for raw ore processing.
(From Autofac [1955] by Philip K. Dick)
Magnetic Anchor
A means of affixing an anchor point on a spacecraft hull.
(From The Saga of Pelican West [1937] by Eric Frank Russell)
Pizzled (Semantic Garble)
Use of nonsensical statements to deliberately confuse an artificial intelligence.
(From Autofac [1955] by Philip K. Dick)
No Human Programmers
The idea that computers are too complicated and too important to be programmed by human beings.
(From Millenium [1983] by John Varley)
Synthetic Milk
Milk made without cows.
(From Autofac [1955] by Philip K. Dick)
Domed Mapviewer
Illuminated hemispherical map display.
(From Dorsai! [1960] by Gordon R. Dickson)
Robot Factory Representative
An ambulatory agent of an automatic factory.
(From Autofac [1955] by Philip K. Dick)
Raw Material-Tropic
Moves towards desirable raw materials.
(From Autofac [1955] by Philip K. Dick)
Autonomous Truck
A truck that drives itself and unloads itself.
(From Autofac [1955] by Philip K. Dick)
Confinement Asteroid
A place where asteroid miner's babies stay to experience some needed gravity.
(From At the Bottom of a Hole [1966] by Larry Niven)
The application of psychology to historical data.
(From Beyond All Weapons [1941] by Eric Frank Russell)
Antigravity Globe Arena
A spherical arena for wrestling.
(From Babel-17 [1966] by Samuel R. Delany)
Hypnosis Ray
Eases the words of dictators into the minds of the credulous.
(From Beyond All Weapons [1941] by Eric Frank Russell)
Sleep Destroying Field
Causes lack of sleep.
(From Biddiver [1941] by Theodore Sturgeon)
Automatic Refueling Screen
Repels objects that are too big, and gathers small ones for fuel.
(From Biddiver [1941] by Theodore Sturgeon)
Delayed Action Stereoscopic Principle
Distinguishing far off space craft by relative speed against the fixed stars.
(From Methuselah's Children [1941] by Robert Heinlein)
Space Rush
The Outer Space equivalent of the gold rush.
(From Jurisdiction [1941] by Nat Schachner)
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