Engineering in Science Fiction
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Paolo Bacigalupi (2015)
Hugo Gernsback (1923)
Hugo Gernsback (1911)
John Jacob Astor IV (1894)
Philip K. Dick (1955)
John Barnes (1994)
Larry Niven (1968)
Philip K. Dick (1966)
Otfrid von Hanstein (1930)
Raymond Z. Gallun (1951)
Larry Niven (w/J. Pournelle) (1974)
Paul Ernst (1936)
Raymond Z. Gallun (1951)
Robert Cromie (1895)
Jack Williamson (1939)
John W. Campbell (1938)
Lester del Rey (1942)
Manly Wade Wellman (1940)
L.F. Stone (1931)
Robert Heinlein (1942)
Robert Silverberg (1969)
H.G. Wells (1899)
Robert Heinlein (1950)
Frank Stockton (1897)
Nat Schachner (1941)
Roger Zelazny (1980)
John Brunner (1968)
Neal Stephenson (1992)
Don Wilcox (1939)
George O. Smith (1952)
Philip Jose Farmer (1971)
R.M. Farley (w/SG Weinbaum) (1936)
Jonathan Swift (1726)
Charles Stross (2003)
Jack Williamson (1931)
Philip K. Dick (1965)
Fritz Leiber (1968)
Roger Zelazny (1966)
Rudy Rucker (w/B. Sterling) (1994)
Frank Herbert (1965)
Jack Williamson (1938)
Paolo Bacigalupi (2015)
Alan Dean Foster (2006)
Jack Vance (1964)
Frank Herbert (1958)
Robert Heinlein (1941)
Greg Bear (2007)
Larry Niven (1970)
Nat Schachner (w. AL Zagat) (1931)
Alfred Bester (1974)
Fritz Leiber (1968)
Anne McCaffrey (1973)
Murray Leinster (1945)
Frank Herbert (1965)
Connie Willis (1985)
Daniel Suarez (2009)
Philip Frances Nowlan (1928)
Isaac Asimov (1941)
Alan Dean Foster (2006)
Murray Leinster (1956)
Larry Niven (1967)
Dean Ing (1991)
Robert Heinlein (1956)
E.E. 'Doc' Smith (1937)
Edward Page Mitchell (1881)
John Shirley (1985)
John Jacob Astor IV (1894)
Edmond Hamilton (1942)
John W. Campbell (1934)
Isaac Asimov (1942)
Nat Schachner (w. AL Zagat) (1931)
A.E. van Vogt (1944)
Edmond Hamilton (1931)
Fritz Leiber (1968)
Frank Herbert (1965)
Robert Heinlein (1942)
Jack Vance (1954)
Stanislaw Lem (1965)
Arthur C. Clarke (1957)
Edmond Hamilton (1938)
Neal Stephenson (1995)
Frank Herbert (1965)
Jack Vance (1954)
A.E. van Vogt (1943)
Jack Vance (1964)
E.E. 'Doc' Smith (1928)
Robert Heinlein (1963)
Frank Belknap Long, Jr. (1939)
Lloyd Biggle, Jr. (1956)
Larry Niven (1973)
Larry Niven (w/J. Pournelle) (1974)
David Brin (1990)
Harl Vincent (1933)
Jack Williamson (1939)
Neal Stephenson (1995)
Douglas Adams (1979)
Harold Ramis (1984)
H.G. Wells (1905)
John Jacob Astor IV (1894)
George RR Martin (1977)
Frank Herbert (1977)
Isaac Asimov (1988)
Larry Niven (1973)
Edmond Hamilton (1937)
Henri Dahl Juve (1929)
Jack McDevitt (2002)
Philip K. Dick (1955)
Robert Heinlein (1951)
Philip K. Dick (1955)
William Gibson (1996)
Edmond Hamilton (1928)
George O. Smith (1947)
Harry Harrison (1951)
Frederik Pohl (w/CM Kornbluth) (1952)
David Gerrold (1987)
Vernor Vinge (2006)
Robert Heinlein (1966)
L. Sprague de Camp (1940)
Jerry Pournelle (w/L. Niven) (1981)
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (1963)
H.G. Wells (1899)
Raymond Z. Gallun (1939)
E.E. 'Doc' Smith (1934)
Ray Cummings (1930)
Hugo Gernsback (1911)
Frederik Pohl (1966)
Paolo Bacigalupi (2005)
Ray Bradbury (1952)
Robert Heinlein (1966)
Peter Watts (2002)
Jack Vance (1958)
Jack Williamson (1939)
E.E. 'Doc' Smith (1930)
Sid Meier (1999)
L.F. Stone (1931)
Philip Nowlan (w/D. Calkins) (1929)
Jerry Pournelle (w/L. Niven) (1981)
L.F. Stone (1931)
Neal Stephenson (1992)
Boris Zhitkov (1931)
Edmond Hamilton (1937)
Isaac Asimov (1966)
David McDaniel (1967)
Arthur C. Clarke (1976)
Robert Silverberg (1969)
Arthur C. Clarke (1957)
Larry Niven (1973)
Arthur C. Clarke (1961)
Robert Heinlein (1951)
Stanislaw Lem (1954)
Isaac Asimov (1951)
Isaac Asimov (1952)
John Varley (1977)
L.F. Stone (1931)
Larry Niven (w/S. Barnes) (2000)
Frank Herbert (1965)
Jack Vance (1954)
Keith Laumer (1965)
Rudy Rucker (2007)
Larry Niven (1970)
Fritz Leiber (1951)
E.C. Tubb (1958)
E.C. Tubb (1958)
L. Sprague de Camp (1941)
Stanislaw Lem (1961)
John Varley (1983)
Clifford Simak (1952)
Frank Stockton (1897)
Robert H. Wilson (1931)
Neal Asher (2002)
Miles J. Breuer (1932)
Henri Dahl Juve (1929)
Robert Heinlein (1951)
Arthur C. Clarke (1953)
John W. Campbell (1936)
Raymond Z. Gallun (1936)
Robert Silverberg (1969)
Maurice A.  Hugi (1941)
Paolo Bacigalupi (2015)
Sid Meier (1999)
Robert Heinlein (1942)
Manly Wade Wellman (1940)
Philip K. Dick (1969)
H. Beam Piper (1961)
Philip Nowlan (w/D. Calkins) (1929)
Robert Silverberg (1970)
Robert Silverberg (1969)
William Gibson (1984)
Philip Frances Nowlan (1928)
Roger Zelazny (1976)
Harry Harrison (1965)
Robert Heinlein (1941)
John Jacob Astor IV (1894)
Roger Zelazny (1976)
Frank Herbert (1965)
Warren Hammond (2007)
Eric Frank Russell (1955)
Robert Heinlein (1951)
Frank Herbert (1965)
Robert Heinlein (1982)
Robert Heinlein (1942)
Frank Herbert (1956)
Bruce Sterling (1994)
Neal Stephenson (1995)
Lewis Padgett (1942)
Larry Niven (1995)
Clifford Simak (1941)
Robert Heinlein (1940)
Leigh and Walt Richmond (1964)
John W. Campbell (1930)
Edmond Hamilton (1940)
Frank Herbert (1977)
Peter Watts (1999)
Larry Niven (1970)
Larry Niven (1970)
Arthur C. Clarke (1978)
Larry Niven (1968)
Robert Heinlein (1942)
H.G. Wells (1898)
Jules Verne (1889)
James P. Hogan (1978)
Jack Williamson (1938)
Robert Heinlein (1940)
Edgar Rice Burroughs (1914)
David Brin (1990)
Larry Niven (w/J. Pournelle) (1974)
Frank Herbert (1965)
Karen Traviss (2004)
Theodore Sturgeon (1941)
Robert Heinlein (1954)
L. Sprague de Camp (1940)
Edward Page Mitchell (1877)
Robert Heinlein (1940)
Jack Williamson (1930)
Philip K. Dick (1954)
John W. Campbell (1935)
R.A. Lafferty (1972)
Robert Arthur (1942)
Ross Rocklynne (1941)
John Varley (1983)
Ray Cummings (1931)
John W. Campbell (1938)
Isaac Asimov (1952)
Philip Reeve (2003)
H. Beam Piper (1961)
Isaac Asimov (1951)
James P. Hogan (1977)
Harry Harrison (1951)
Raymond Z. Gallun (1937)
Maurice Duclos (1939)
Andre Laurie (1895)
Jules Verne (1875)
L. Sprague de Camp (1941)
George Lucas (1976)
Arthur C. Clarke (1956)
Kendall Foster Crossen (1953)
Ray Bradbury (1950)
Robert Heinlein (1942)
Isaac Asimov (1952)
Frank Herbert (1965)
J. Frederick Arment (2004)
Robert Heinlein (1941)
Nat Schachner (1932)
Brian Herbert (2001)
Philip K. Dick (1969)
John Brunner (1968)
Hannu Rajaniemi (2012)
John Jacob Astor IV (1894)
John Jacob Astor IV (1894)
Frank Herbert (1965)
Philip K. Dick (1967)
Philip K. Dick (1953)
Harry Bates (1934)
Larry Niven (1976)
Frank Herbert (1977)

Related Science Fiction in the News

Smellicopter Combines Live Moth Antenna With Mechanical Drone
'The organic tissue is inserted in the master tank and then sealed.' - Philip K. Dick, 1955.
(re: Philip K. Dick, 12/7/2020 )
DARPA's Virtual Caves Explored By Virtual Robots
'If there's anything in here worth looking at, these pups'll find it.' - Ridley Scott, 2012.
(re: Ridley Scott, 11/19/2020 )
Samsung Gets Transparent Smartphone Patent
The Transparency of Things to Come
(re: HG Wells, 11/7/2020 )
Jet-Powered Flying Suits Tested By Navy
'With his motor in operation, he moves like a diver, head foremost...' - Philip Frances Nowlan, 1928.
(re: Philip Frances Nowlan, 10/17/2020 )
Pub Installs Electrified Fence Around Bar
'I start twelve immensely strong wires--naked, not insulated --from a big dynamo...' - Mark Twain, 1889.
(re: Mark Twain, 10/15/2020 )
Armano Remote Control Excavator
'The bulldozer moved through the... mine... ' - Niven and Pournelle, 1981.
(re: Niven and Pournelle, 9/29/2020 )
Metalenses Now Reconfigurable With Liquid Crystal
'Hufhuf oil held in static tension...' - Frank Herbert, 1965.
(re: Frank Herbert, 9/3/2020 )
NDB Nuclear Waste Battery Lasts A Lifetime
'Trillions of units of power could be compressed thus into an inch-square cube of what looked like blue-white ice.' - Edmond Hamilton, 1940.
(re: Edmond Hamilton, 8/15/2020 )
Blaux Your Personal Commuter Cooling Unit
A cooling unit had to be strapped to every commuter's back, by law.
(re: Philip K. Dick, 6/19/2020 )
SunnyFive 'Window' Has Full Spectrum Angled Natural Light
'On the ceilings are screens.' - Stanislaw Lem, 1961.
(re: Stanislaw Lem, 5/27/2020 )
Liftware Level, Google's Smart Spoon
'The result was indeed marvelous... I did not stagger and I did not reel.' - Ellis Parker Butler, 1926.
(re: Ellis Parker Butler, 5/21/2020 )
Prufrock The Newest Boring Machine
'It sounds to me as though you had invented a kind of metal earthworm...'
(re: Paul Ernst, 2/11/2020 )
Stratuscent Electronic Nose
'It's picking up diphenyl compounds and tetra hydrocarbons.' - Michael Crichton, 1985.
(re: Michael Crichton, 1/28/2020 )
Smart Contact Lenses Charges With 3D Printed Antenna
'He realized that it was not quite a clear lens.' - Vernor Vinge, 2001.
(re: Vernor Vinge, 1/9/2020 )
Physicist Inspired By SciFi And Seeing Back In Time
'Here is the chronoscope... Scansion depends upon a special curved field...'
(re: Jack Williamson, 1/5/2020 )
Moving Suns To Different Galactic Neighborhoods
' swerve their star from its course, the globemen made use of a simple physical principle.' - Edmond Hamilton, 1928.
(re: Edmond Hamilton, 12/29/2019 )
Soft Filaments Form Artificial Muscles
(re: Martin Caidin, 12/15/2019 )
Adafruit's New Clue All-In-One Sensor Tricorder
'Instruments register only those things they're designed to register. Space still contains infinite unknowns.'
(re: Gene Roddenberry, 12/9/2019 )
Road Noise Charges Electric Cars With Peugeot Piezoelectric Billboard
''... major cities of Earth have free electrical power conveniently processed from their own noise.' - Lloyd Biggle, Jr. 1956.
(re: Lloyd Biggle, Jr., 11/9/2019 )
California Gets Shockwave Rider-Style Avoidance Zones
'It was cheaper to pay the refugees to go without up-to-the-minute equipment.'
(re: John Brunner, 10/17/2019 )
Helios Modular Touch Screen Wall Lights
'The walls and ceiling bore an irregular spacing of illuminum tiles...' - Richard Morgan, 2003.
(re: Richard Morgan, 9/11/2019 )
Harvest Water From Air With Sunlight
'The atmosphere yielded its moisture with reluctance.' - George Lucas, 1976.
(re: George Lucas, 9/5/2019 )
Better Than Dune Chromoplastic? This Guy Might Have Done It
'But when Old Father Sun departs, the chromoplastic reverts to transparency in the dark.' - Frank Herbert, 1965.
(re: Frank Herbert, 8/9/2019 )
Gather, An AI Warehouse Inventory Drone Startup
'It extended three of its tiny arms sideways to lock onto the registration pins...' - James P. Hogan, 1979
(re: James P. Hogan, 8/7/2019 )
Dim The Sun With Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment
'Those twin volcanoes; d'ye see them, Mr. Renner?' - Niven and Pournelle, 1974.
(re: Niven and Pournelle, 7/17/2019 )
Tiny LEDs Developed For Dust-Sized Computers
'They use sparkles to talk to each other...' - Neal Stephenson, 1995.
(re: Neal Stephenson, 6/5/2019 )
Seabreacher, H.G. Winter's 1939 Torpoon
'Ken lay full-length in the padded body compartment, his feet resting on the controlling bars of the directional planes, hands on the torpoon's engine levers.' - HG Winters, 1939.
(re: HG Winters, 3/25/2019 )
Project Soli Radar Gesture Chip Now FCC Approved
'He waved his hand and the circuit switched abruptly.' - Philip K. Dick, 1955.
(re: Philip K. Dick, 2/25/2019 )
Implosion Fabrication Shrinks 3D Objects To Nanoscale
'Carter had watched miniaturization a hundred times...' - Isaac Asimov, 1965.
(re: Isaac Asimov, 12/17/2018 )
ODYSSEUS Solar-Powered Stratospheric Plane Flies Forever
'The planes flew continuously, twenty-four hours a day...' - EB White, 1950.
(re: EB White, 11/13/2018 )
Phil Nuyttnn's City Under The Sea
''Under the lower roof there was no water, but a clear and luminous atmosphere...' - Andre Laurie, 1895.
(re: Andre Laurie, 9/23/2018 )
Stick-On Tape Speakers, As Predicted By Bruce Sterling
Flexible tape speakers, someday.
(re: Bruce Sterling, 7/27/2018 )
Has Climate Change Already Been Solved By Aliens?
'I had explained," said Nessus, "that our civilisation was dying in its own waste heat.' - Larry Niven, 1970.
(re: Larry Niven, 6/10/2018 )
Skin Electronics 3D Printed
'June's body is a tracery of lambent lines, like some arcane capillary circuitry...' - Paul Di Filippo, 1985
(re: Paul Di Filippo, 5/27/2018 )
Super-Resolution Microscopy Provides '4D' Views
View the magnified interior of living cells.
(re: James Hogan, 4/3/2018 )
Physicists Try To Turn Light Into Matter
If E=mc squared, then... m=E/c squared!
(re: John W. Campbell, 3/16/2018 )
Dune Fans! Power Your Devices With Sweaty Shirts
Yet another power source from humans.
(re: Frank Herbert, 12/8/2017 )
Zero Mass 'Vaporators' Pull Drinking Water From The Air
Did you think of Star Wars?
(re: George Lucas, 11/21/2017 )
Integrated Circuits Printed Right Onto Fabric!
'...a shirt that displayed email on its sleeve. - Margaret Atwood, 2003.
(re: Margaret Atwood, 11/8/2017 )
Drones Guided By The Mind Alone
'His treads left no tracks upon the floor...' - Clifford Simak, 1961.
(re: Clifford Simak, 10/19/2017 )
3D Printed Artificial Muscles Are Stronger Than Yours
Bots don't need to work out.
(re: Martin Caidin, 10/12/2017 )
Crazyflie Drone Swarm Technology
'...Programmed to hang in space in a hexagonal grid pattern.' - Neal Stephenson, 1995.
(re: Bruce Sterling, 9/28/2017 )
L16 Revolutionary Optics Spells End For Ordinary DSLRs?
Time for Esper Photo Analysis, Blade Runner fans.
(re: Ridley Scott, 9/18/2017 )
MIT Tunes Ions For Frictionless Surface - Superlubricity!
'My telelubricator here neutralizes the interatomic bonds the surface of any solid...' - L. Sprague de Camp, 1940.
(re: L. Sprague de Camp, 8/21/2017 )
RFly Drones Rule The Warehouse
'The wasp homed unerringly on the face of the honeycomb...' - James P. Hogan, 1979.
(re: James P. Hogan, 8/11/2017 )
MULTI Model Of Star Trek Turbolift
Cool prototype video!
(re: Various, 7/30/2017 )
Hand Gestures And Body Poses Control Devices
'He waved his hand... the circuit switched...'- Philip K. Dick, 1955.
(re: Philip K. Dick, 7/18/2017 )
Cellphone Harvests Power From Ambient Radio Signals And Light
A battery-free phone.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 7/15/2017 )
Chairless Chair Exoskeleton By Sapetti
'Earth's scientists... devised rigid metallic clothing...' - Edmond Hamilton, 1932.
(re: Edmond Hamilton, 7/9/2017 )
Autonomous BADGER Robot Drilling Machine
'The compacted matter... makes a better tunnel lining than concrete, don't you think?' - Paul Ernst, 1936.
(re: Paul Ernst, 6/8/2017 )
'Liquid Light' Flows Around Corners
Light as a superfluid.
(re: George Lucas, 5/29/2017 )
Does Earth's Middle Mantle Hold Oceans Of Water?
Al Gore, you have no idea.
(re: Stephen Baxter, 5/23/2017 )
Anti AI AI Wearable Detects Artificial Voices
Combats another wearable, the voice-changing bowtie.
(re: Various, 5/6/2017 )
Drones Will Transform Cities
Where we're going, we don't use roads.
(re: Arthur C. Clarke, 5/5/2017 )
Prynt Pocket Prints AR Pix Right In Your Hand
A printer for the palm of your hand.
(re: John Brunner, 5/3/2017 )
Geoengineering The Atmosphere For Climate Change
'...a uniform temperature for each degree of latitude the year round.' - John Jacob Astor IV, 1894.
(re: John Jacob Astor IV, 4/27/2017 )
Humans Use Mental Power For Turtle Slavery
Now we need to start looking for animals with fingers...
(re: Robert Silverberg, 3/28/2017 )
Solar-Powered Moisture Vaporator
'The atmosphere yielded its moisture with reluctance.' - George Lucas, 1976.
(re: George Lucas, 3/27/2017 )
Smartflower Solar Panel Unfolds In Video
'...the slender stalks of a sunshade-photocell collector.' - David Brin, 1990.
(re: David Brin, 3/20/2017 )
3D Printed Prosthetic Coral
Be sure to read The Diamond Age - still worth it.
(re: Neal Stephenson, 3/19/2017 )
Wink To Magnify View
Hopefully upgrade will be less than six million dollar man paid.
(re: Various, 3/14/2017 )
Wear Your Self-Powered Generator
'It's basically a micro-sandwich...' - Frank Herbert, 1965.
(re: Frank Herbert, 2/19/2017 )
Auto-Focus Smart Glasses Have Liquid Lenses
'Hufhuf oil held in static tension by an enclosing force field within a viewing tube...' - Frank Herbert, 1965.
(re: Frank Herbert, 2/14/2017 )
Google Perfects 'Blade Runner-style' Photo Details
'Pull back... stop... enhance 57-19...' - Blade Runner, 1982.
(re: Ridley Scott, 2/8/2017 )
CloudFisher - Moroccan Fog Farmers Harvest Moisture From The Air
'That moisture trickles down...', Frank Herbert, 1965.
(re: Frank Herbert, 2/3/2017 )
Dilbert Writer Scott Adams Plans For Immortality
'Nothing will be left of Jeserac but a galaxy of electrons frozen in the heart of a crystal.'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1956.
(re: Arthur C. Clarke, 1/21/2017 )
Galaxy Note 7 Kill Switch?
Keep right on quoting regulations, Mr. Savvik.
(re: Various, 12/13/2016 )
Solar Geoengineering Spray Cools, Heals
'the maintenance posts fire jets of tailored algae into the air stream.' - Niven and Pournelle, 1974.
(re: Niven and Pournelle, 12/7/2016 )
Nuclear Batteries Based On Diamonds Last Millennia
'they just package it and ship it around to wherever people want it...' - Robert Heinlein, 1982.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 11/24/2016 )
MIT Researchers Predict The Future From Still Photos
'What I have in this camera is not a record of what you did just now but what will go on here in the next half hour...'- Philip K. Dick, 1964.
(re: Philip K. Dick, 11/20/2016 )
Artificial Muscle Material Is Self-Healing, Super Stretchy
(re: Various, 11/14/2016 )
Arctic Cities Crumble As Permafrost Melts
'The tapes stretch several kilometers in each direction.' - Robert Silverberg, 1970.
(re: Robert Silverberg, 11/3/2016 )
Sip From Your Ford When Catchpocket Shows Dewsparkle
'... living on reclaimed moisture from his own breath.' - Frank Herbert, 1965.
(re: Frank Herbert, 10/28/2016 )
Robo-Dolphin Demonstrates Porpoising
'With one fluid motion, it surged forward, plunged, and was gone.' - Michael Swanwick, 2002.
(re: Michael Swanwick, 10/21/2016 )
Untethered Drone Gets Wireless Power
'We'll use my 'broomstick'.' - Robert Heinlein, 1942.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 10/15/2016 )
How Can Amazon Patent A Voice-Controlled Drone?
''Tight mid-shot...' he told it.' Karen Traviss, 2004.
(re: Karen Traviss, 10/10/2016 )
'North Sense' Wearable Piercing From Cyborg Nest
'The fingers opened from the many-scaled stellarimeter grafted onto his palm.' - Samuel R. Delany, 1966.
(re: Samuel R. Delany, 10/9/2016 )
Wearables For Animals Totally A Thing
'Twin deformities on either side of his skull had been engineered to house sensor units.' - William Gibson, 1981.
(re: William Gibson, 9/30/2016 )
Duoskin Control Tattoo
'Three rows of four colored dots appeared on the heel of my left hand.'- John Varley, 1992.
(re: John Varley, 9/23/2016 )
Tractor Beams? They're Working On It
'Brandon swung mighty tractor beams...' - Doc Smith, 1931.
(re: EE Doc Smith, 9/12/2016 )
Reading A Scroll Burned To Charcoal
'The scope was adjusted to generate... an image of the lower section of the book.' - James P. Hogan, 1977
(re: James P. Hogan, 9/9/2016 )
Samsung's Smart Ring
'Crayn glanced at his finger watch...' HB Fyfe, 1951.
(re: HB Fyfe, 8/30/2016 )
Converting Low Temp Waste Heat To Electricity
'Our civilisation was dying in its own waste heat.'
(re: Larry Niven, 8/18/2016 )
Augmented Reality On Construction Sites
'The walls had become blue glass...' - Niven and Barnes, 1992.
(re: Niven and Barnes, 8/6/2016 )
Festo's AquaJellies 2.0
'It was a chemotactic artificial jellyfish designed to slither into undersea vents...' - Rucker/Sterling, 1994.
(re: Rucker/Sterling, 7/26/2016 )
Solar Plane Circles The Globe
'Tropism-like pursuit of the sun across the sky as they recharged their batteries...' - Roger Zelazny
(re: Roger Zelazny, 7/3/2016 )
Turing's Nose - Was That Scent Real Or Artificial?
'Rippling arpeggios of thyme and lavender...' - Aldous Huxley, 1932.
(re: Aldous Huxley, 4/29/2016 )
The First 'Drone Cafe' Started By Dutch Students
'It was a smooth ovoid floating a few inches from the floor...'- H. Beam Piper, 1962.
(re: H. Beam Piper, 4/24/2016 )
Cost Effective Smart Windows To Replace Curtains?
'The polawindow, which he tuned to clear transmission.' - Frank Herbert, 1972.
(re: Frank Herbert, 4/11/2016 )
Autonomous Tractor Harvest-Ready
'[He] dropped the handles of the plough that was plugged into the robomule...' - Harry Harrison, 1965.
(re: Harry Harrison, 4/6/2016 )
AgileQuad Object Avoidance Drone
Perfect for forest moons.
(re: Various, 4/4/2016 )
Here's Your Man-Made Quake Danger Map
Never thought I'd see this in my lifetime.
(re: Various, 3/24/2016 )
Scanify 3D Scanner For You!
'... Feeler-planes brushed down...' - Jack Vance, 1954.
(re: Jack Vance, 3/23/2016 )
FingerIO Active Sonar Smartphone Finger Tracking
'Wave your hand in the general direction of the components and hope.' - Douglas Adams, 1979.
(re: Samuel R. Delany, 3/18/2016 )
Experimental Flying Wing
'The ship was a tremendous flying wing.' - Doc Smith, 1934.
(re: EE Doc Smith, 3/13/2016 )
Volcanoes Terraformed Mars?
'When yon volcanoes belch gas...' - Niven and Pournelle.
(re: Niven and Pournelle, 2/23/2016 )
Joint Precision Airdrop System (JPADS)
'When it sees a tank silhouette, it steers toward it.' - Niven and Pournelle, 1985.
(re: Niven and Pournelle, 2/13/2016 )
NTT Docomo To Create 'Ghost In The Shell' Technology
That's a lot of science-fictional tech!
(re: , 2/10/2016 )
Artificial Muscles To Power UAV Drone Wings
'The long leverages of their machines are in most cases actuated by a sort of sham musculature...' - HG Wells, 1898.
(re: HG Wells, 2/5/2016 )
SCiO Scanner Wants You To Be Spock
Almost as easy as a tricorder? Apparently, you can pre-order one now.
(re: Amitav Ghosh, 1/27/2016 )
Harvesting Energy From Internal Resonance
'Sometimes a man has a windmill on his roof...' - John Jacob Astor, 1894.
(re: John Jacob Astor, 1/22/2016 )
Sticker Harvests Energy From Your Skin
Another way to harvest power from the body.
(re: Frank Herbert, 1/21/2016 )
Army Wants Invisibility Cloaks
No, you can't see me. Nope, not here.
(re: Ray Cummings, 12/17/2015 )
Hybrid Chips: Solid-State Device With Integrated Biological Cells
'Living protoplasm incorporated into the Ampek F-a2 recording system...' - Philip K. Dick, 1966
(re: Philip K. Dick, 11/30/2015 )
Store Electricity In Paper - Next Stop, E-Paper!
'It looked exactly like a dirty, wrinkled, blank sheet of paper.' - Neal Stephenson, 1995.
(re: Neal Stephenson, 11/28/2015 )
MIT 3D Scanner - 1000x Improvement?
'... Feeler-planes brushed down...' - Jack Vance, 1954.
(re: Jack Vance, 11/26/2015 )
Denmark Island Earth (Verdenskortet ala Ringworld)
'They wanted to keep something of what they were losing...' - Larry Niven, 1970.
(re: Larry Niven, 11/19/2015 )
Self-Filling Water Bottle Is Beetle-Based
'That moisture trickles down...', Frank Herbert, 1965.
(re: Frank Herbert, 11/8/2015 )
BitDrones Flying Microbots Model Programmable Matter
'... as though a child should build from nursery blocks a fantastic shape which abruptly is filled with throbbing life.'- Abraham Merritt, 1920.
(re: Abraham Merritt, 11/2/2015 )
Starship Turbolift Elevators Coming From ThyssenKrupp AG
Your sideways elevator is getting closer to your floor.
(re: Gene Roddenberry, 11/1/2015 )
Reduce Hurricanes By Altering The Atmosphere
'When yon volcanoes belch gas, the maintenance posts fire jets of tailored algae into the air stream.' - Niven and Pournelle, 1974.
(re: Niven and Pournelle, 10/21/2015 )
Skin Sensor Signals Brain
'Which permitted it to gauge to an ounce the amount of pressure necessary...' - Roger Zelazny, 1966.
(re: Roger Zelazny, 10/19/2015 )
UM Solar Car Now Also With IBM Research Power
'It drew its power from six square yards of sunpower screens on its low curved roof.' - Robert Heinlein, 1940.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 10/1/2015 )
3D Printed Spherical Flying Machine
'Gold dots against blue, basketball-sized, twelve feet up....' - Larry Niven, 1972.
(re: Larry Niven, 6/15/2015 )
Nanotech Used To Create Custom Water Filters In Tanzania
'People started out squeamish about Clearsacs...'- Paolo Bacigalupi, 2015.
(re: Paolo Bacigalupi, 6/11/2015 )
Google Project Soli - Control Devices With A Gesture
'He waved his hand and the circuit switched...'- Philip K. Dick, 1955.
(re: Philip K. Dick, 6/2/2015 )
NASA's Subvocal Speech System
'She took a subvocal input device from its rack...'- David Brin, 1990.
(re: David Brin, 5/16/2015 )
Robotic Trash Can Wants Your Garbage
'The can pivoted on broad rubber treads and rolled toward her...'- Bruce Sterling, 1988.
(re: Bruce Sterling, 5/8/2015 )
Velkess Energy Storage System (It's A Flexible Flywheel!)
'The kinetic man unjacked Lalji’s kink-springs from the winding treadmills...'- Paolo Bacigalupi, 2005.
(re: Paolo Bacigalupi, 4/17/2015 )
Man-Made Earthquakes Now A Reality
Fracking yields unexpected increase in energy. Earthquake energy, that is.
(re: Various, 3/30/2015 )
Love That Shear Thickening Fluid Body Armor
'The pressure suit was soft ... instantly became rigid all over when something struck it...'- Larry Niven, 1966.
(re: Larry Niven, 3/29/2015 )
Zoom Contact Lenses
'You've got DreamTime technology in contact lenses?'- Niven and Barnes, 1992.
(re: Niven and Barnes, 3/27/2015 )
Graphene Cytobot - Cyborg Bacterial Spores May Help Astronauts
'[It] had not yet objected to being made over into a portion of an electronic system... '- Philip K. Dick, 1964.
(re: Philip K. Dick, 3/15/2015 )
Coleus LED 'Skylight' Dispenses Natural Sunlight Indoors
'How do they work it so that the sky is visible at every level of the city?'- Stanislaw Lem, 1961.
(re: Stanislaw Lem, 3/9/2015 )
iSkin On-Body Touch Sensors
'Three rows of four colored dots appeared on the heel of my left hand.'- John Varley, 1992.
(re: John Varley, 3/5/2015 )
Skin Wearable Harvests Power With Triboelectric Effect
'He had tightened the chest to gain maximum pumping action...'- Frank Herbert, 1965.
(re: Frank Herbert, 1/23/2015 )
Neuroscientist Works Toward Virtual Immortality ala Clarke
'Nothing will be left of Jeserac but a galaxy of electrons frozen in the heart of a crystal.'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1956.
(re: Arthur C. Clarke, 12/19/2014 )
Colloidal Quantum Dots Make Spray-On Solar Cells Possible
'Black Power... you spray it on.'- Larry Niven, 1995
(re: Larry Niven, 12/4/2014 )
Race Into The Future With Bionic Boots
'The tremendous loping strides afforded by such devices... '- Neal Stephenson, 1995.
(re: Neal Stephenson, 11/27/2014 )
Lightpaper Way Thinner Than OLED
'You have this on Siwenna?'- Isaac Asimov, 1952.
(re: Isaac Asimov, 11/21/2014 )
DARPA Wants Airborne Launch Facility For Drones
This was tried with recon craft in WWII.
(re: Daniel Suarez, 11/8/2014 )
Physicists Build Repulsor / Tractor Beam
'Brandon swung mighty tractor beams upon the severed halves of the Jovian vessel...'- EE 'Doc' Smith, 1931.
(re: E.E. 'Doc' Smith, 10/23/2014 )
New Video Of Arducorder Mini Open Source Science Tricorder
Perfect for exploring our planet.
(re: Gene Roddenberry, 9/28/2014 )
Low Cost Spray-On Solar Cells
'It turns sunlight into electricity... you spray it on.'- Larry Niven, 1995.
(re: Larry Niven, 7/31/2014 )
Wristify, Your Personal Cooling and Heating Device
'By law [a mandatory cooling unit] had to be strapped to every commuter's back...'- Philip K. Dick
(re: Philip K. Dick, 6/21/2014 )
Solar Roadways Could Power USA - Times 3
This would be great if it works - the roads might be better maintained as well.
(re: Various , 5/14/2014 )
Spaser-Based Circuits Could Be Printed On Clothing
'Alex rolled his wrist over to check the watch imprinted on his sleeve.'- Niven and Barnes, 1981.
(re: Niven and Barnes, 4/26/2014 )
Full-Size Invisibility Cloak Now Possible
'I donned it and drew its hood, and threw on its current.'- Ray Cummings, 1930.
(re: Ray Cummings, 4/8/2014 )
Self-Assembling Nanoparticles Move Like Tiny Gears
'Microscopic machinery, smaller than ants, smaller than pins, working energetically...'- Philip K. Dick, 1955.
(re: Philip K. Dick, 4/6/2014 )
Navy's Orbiting Solar Panels To Beam Energy Down To Earth
'Curt shuddered at the thought of a beam of terrific power smashing into... perhaps into a city.'- Clifford Simak, 1941.
(re: Olaf Stapledon, 3/24/2014 )
Myo Armband Controller Just 149 Bucks
'Actuators touch the tendons in your right wrist...'- Harry Harrison, 1960.
(re: Harry Harrison, 3/1/2014 )
AllSee Low Power Gesture Recognition
'It saved a lot of muscular expenditure, of course...'- Douglas Adams, 1979.
(re: Douglas Adams, 2/21/2014 )
3D Printing Your Winter Reality
'It makes drawings in the air following drawings it scans with photo-cells...'- Murray Leinster, 1945.
(re: Murray Leinster, 2/9/2014 )
QuickScann3D Has Your Full Body Duplicate
'... In a glass dome a three-dimensional simulacrum of himself six inches high took form.'- Jack Vance, 1954.
(re: Jack Vance, 1/9/2014 )
Aireal Haptics Inching Towards Holodeck Experience
How to feel something that isn't there?
(re: Gene Roddenberry, 10/28/2013 )
Control Your Dog Remotely
Your mutt will handle like a neodog with this advanced hardware and software.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 9/22/2013 )
Elon Musk Creates Parts With Gestures Like Iron Man
For some men, tomorrow is too long to wait for the future.
(re: Various, 8/24/2013 )
Preorder Recon Jet - It's Heavy Duty Glass
'All displays are thrown on a mirror in front of your forehead...'- Robert Heinlein, 1959.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 6/28/2013 )
Swiss HCPVT Giant Photovoltaic 'Flower'
'...leaning against one of the slender stalks of a sunshade-photocell collector.'- David Brin, 1990.
(re: David Brin, 5/1/2013 )
Peel And Stick Thin Film Solar Cells
'It turns sunlight into electricity, just like any solar power converter, but you spray it on.'- Larry Niven, 1995.
(re: Larry Niven, 4/24/2013 )
Microbattery Extreme High Performance
'To this Foyle affixed a power pack the size of a pea and switched it on.'- Alfred Bester, 1956.
(re: Alfred Bester, 4/17/2013 )
Speeding Ticket Robots To Cite Autonomous Cars?
'There is no danger of a vehicle's speed exceeding that allowed in the section in which it happens to be...'- John Jacob Astor IV, 1894.
(re: John Jacob Astor IV, 4/10/2013 )
Russia's Self-Contained Nuclear Lighthouses
'They don't break down. They never break down. They were built for eternity.'- Isaac Asimov, 1951.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 3/22/2013 )
Triton Respirator Concept Looks Jedi To Me
Just don't stay down too long.
(re: George Lucas, 3/20/2013 )
MYO Armband Provides Control For Your Phone, UAV
'Sensitive actuators touch the tendons in your right wrist.'- Harry Harrison, 1960.
(re: Harry Harrison, 2/27/2013 )
IfIHadGlass - I'd Make PKD's Cephscope
'in Bob Arctor's living room his thousand dollar custom-quality cephscope crafted by Altec...'- Philip K. Dick, 1977.
(re: Philip K. Dick, 2/20/2013 )
Will Google Glass Use Bone Conduction
'Sound vibrations transmitted directly to the osseous tissue of the body.'- Hugo Gernsback, 1924.
(re: Hugo Gernsback, 2/5/2013 )
Telescopes With Liquid Mirrors Go Mainstream
'The bowl contained mercury. As the container spun on its perfectly balanced axis, centrifugal force caused the mercury to spread...'- Raymond Z. Gallun, 1934.
(re: Raymond Z. Gallun, 1/21/2013 )
Nanotech Electronic Nose Sniffs Explosives Like Dogs
'It's picking up diphenyl compounds and tetrahydrocarbons...'- Michael Crichton, 1985.
(re: Michael Crichton, 12/4/2012 )
GestIC Gesture Recognition Controller Uses Electrical Fields
' all you had to do was wave your hand in the general direction of the components and hope.'- Douglas Adams, 1979.
(re: Douglas Adams, 11/15/2012 )
Transparent Solar Cell Film Has Clear Advantages
'It turns sunlight into electricity... you spray it on.'- Larry Niven, 1995.
(re: Larry Niven, 11/14/2012 )
World's First 3D Printing 'Photo Booth'
'On the counter-top appeared a three-dimensional replica of Farr.'- Jack Vance, 1954.
(re: Jack Vance, 11/14/2012 )
Store Extra Energy In Liquid Air
Off-peak energy storage just got another storage option.
(re: Various, 10/2/2012 )
Arizona Solar Updraft Tower By 2015
'And eventually, an hour later, it reached its glorious one thousand feet of height.'
(re: Leigh and Walt Richmond, 8/29/2012 )
Cyborg Tissues Combine Transistors and Cells
'Nat Flieger reflexively poured water into a cup and fed the living protoplasm incorporated into the Ampek F-a2 recording system...'
(re: Philip K. Dick, 8/26/2012 )
Artificial Jellyfish Swims On Its Own
'It was a chemotactic artificial jellyfish designed to slither into undersea vents...'
(re: Rucker/Sterling, 8/13/2012 )
Laser Lofts UAV for Two Day Flight
Based on an idea from a physicist and science fiction writer in the 1960's.
(re: Niven/Pournelle, 8/6/2012 )
Spray-On Lithium Ion Battery
'...the five-year battery-plate contained within the back cover of the mag.'
(re: Philip K. Dick, 6/28/2012 )
'Mind Uploading' Issue Now Downloadable
'The estimated duration of this model is five hundred thousand years...'
(re: Richard Morgan, 6/25/2012 )
Archeo-Robot Scans Ancient Roman Sewers
Great video of the 'cloaca maxima'.
(re: Ridley Scott, 6/22/2012 )
Eole Water Turbine Like Star Wars Vaporator
'The atmosphere yielded its moisture with reluctance.'
(re: George Lucas, 6/21/2012 )
$99 Lidar Plus UAV Equals Prometheus Mapping Device
Sounds like a fun way to map indoor spaces.
(re: Ridley Scott, 6/19/2012 )
'Arc Reactor'-Inspired Energy Source
Tony Stark would just build one!
(re: Stan Lee, 6/17/2012 )
Artificial Noses For Disease Diagnostics
'...Set the ticking combinations of the olfactory system of the hound...'
(re: Ray Bradbury, 6/8/2012 )
Real-Time 3D Electron Microscopy
Clever device lets researchers use those red/blue 3D glasses they picked up at the local theater...
(re: Robert Cromie, 5/5/2012 )
Kinze Autonomy Project's Autonomous Tractors
Will farms become safer with robots?
(re: Harry Harrison, 5/2/2012 )
Printable Liquid Solar Cells
'What's finally knocked the bottom out is this new solar electric paint.'
(re: Larry Niven, 4/29/2012 )
Sonic Screwdriver From Dundee University
See the Top 11 Sonic Screwdriver Scenes!
(re: Various, 4/19/2012 )
Computers Powered By Harvested Environmental Energy
'...the now famous Fottengill process.'
(re: Lloyd Biggle, Jr., 4/8/2012 )
Open Source Tricorder
'Insufficient facts always invite danger.' - Mr. Spock
(re: Gene Roddenberry, 4/1/2012 )
Control Robot Planes With Hand Gestures!
Be careful waving at planes from now on.
(re: Douglas Adams, 3/15/2012 )
Fracking Causes Ohio Earthquakes
Another report that blames fracking for earthquakes in areas that are typically free of naturally-occurring quakes.
(re: Various, 3/8/2012 )
Speechjammer To End Your 1st Amendment Rights
Try to express yourself now; it's technology with intended consequences.
(re: Arthur C. Clarke, 2/29/2012 )
T-Rays And Tricorders
Amazing miniaturization could lead to science-fictional devices.
(re: Gene Roddenberry, 1/23/2012 )
Hide An Event With Temporal Cloaking
What would you want to put in the 'time hole'?
(re: Various, 1/6/2012 )
Solar Power Paint For Any Size Solar Cells
One coat solar paint can be applied to any conductive surface to create an instant solar cell.
(re: Larry Niven, 12/21/2011 )
Airdrop Moisture Vaporator
'A vaporator sunk securely through sand and into deeper rock.'
(re: George Lucas, 11/11/2011 )
Nth Lights From NthDegree Are 'Printed Lights'
Let there be light, and let it be flat.
(re: Isaac Asimov, 11/9/2011 )
Multi-Target Photo-Radar System
No more safety in numbers when speeding, thanks to this Cordon system.
(re: John Jacob Astor IV, 10/29/2011 )
Throw This Panoramic Ball Camera!
Let's hope that it proves possible to manufacture this camera at a price at which we can afford it.
(re: Robert Silverberg, 10/26/2011 )
See People Through Walls
You (and your imaginative proxies, sf writers) have been trying to see through walls for a long time.
(re: John W. Campbell, 10/18/2011 )
SMELL-IT 'Surround Sound' For The Nose
Smell-o-Vision! One day, we'll breathe deeply of our favorite movie or game.
(re: Aldous Huxley, 10/12/2011 )
10 Exotic Human-Energy Harvesting Devices And Technologies
Presented all on one page! and yet, profusely illustrated.
(re: Frank Herbert, 10/9/2011 )
Generate Elecricity From Breathing With Microbelt PVDF Device
Unique method of harvesting energy from low speed airflows will have many applications.
(re: Frank Herbert, 10/8/2011 )
The Garbage Mines Of Ghana
'They break down electronics with hammers and hands.'
(re: David Brin, 9/25/2011 )
Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering Project
Save the planet from global warming the all-natural way. Is there such a thing as geomimicry?
(re: Niven and Pournelle, 9/14/2011 )
Harvesting Power From Flying Insects
DARPA has been looking for a way to power the devices that will be carried by tiny HI-MEMS cyborg insects.
(re: Thomas A. Easton, 9/7/2011 )
Energy-Harvesting Shoes With Reverse Electrowetting
A new energy-harvesting technology that could be embedded in your shoes.
(re: Frank Herbert, 8/25/2011 )
Sony DEV-5 Digital HD Binoculars
Perfect for looking for Bantha and Sand People.
(re: George Lucas, 8/17/2011 )
Bioelectronic Nose To Have Biomimetic Chemical Sensors
How many uses can you think of for a bioelectronic nose?
(re: Michael Crichton, 8/3/2011 )
Mobile Devices At Core Of Future Appliances
Just wait till all of your appliances start talking back.
(re: Philip K. Dick, 8/2/2011 )
Shape-Changing Metal Antenna
Once the skin is ruptured, the metal flows extremely quickly – in a few milliseconds.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 7/31/2011 )
Menlo Device By Microsoft Tracks You Precisely
This little gizmo can track you everywhere, indoors and out.
(re: Jack Williamson, 7/27/2011 )
CFM LEAP Engine Perfect For Podracing
Just watch out for those wrenches thrown by competitors (I'm looking at you, Sebulba!)
(re: George Lucas, 7/18/2011 )
NASA's Forward Osmosis Bag (For Stillsuits?)
Perfect for astronauts - and maybe Fremen.
(re: Frank Herbert, 7/9/2011 )
PossessedHand Borgs Your Hands To Teach You
The future of hand learning is now here; let the Machine take control of your hands.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 7/1/2011 )
SIlver Pen Writes Flexible Circuits
Write your own circuits informally.
(re: Niven and Purnelle, 6/28/2011 )
Lytro Living Pictures Camera Revolution
Astonishing consumer light-field camera will be available later this year in a point and shoot model.
(re: Ridley Scott, 6/22/2011 )
Russian ATM Knows When You Lie
This ATM knows more about you than you might think; oh, and be sure to stick to the truth.
(re: William Gibson, 6/8/2011 )
'Cambridge Crude' Semi-Solid Flow Cell Battery
This could change the way we recharge our electric cars - from -plug in- back to -fill'er up!-
(re: Various, 6/6/2011 )
China's Weather Modification Office
Engineering the rain with artillery.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 5/23/2011 )
DustBot Video Shows Robotic Future Of Trash
This robot is ready to help clean up the planet, one household's recyclables at a time.
(re: Harry Harrison, 4/22/2011 )
Fog Harvesting For Fresh Water
Like water off your back - if you're a Namib beetle
(re: Frank Herbert, 4/20/2011 )
Nanogenerator Intros New Energy Unit - The Pinch
Just the thing for the stillsuits of the future.
(re: Frank Herbert, 3/31/2011 )
Through The Crust, Into the Mantle
What's your favorite story of a visit to the interior of the Earth?
(re: Lincoln Child, 3/27/2011 )
Quick-Charging Batteries Needed For Vehicles
3D films made by coating a surface with self-assembled nanoscale spheres may hold the answer to fast 'fill-ups' at vehicle recharging stations.
(re: Philip Jose Farmer, 3/23/2011 )
Fracking Gas Companies Suspend Operations
Let's not tell DARPA about the 'terrain deformation' possibility.
(re: Various, 3/7/2011 )
Microcamera Big As Grain Of Salt
New manufacturing process yields tiny cameras no larger than a coarse grain of salt.
(re: Raymond Z. Gallun, 3/5/2011 )
Anti-Laser Is A Coherent Perfect Absorber
This device, which as of now has no practical applications, can absorb laser light perfectly.
(re: Gene Roddenberry, 2/17/2011 )
Thinnest Pocket Projector
These tiny projectors will one day be a standard item in every smartphone.
(re: , 1/31/2011 )
'Air Laser' Long-Range Sensor
The stronger signal should also allow for detection of much smaller concentrations of airborne contaminants.
(re: Gene Roddenbaerry, 1/28/2011 )
Digital Radiation Spectrometer
Mr. Spock, if you could take just one tool down to a new planet, what would it be?
(re: Gene Roddenberry, 1/4/2011 )
Fracking Earthquakes
Oil companies pump a dense slurry into the rocks far under a town, hoping to create fractures to release natural gas. What could go wrong?
(re: Various, 12/20/2010 )
Invisibility Cloak Fools Naked Eye
interesting new technique uses naturally-occurring materials to form an invisibility cloak.
(re: EE 'Doc' Smith, 12/15/2010 )
Sonic Screwdrivers Using Ultrasonic Force Fields
Ultrasonic force fields can apply real forces to tiny objects.
(re: Various, 12/8/2010 )
Undersea Mining With Nautilus Minerals Seafloor Production System
Nautilus Minerals is developing the first seafloor gold and copper exploration and mining operation.
(re: Jules Verne, 10/14/2010 )
MovieReshape Like Bruce Sterling's Video-Manicuring
Impressive video shows what can be accomplished with image manipulation.
(re: Bruce Sterling, 10/11/2010 )
MIT Glider Lands On a Perch Like A Bird
This little glider has an amazing biomimetic feature.
(re: Roger Zelazny, 10/11/2010 )
Stretchable Electronic Skin Input Device Video
Let your fingers do the walking - on your own skin.
(re: John Varley, 10/6/2010 )
DEMON UAV Has No Moving Flaps
Successful demonstration of 'flapless flight' in this unmanned aerial vehicle.
(re: Arthur C. Clarke, 9/30/2010 )
Swiss Thought-Controlled Wheelchair
More research on brain-controlled assistive devices; success for the Swiss.
(re: Gene Roddenberry, 9/9/2010 )
Laser-Powered Helicopter
Held aloft on a beam of light.
(re: Niven and Pournelle, 9/6/2010 )
Improve MAVs By Studying Bees In Flight
Nature has solved the problem of flight by tiny machines; let's see how She did it.
(re: Neal Stephenson, 8/1/2010 )
Biofuel From Algae
Can we improve the ability of algae to produce material we need? Should we?
(re: Hal Clement, 7/27/2010 )
'Invisibles' Provides Tactile Feedback For VR
This is just the kind of prototype system that could give you you virtual reality world.
(re: David Brin, 7/21/2010 )
Terahertz Remote Sensing Detectors
See through walls, containers and clothes from hundreds of feet away - and identify the unique signature of different substances.
(re: E.E. 'Doc' Smith, 7/12/2010 )
Solar Impulse Completes Night Flight
Recharge by day, fly by night. Solar Impulse completes a 26-hour journey.
(re: John W. Campbell, 7/11/2010 )
Lung On A Chip - Electronics Plus Human Cells
This device combines living human cells with electronics; can Philip K. Dick's swibble-culture be far behind?
(re: Philip K. Dick, 7/5/2010 )
Unlimited Urban Woods - A Forest In A Box
What's bigger on the inside than it is on the outside? Maybe this box.
(re: Various, 7/5/2010 )
Solar Impulse Solar-Powered PlaneFlies!
First flight test for this plane.
(re: John W. Campbell, 4/7/2010 )
Sand Pirates In Indonesia
Slowly, the natural features of our solar system disappear, thanks to the Better Building Conglomerates.
(re: Alfred Bester, 3/28/2010 )
Scanner Could Let You 'Rip' Books
If this device could be commercialized, you could 'rip' a book like you can rip a CD, digitizing its contents for easy storage on your computer.
(re: Vernor Vinge, 3/19/2010 )
Robots May Repair Pipes From Inside
Six billion gallons of drinkable water are wasted every day. But robots can help.
(re: Various, 3/9/2010 )
Earthquake Machine Simulator Video
Is research at UC Davis more precise than research done at MGM studios over thirty-five years ago? You be the judge.
(re: Various, 2/23/2010 )
Bloom Box Brick Powers Your Home
This Silicon Valley start-up wants to power your house and thereby take you off the grid.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 2/22/2010 )
Laser Fusion Test Successful
Successful test at National Ignition Facility shows that laser-plasma interactions may not be a problem in the pursuit of thermonuclear fusion.
(re: Robert A. Metzger, 2/13/2010 )
Computational Wood: Grow Circuits In Living Trees
Is computational wood possible? The harvesting of circuits? Or even Avatar-style living memory?
(re: Dan Simmons, 2/5/2010 )
Wasabi Smoke Alarm Now Available
Oh, this will get you out of bed all right.
(re: Frank Herbert, 2/1/2010 )
Implantable Energy-Harvesting Rubber Sheets
This remarkable material can let us take energy from movements we make anyway. Take a deep breath, and power up that cell phone!
(re: Frank Herbert, 1/31/2010 )
Bose Ride System Smooths Your Ride
Yes, you'll ride the spaceways - uh, roads - in much greater comfort with a highly technological seat.
(re: John W. Campbell, 1/30/2010 )
Nexus One? Nexus Six Is Google Phone You Want
It has 'ten million possible combinations of cerebral activity'. Now, that would be a smart phone.
(re: Philip K. Dick, 12/16/2009 )
DARPA Cyborg Insects With Nuclear-Powered Transponders
Now that the 'spy flies' are coming along, we need the power source for minned receptors and recording spools. DARPA, what would we do without you?
(re: Philip K. Dick, 12/15/2009 )
Seawater To Cool Downtown Honolulu
Water will be pumped from the oceans depths to cool buildings in downtown Honolulu.
(re: Neal Stephenson, 12/11/2009 )
Handheld Fusion Reactors Planned
Is 'neutron-less fusion allowing safe deployment for handheld power sources' possible?
(re: Isaac Asimov, 12/9/2009 )
Solar Impulse HB-SIA Solar-Powered Plane Tested
Who will be the first person to fly a solar-powered plane around the world?
(re: John W. Campbell, 11/27/2009 )
Bio-Mechanics And Micro-Robotic Flight
Take a close look at one of nature's wonders - the micro air vehicle called a dragonfly.
(re: Raymond Z. Gallun, 11/11/2009 )
Star Trek Replicator For Space Station?
Electron beam freeform fabrication is what they're testing, but sf fans know a replicator when they see one.
(re: Gene Roddenberry, 11/5/2009 )
NASA iPhone Sensors Like Tricorder
Tricorders will be here before we know it! Although it's true we've been waiting a long time.
(re: Gene Roddenberry, 11/4/2009 )
Europa May Support Life
Is there life on Europa? SF author Arthur C. Clarke popularized the idea in a book and a subsequent movie. There is a liquid ocean - but is there enough oxygen?
(re: Arthur C. Clarke, 10/15/2009 )
Liquid Semiconductor Nuclear Battery Big As A Penny
You might have trouble believing that a nuclear battery could be no larger than a dime, even if you didn't study under the great Bler at the University of Trantor.
(re: Isaac Asimov, 10/8/2009 )
Be Martin Jetpack Test Pilot Via eBay
Of course you do. Now, you have your chance at free flight with a jetpack.
(re: John W. Campbell, 10/1/2009 )
Solar-Powered Aircraft In Fact and Fiction
Solar aircraft have certain advantages; that's why they're attractive in fact and in fiction.
(re: John W. Campbell, 9/27/2009 )
iRex DR800SG E-Reader Has Unlimited 3G Data
Unlimited 3G data from Verizon make this an interesting entry.
(re: Stanislaw Lem, 9/24/2009 )
Flexible Building Survives Test Quakes
Flexible buildings that flex for earthquakes, concentrating the damage in replaceable steel 'fuses'.
(re: Vernor Vinge, 9/19/2009 )
Self-Healing Circuits For Cellphones?
This may just help alleviate one of the most terrible feelings you can have in modern times - the way you feel when you drop your cellphone or other expensive digital device.
(re: Various, 9/11/2009 )
Magnetic Monopoles Detected?
Do magnetic monopoles exist? And can you mine them?
(re: Larry Niven, 9/7/2009 )
Laser Cooling Big Chill
SF movie goers and comic book fans alike have long been used to the idea of super-fast cooling. Scientists now put the big chill on.
(re: George Lucas, 9/4/2009 )
Spray-On Nano-Ink Solar Cells
Solar cells in a convenient spray can? Not impossible, say University of Texas researchers.
(re: Larry Niven, 8/25/2009 )
Bio Acoustic Fish Fence May Protect Great Lakes
Another interesting technology to try to keep the Great Lakes free of Asian carp; I read about the idea first in a Zelazny story three decades ago.
(re: Roger Zelazny, 8/16/2009 )
TruFocals Glasses Do Not Use Hufhuf Oil
Eyeglasses suitable for the Kwisatz Haderach, if he needed glasses.
(re: Frank Herbert, 8/12/2009 )
Geoengineering To Mitigate Climate Change
This policy statement focuses on large-scale efforts to geoengineer the climate system to counteract the consequences of increasing greenhouse gas emissions.
(re: John Jacob Astor IV, 7/23/2009 )
Cleaning Up Chernobyl With Beets
Another interesting scheme to try to cut the amount of time that tens of thousands of kilometers of countryside must lay fallow due to radioactive fallout.
(re: Gregory Benford, 6/28/2009 )
AltaRock's Quake-Inducing Geothermal Energy Search
People need alternative energy sources in California; are there any ways of getting what we need that are free of consequences?
(re: LucasArts, 6/25/2009 )
Saser - Sonic Equivalent Of Laser
It appears that this is the first working prototype of a device long theorized; it is the first device to produce coherent sound waves in the terahertz frequency range
(re: Gene Roddenberry, 6/19/2009 )
Flame Jet Drill To Bore 10 Miles Into Our Planet
Didn't I see this done from orbit in the last Star Trek movie? Take a look a the video of a prototype device that can drill quickly and efficiently in search of geothermal power.
(re: Gene Roddenberry, 6/14/2009 )
Negev Moisture 'Vaporators Planned W/ Solar Power
Hopefully, these devices to condense water out of the air on a vast scale will not require special droids that speak the binary language of moisture vaporators.
(re: George Lucas, 6/10/2009 )
RF Cochlea Chip 'Seashell Radio'
This unique device draws on the marvelous human ear for its capabilities, which can be described as a 'universal or cognitive radio' much faster than any existing RF spectrum analyzer.
(re: Ray Bradbury, 6/4/2009 )
Water Purity Detection In Real Time
'Will someone try chaumurky tonight - poison in the drink?' Not if Professor Katzir has anything to say about it.
(re: Frank Herbert, 5/22/2009 )
U-Met Utility Helmet For First Responders
This helmet would be of use in a variety of situations, from disaster response to ordinary police work.
(re: Davin Brin, 5/21/2009 )
MIT Conversation Shielding Like Cone Of Silence
Keeping those office conversations private needs serious technology. MIT researchers are there with the goods.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 5/10/2009 )
Brush Up On Star Trek Tech Made Real
So much Star Trek technology has been brought into being - at least partly - that I'm wondering what new worlds are left to conquer, technologywise, in the new Star Trek movie.
(re: Gene Roddenberry, 5/7/2009 )
Walking Gel Caterpillar Like The Blob!
Didn't I just write an article on squishy robots? Looks like these researchers are way ahead of the curve.
(re: Various, 4/29/2009 )
Flexpeaker Paper Thin Speakers
Can you imagine a movie poster - that plays the movie soundtrack - right off the surface of the flat paper movie poster? Well, get to work on it. With video.
(re: Larry Niven, 4/28/2009 )
Power Generating Shoe Instructions
Don't let the power from walking go to waste - start gathering up that energy now with these DIY parasitic power harvesting shoes.
(re: Frank Herbert, 4/27/2009 )
Face Mining Star Trek For Kirk, 7-Eleven For You
Face mining and facial recognition are getting some real face time with their fans on the Internet. Take a look at what Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition has been up to.
(re: Joseph E. Kelleam, 4/26/2009 )
Conductive Bodypaint Skin Circuitry
Why carry a cell phone or other electronic device when you can be the device? Also makes electronics prototyping easier.
(re: Various, 4/19/2009 )
Arm Swing Authentication For Mobile Phones
A unique bit of biometric data you didn't even know you had will authenticate users of mobile devices. Just don't stand near people opening their phones.
(re: Douglas Adams, 4/17/2009 )
SolarEn To Sell Satellite Solar Power
This idea has been kicked around by sf authors for several generations. Has the time for SBSP (space-based solar power) finally come?
(re: Clifford Simak, 4/15/2009 )
Flat Flexible Loudspeakers From Warwick Audio
The development of this technology will make possible devices by authors like Ellison, Dick and Sterling.
(re: Philip K. Dick, 4/2/2009 )
Carbon Nanotube Muscles
This technology provides an amazing increase in force per unit area of standard (i.e., human) muscles.
(re: HG Wells, 3/22/2009 )
Laser Kills Mosquitoes Like Brin's Bee Zapper
This story is even better because it arose in the context of intellectual property; if Brin had the idea in 1990, doesn't he own it?
(re: David Brin, 3/16/2009 )
Light-Trapping Nanodoughnut Like Slow Glass
Fascinating development shows that it is possible to trap - and hold indefinitely - a photon, releasing it at will.
(re: L. Sprague de Camp, 3/10/2009 )
Eye Of God Found - But No Mote
In the Niven and Pournelle novel, a similar sight inspired the founding of the Church of Him. Himmists, take note.
(re: Niven and Pournelle, 2/27/2009 )
Mobius Circuit Perfect For Science-Fictional Electronics
This seems like the perfect start to your science-fictional electronics project.
(re: Various, 2/19/2009 )
Kindle 2 Reads Aloud, As SF Writers Predicted
The idea of a mechanized 'book reader' or 'news reader' has been around for more than 100 years; take a look at the imaginative works of five sf writers.
(re: Stanislaw Lem, 2/13/2009 )
Radio-Controlled Beetle By UC Berkeley
The researchers picked rhinoceros beetles because they look cool - enslaved.
(re: Thomas A. Easton, 1/31/2009 )
Japan's Double-Armed Rescue Vehicle
It's handy to have a rescue vehicle with two arms; Ripley might be able to fight aliens with it, too.
(re: Various, 1/26/2009 )
Broadband Invisibility Cloak - Now You See It
This breakthrough demonstrates that it is possible to build a single material that reroutes light over a broad swath of light wavelengths.
(re: Ray Cummings, 1/18/2009 )
Star Wars Force Trainer (NeuroSky, Not Sith)
Ah, those playful Sith at NeuroSky are at it again. Now, they have a toy for your kids. The 'Force Trainer' is a powerful ally.
(re: George Lucas, 1/13/2009 )
That's Mr. Gasification, Not Mr. Fusion
Take a look at a cool video showing a real-life version of a car that runs on miscellaneous bits of trash. Just like in the movies. Almost.
(re: Various, 1/6/2009 )
Meatricity - Meatrical Energy From Meatric Sources
Are we heading toward a human-powered future? Probably not, but the power goes out in our neighborhood often enough to check it out.
(re: Various, 1/3/2009 )
Attention Assist - Drowsy-Driver Detection Standard
German engineering gives rise to the exact opposite of a famous sfnal automotive prediction.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 12/28/2008 )
Teen Arrested For Home Chemistry Lab
Should ordinary people, like this teen-aged college student, be allowed to experiment?
(re: Various, 12/28/2008 )
Gel Remote Concept Like Metaflesh
Perhaps it would be better for us if our TV remotes repulsed us.
(re: David Cronenberg, 12/17/2008 )
Choking On Our Own Waste Heat
Interesting speculation by two UK professors; even if we solve global warming due to greenhouse gases, this problem still exists.
(re: Larry Niven, 12/1/2008 )
Geoplasma Plasma Refuse Plant
Neat idea to use Sixties NASA tech to turn trash into electricity. Hope it works.
(re: Various, 11/16/2008 )
First Optical Image Of Planet Orbiting Sun-Like Star
Very exciting development from Hubble demonstrates exoplanets can be normal-sized and be in orbit around Sun-like stars.
(re: Various, 11/14/2008 )
Hyperion Power Module Neighborhood Nuclear Reactor
The story about small 'nuclear batteries,' small plants that produce enough power for small towns or big neighborhoods, just keeps coming back.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 11/11/2008 )
Atomic Pen Uses Atoms For Pixels
Technique allows researchers to write with atoms; talk about a very tiny point size.
(re: Ridley Scott, 10/25/2008 )
NTT Energy-Generating Shoes Are Squishy
I really like the cool retro technology used to power these power walkers.
(re: Frank Herbert, 10/17/2008 )
Machine Prints Lights In Sheets
Even though these won't fit in any of those 20 billion light sockets, sheets of light are worth looking at.
(re: Isaac Asimov, 10/14/2008 )
Liquid Camera Lens Controlled By Sound
Using a liquid as a lens? I read about it forty years ago.
(re: Frank Herbert, 10/6/2008 )
Photovoltaic Paint On Steel Sheets By The Corus Group
Fascinating new technology comes only about a decade after Larry Niven wrote about it.
(re: Larry Niven, 10/5/2008 )
Element Four Watermill Needs No Droid
These devices keep adding features. Soon, you'll be saying 'What I really need is a droid that understands the binary language of moisture vaporators.'
(re: George Lucas, 9/29/2008 )
LHC 'Malfunction' No Accident?
Interesting alternate explanation for the problems that have temporarily halted the onward march of particle physics.
(re: John Cramer, 9/25/2008 )
The Fremen Urinal Frank Herbert Never Imagined
These devices could save countless gallons of water, which helps even on water-rich planets.
(re: Frank Herbert, 9/7/2008 )
Personal Wind Turbines And Rooftop Windmills
Interesting strategy for a personal supply of renewable energy has been around for about a century.
(re: John Jacob Astor, 9/4/2008 )
Intel Wireless Power Transmission
Wireless transmission of power inflamed the imaginations of early twentieth century sf writers; Intel appears to have improved the efficiency of a basic technique.
(re: John W. Campbell, 8/22/2008 )
Venture Capitalists Fight Over Water
If the investments of this legendary Texas oilman are any example, there is reason for concern here.
(re: Various, 8/6/2008 )
Solar-Hydrogen House Is Energy Independent
This story about America's first solar-hydrogen residence is still good; the owner is energy-independent in a way that most of us can only envy.
(re: Clifford Simak, 8/6/2008 )
Solar-Powered Fuel Cells Easy As Photosynthesis
Impressive discovery by MIT scientists may unlock the potential of fuel cells for homeowners. Prof. Nocera explains how it works in a video interview.
(re: Various, 8/4/2008 )
Volcanoes To Be Harnessed For Power
Now that oil-fired power is getting more expensive, it's time to put our boots and spurs on, and tame a real power source - volcanoes!
(re: Carl Binder, 7/31/2008 )
Microwave Drill Heats And Pokes
Interesting development is a new twist on a basic requirement; drilling holes through different kinds of materials.
(re: Frank Herbert, 7/14/2008 )
Klimatec AirWater Machine Good News For Moisture Farmers
This device lets you get fresh water anywhere; at last, an office water cooler that never needs restocking.
(re: George Lucas, 7/9/2008 )
Breast Motion Power Harvesting iPod-Charging Bra
Interesting engineering challenge with several possible solutions; women may one day charge their iPods with their bras.
(re: Frank Herbert, 6/25/2008 )
Massive Balls In Fact And Fiction
For some reason, enormous (and, often, spinning) spheres form a kind of focal point for science fiction movies. I don't know why that is.
(re: Various, 6/25/2008 )
GINGER Moon Radar Benefits Miners On Earth
Very neat technology transfer from ESA's space program helps keep Canadian miners safer by detecting hidden cracks in the roofs of mines.
(re: Larry Niven, 6/22/2008 )
Acoustic Cloak Research Turns Practical
Creating sonically invisible pillars in concert halls would probably confuse the dickens out of bats, but music lovers would like it.
(re: Various, 6/13/2008 )
The Secret Lives Of Invisible Magnetic Fields
I really don't understand what is being presented, but you'll enjoy it.
(re: Various, 6/3/2008 )
Ion-Etched Human Hair Shows Branding Possibilities
Interesting idea, I'm sure I've seen something like this before.
(re: Ridley Scott, 4/7/2008 )
Inferno Sonic Barrier Is A Sonabarrier
The Inferno device is intended to create a barrier impassable by human beings.
(re: Frank Herbert, 4/3/2008 )
Acoustic Bazooka Concept
Can the Acoustic Bazooka exist? What would it be good for?
(re: Various, 4/1/2008 )
BigBelly Solar Compactor Vs. WALL-E Robot
Pixar has long delayed the release of WALL-E, the story of an autonomous compactor; they'd better hurry up.
(re: Pixar, 4/1/2008 )
Steampunk Crab Fort Art
Really terrific art concept for a Victorian nightmare.
(re: Various, 3/12/2008 )
Sociable Garbabge Can Robot
This little trash can robot prototype may remind you of an upcoming Pixar film - or a Bruce Sterling novel from twenty years ago.
(re: Bruce Sterling, 3/11/2008 )
Solar Leaves - Electrochemical and Biological
There are TWO uses for artificial solar leaves - do you know what they are? Also, not all artificial solar leaves are electrochemical.
(re: Thomas Easton, 3/7/2008 )
Zimmer Frame-based Nursing Home Positioning System
Nifty invention provides navigational support for people with short term memory problems.
(re: Various, 3/3/2008 )
Rain-Making Bacteria May Affect Climate
If we knew more about how rain forms, we might be able to have some control over rainfall.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 2/29/2008 )
Adobe Light-Field Lens Video - Blade Runner Cluster
The Adobe superlens cluster seems pretty close to what Deckard used in Blade Runner to find amazing details in a photograph.
(re: Ridley Scott, 2/23/2008 )
Garbage-Eating Factories Now, Voracious Cities Later
Isn't it odd how sometimes machines shrink down, and others grow to giant size?
(re: Philip Reeve, 2/10/2008 )
Biomechanical Energy Harvester Is The Bee's Knees
Waste not the body's moisture - or its many free ergs of power.
(re: Frank Herbert, 2/9/2008 )
HI-MEMS: Control Circuits Embedded In Pupal Stage Successfully
Researchers have succeeded in implanting electronic control structures in the early stages of metamorphosis, ensuring a viable controllable insect.
(re: Thomas A. Easton, 1/27/2008 )
HI-MEMS: Cyborg Beetle Microsystem
Those DARPA scientists had the help of a futuristic blueprint provided by sf writer Thomas Easton.
(re: Thomas A. Easton, 1/27/2008 )
Use Roads As Solar Energy Collectors
Interesting system started out as a study on how to make roads more sustainable, with less maintenance. Passive solar heating is a bonus (other examples also covered).
(re: Various, 1/2/2008 )
Toshiba Micro Nuclear Reactor For Home Fission
Although I'm prepared to pull this story at any moment, it appears to be a real possibility.
(re: Issac Asimov, 12/18/2007 )
Smart Chair Follows You Like A Chairdog
Mesmerizing concept video for a mechanical version of Frank Herbert's chairdogs will have librarians drooling.
(re: Frank Herbert, 12/14/2007 )
NeuroSky ThinkGear Mind-Controlled Toys With Sega
Finally, mind-controlled devices will be available to our children. What could possibly go wrong?
(re: Various, 12/13/2007 )
Perching Autonomous Aircraft Perfects Prop Hang
Very cool video of a small aircraft model switching from completely autonomously controlled vertical hang to horizontal flight.
(re: Various, 11/24/2007 )
WatAir Dew-Harvesting 'Web' Kit
Dune fans are not surprised at this development; dew is a remarkable water source.
(re: Frank Herbert, 11/15/2007 )
Breath Powered USB Charger (And Stillsuit)
It appears that a key element of Frank Herbert's stillsuit is now available to help you recharge your gadgets.
(re: Frank Herbert, 11/5/2007 )
Mood Recognition Technology: Pivo 2 Driver Experience Enhanced
Here's a closer look at Pivo 2 and its unique effort to sense the mood of the driver to improve vehicle safety.
(re: Frank Herbert, 10/29/2007 )
Flexible Integrated Energy Device (FIED) - Wearable Rechargers
One is fictional, the other one doesn't exist yet - but engineers are working on it.
(re: Frank Herbert, 10/28/2007 )
Caltech Electronic Nose: The Lewis Group Smells Success
The electronic nose knows; the Lewis group has created an olfactory sensor remarkably like yours, and just the thing for a certain mechanical hound.
(re: Ray Bradbury, 10/24/2007 )
Virtual Fence To Be Tested This Month
A virtual barrier between the US and Mexico is being tested; the glitches that stopped this Boeing product from being complete last summer have been fixed.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 10/21/2007 )
Could Lightning Power Generators?
If this works, I'm going to festoon my house with lightning rods, and then sell the power back to DTE.
(re: Steven Spielberg, 10/16/2007 )
Invisibility Cloak Works In Visible Spectrum
Is this the world's first true invisibility cloak?
(re: Ray Cummings, 10/4/2007 )
Solar-Powered Bike From Thera-P
This is a really flashy looking bicycle - but does it run at night?
(re: Various, 9/27/2007 )
Vocal Terrorism Via Virtual Vocal Chords
British scientists spend the week worrying about future forms of terrorism.
(re: Various, 9/15/2007 )
Diamond Light Source Illuminates Manuscripts
Scientists take only thirty years to turn James P. Hogan's fantasy into reality. Well done!
(re: James P. Hogan, 9/13/2007 )
EEStor Ultracapacitor 'Battery' And Heinlein's Shipstone
Yet another reason to hope that electric vehicles might soon become a practical, affordable transportation choice.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 9/7/2007 )
The Thinking Man's Wheelchair
A remarkable development for the disabled, this idea was derided as mere science fiction in 1966.
(re: Gene Roddenberry, 9/7/2007 )
'Benevolence Kings' Protect Japanese Workers Automatically
This system is designed to provide a warning to construction workers in the event of out-of-control motorists.
(re: Various, 9/5/2007 )
Crowd Farms And 'Coppertops'
Those parasitic power harvesters never give up.
(re: Various, 8/15/2007 )
Backpack Laser - Just Don't Cross The Streams
If you think about it just a little, I'm sure you can come up with alternative uses for a backpack laser system.
(re: Harold Ramis, 8/12/2007 )
Vortex Engine - Tame Tornadoes May Generate Power
Not only could this technique produce electricity, it could also serve as a form of planetary air conditioning to counter global warming.
(re: Pohl/Kornbluth, 7/24/2007 )
Cheap Paint-On Flexible Solar Panels
I keep thinking there must be some way to turn all the sun-soaked surfaces in my life into power-generators...
(re: Larry Niven, 7/20/2007 )
BigBelly Solar-Powered Trash Can - Good/Evil?
Oh, yes, someone has already thought about solar-powered trash cans.
(re: Bruce Sterling, 7/19/2007 )
No-Way Physics And Science Fiction
Do you like your physics possible, or impossible? SF lets you have it both ways.
(re: Various, 7/11/2007 )
Vibration Energy Scavenging By Tiny Generator
This tiny generator might appear in a heart near you.
(re: Frank Herbert, 7/7/2007 )
EQGuard Home Earthquake Warning Appliance
This system can give you just enough time to run outside.
(re: Various, 6/28/2007 )
Max Water By Max Whisson
Dr. Max Whisson is back with more information about his Max Water invention to provide potable water to everyone.
(re: , 6/5/2007 )
Chinese Government To Control Olympic Weather
The Chinese government appears to have more control over the weather than you might think.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 5/23/2007 )
Almost Niven's Flashlight Laser
Take a look for yourself at this one.
(re: Larry Niven, 4/24/2007 )
Building Shaker Quake Machine
Engineers get out from behind their laptops and shake up a real 275-ton building.
(re: Vernor Vinge, 4/17/2007 )
Nanogenerator Harvests Mechanical Energy
We might not need to keep track of a half-dozen little charger devices if this works.
(re: Frank Herbert, 4/11/2007 )
NextEngine 3D Scanner Captures Your World
This device provides excellent three-dimensional CAD files when presented with small objects.
(re: Jack Vance, 4/6/2007 )
Your Scrap Copper Future
I've seen this science-fictional future before; where's my personal smelter now that I need one?
(re: John Brunner, 4/4/2007 )
Tactical Biorefinery Turns Garbage Into Energy
Fascinating invention by Purdue researchers helps an army camp as well as march on its stomach.
(re: Steven Spielberg, 3/23/2007 )
Microsoft Researches The Future On Video
Interesting short video from Microsoft research has science-fictional (and real) precursors.
(re: , 3/15/2007 )
HeadThere Giraffe Telepresence Robot
This is a pretty cool-looking example of an inexpensive remote-controlled telepresence device.
(re: Niven and Pournelle, 3/12/2007 )
Varioptic Liquid Lens For Phone Cameras
The oil (and water) lens finally makes it into consumer products that will be available near you.
(re: Frank Herbert, 2/18/2007 )
The Wisdom Door Knows You
Clever use of biometrics to identify those who may pass.
(re: Philip K. Dick, 2/16/2007 )
Robot Parking In Fact and In Fiction
Okay, George Jetson had a car that folded into a briefcase; but you can take your car to NYC and have the robot garage park it for you in real life.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 2/3/2007 )
Whisson Windmills To Water Australia Like Vaporators?
Inventor from Oz creates windmills that pull water from the air - then you'll really need a droid that speaks the binary language of moisture vaporators.
(re: George Lucas, 1/30/2007 )
Invisible RFID Ink Tattoos For Cattle, People
This new technology solves several vexing problems, and it makes it easy for large unruly herds to be tracked more easily.
(re: Niven/Barnes, 1/18/2007 )
Use Google To Search The Heavens
Google has once again allied themselves with a spectacular scientific project - have they bitten off more data than they can chew?
(re: Neal Stephenson, 1/8/2007 )
Desktop Nanofactory Video
Excellent visualization of how it might work; not really news, but worth watching.
(re: Philip K. Dick, 1/4/2007 )
Power Sheet Provides Flexible Wireless Electricity
This system could provide great flexibility for recharging all of your zillions of devices, without having to take a zillion separate chargers everywhere.
(re: Various, 12/15/2006 )
Compact Vortex Generator Inspired By Squids
Biomimetics scores another triumph - this time, pulsatile jet propulsion.
(re: Various, 12/14/2006 )
Sawfish Underwater Lumberjack Robot
This product dives underwater to recover lumber otherwise wasted in reservoirs and lakes.
(re: Various, 12/6/2006 )
Femtosecond Laser Pulse Turns Metals Pitch Black
Remarkable process creates a perfectly black finish without paints or other coatings.
(re: E.E. 'Doc Smith, 12/3/2006 )
Detect Aggressive Voices With Sigard By Sound Intelligence
If you've been waiting for HAL to tell you to take a stress pill, your wait is over.
(re: Arthur C. Clarke, 11/26/2006 )
Wireless Power For Laptops, Cellphones?
An old concept perhaps made new with "non-radiative" wireless power transmission.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 11/16/2006 )
Terminator Tongues - USAF Seeks Voice Transformation Tech
Why does the USAF want soldiers to be able to talk like someone else?
(re: Various, 11/13/2006 )
Energy Curtain Captures Energy From Sunlight
This fascinating and useful project is both decorative and thought-provoking in its demonstration of energy choices.
(re: Various, 11/2/2006 )
SunTracker One Brings The Sun Inside
Very cool device to bring a significant amount of light inside your house or building regardless of the sun's direction.
(re: Ray Bradbury, 10/27/2006 )
RealSnailMail With RFID-Chipped Snails
You just thought you've been using snail mail - this is email, with real snails.
(re: Frank Herbert, 10/11/2006 )
Airblade From Dyson Airblast From Heinlein
Dyson's latest product offers 400 kph winds of drying power - more than Heinlein's 1940's airblast.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 10/9/2006 )
Aqua Sciences Water From Atmospheric Moisture
Remarkable (and secret!) technology to lower the price of water to troops in Iraq, and help people in need.
(re: Frank Herbert, 10/6/2006 )
Planetary Annihilation Chances 'Totally Miniscule'
Black holes generated beneath the Earth's surface? I sense no danger here...
(re: David Brin, 9/19/2006 )
Lo-Tek Book Reading (In Bed) Stand
How to read a heavy book in bed hands-free. The anwer comes from Japan.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 8/29/2006 )
Knock-Based Commands Like Heinlein's
Heinlein called this one; Linux programmers now using knock-codes on accelerometer-equipped laptops.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 7/30/2006 )
Headband Telepathy And Robinson's Mindkiller
Mind to mind transfer will take at least twenty years, but we're getting there, according to scientists.
(re: Spider Robinson, 7/28/2006 )
Chinese Military Takes Page From NASA Apollo Program
NASA actually used this same technique in the 1960's to practice for the Apollo missions.
(re: , 7/27/2006 )
MIT Light-Detecting Fibers Create Niven's Webeye
Amazing fiber web detects light; science fiction gadgets galore may soon exist.
(re: Larry Niven, 7/24/2006 )
Invisibility Cloaks Seen As Possible With Metamaterials
Invisibility stories continue to appear; when do I get my cloaking device?
(re: Ray Cummings, 5/28/2006 )
Invisibility Possible With Superlenses
Ah, the invisibility cloak once again... well, it doesn't appear because... you know.
(re: Ray Cummings, 5/3/2006 )
Mol Switch Project Nanoactuator Opens New Vistas
An amazing molecular magnetic switch bridges the gap between the biological and silicon worlds; this invention will make possible many other applications.
(re: , 4/25/2006 )
HAL-5 Exoskeleton To Carry Mountain Climber
Exoskeletons helped humans raised in microgravity over come Earth's gravity in a 1968 novel; now they help people overcome gravity on Earth in real life.
(re: Fritz Leiber, 4/4/2006 )
MIT Battery Research To Enable 'Electric Phaetons'
John Jacob Astor dreamed of electric cars that would serve us in 1894; all he needed was a really good battery technology.
(re: John Jacob Astor, 2/19/2006 )
Quantum Telecloning And 'The Enemy Within'
It happened once to Captain Kirk by accident; now scientists have demonstrated that they can do it on purpose. Now that's progress.
(re: Gene Roddenberry, 2/16/2006 )
NASA Strategy For Urban Heat island NYC
NASA has strategies to help small urban heat islands like NYC. Who can help a species with a 'planet' heat island? Larry Niven, that's who.
(re: Larry Niven, 2/9/2006 )
StarChase Tracking Tag And Star Wars Homing Beacon
The Los Angeles police are taking a page from Obiwan Kenobi's book on how to chase suspects; hopefully, they will stay out of asteroid fields.
(re: George Lucas, 2/6/2006 )
Hungry? Print Yourself Some Bacon
If scientists can just about print organs, I can certainly print myself some bacon.
(re: Frank Herbert, 2/3/2006 )
Concrete Canvas - Inflatable Concrete Buildings
This great portable shelter lets you create housing anywhere - even if a housing development would look like hundreds of loaves in a baker's window.
(re: Larry Niven, 2/2/2006 )
Honda Accord ADAS Heinlein Wannabe
We are SO close to Heinlein's Camden Speedster.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 2/1/2006 )
Algae To Clean Atmosphere
Atmospheric cleansing by means of carefully selected algae has been suggested before.
(re: Niven and Pournelle, 1/12/2006 )
Ratheon Swimmer Denial
Divers beware; Raytheon has your (pulse and frequency) number.
(re: Roger Zelazny, 1/12/2006 )
USB Memory 'Swiss'
Karen Traviss thinks about the USB Memory Swiss Army knife a year in advance of the press release.
(re: Karen Traviss, 12/30/2005 )
Palm Vein Authentication First, Then Book
No more worries about lost library cards; just flash your palm at the reader.
(re: William Gibson, 12/23/2005 )
Tweezer Magnifier Available Now (Bush Robots - Not)
What will they think of next? As my eyes age, I need this.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 12/15/2005 )
Crickets Now Have 'Holodeck'
Crickets get theirs first, thanks to helpful humans.
(re: Gene Roddenberry, 12/13/2005 )
Taipei 101 Tower Causing Earthquakes?
Has the world's tallest skyscraper caused quakes in a normally stable zone?
(re: William Alden, 12/4/2005 )
ANPR Cams - Britain's Roadside Big Brother
The UK's ANPR cameras will log the movement of every vehicle on the roads.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 11/16/2005 )
Lower Limit For Nanobot Size Discovered
Scientists and science fiction writers must accept new limits to imagination, thanks to a remarkable first-ever measurement.
(re: Philip K. Dick, 9/25/2005 )
Light Captured In A Crystal
Normally speedy light stopped for a full second in a crystal by Australian researchers.
(re: Bob Shaw, 9/17/2005 )
Backpack Generator Harnesses Power Of Walking
The brisk strides of hikers converted into electricity.
(re: Frank Herbert, 9/10/2005 )
Babelfish Necklace: Environment Translator
Provides a 3D soundscape, 'translating' the environment for the visually impaired.
(re: Douglas Adams, 8/22/2005 )
Tanaka Auto Door
You may be wondering what is so great about a door that opens only just enough to let a person come in or out... besides being cool.
(re: Jules Verne, 8/21/2005 )
NextFest 2005 - Festival Of Technovelgy
Yes, you read that right - technovelgy, ideas and inventions straight from science fiction books and movies. NextFest is a science fiction-lovers dream come true.
(re: Various, 6/24/2005 )
3D Holographic Images And Heinlein's Stereovision Tank
Harold Garner and his research team have used a gel-filled tank and a Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing (DLP) Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) to generate dynamic three-dimensional views from holograms.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 6/21/2005 )
Breathe Like A Fish Thanks To Alan Bodner
Alan Izhar-Bodner, an Israeli inventor, has developed a way for divers to breathe underwater without cumbersome oxygen tanks. His apparatus makes use of the air that is dissolved in water, just like fish do.
(re: Various, 6/1/2005 )
QinetIQ First Automatic Shipboard Landing Of STOVL Craft
QinetIQ experimental VAAC craft with 'Autoland' technology succeeded in the first fully automatic landing of a short take-off vertical landing (STOVL) aircraft on a ship.
(re: Various, 5/26/2005 )
Scientists Succeed At (Cryogenically Enhanced Magneto-Archimedes) Levitation
Scientists at the University of Nottingham have succeeded in (Cryogenically-Enhanced-Magneto-Archimedes) levitating some of the heaviest elements in nature, including lead and platinum.
(re: Isaac Asimov, 5/12/2005 )
Flexible Fabric Speakers Are Coming
A Korean research firm has announced that it has developed a technology for the mass production of sound speakers that are as flexible as fabric.
(re: Bruce Sterling, 5/1/2005 )
New Phase Of Ice May Exist
A new phase of ice may exist at temperatures between 4 degrees Kelvin to 50 degrees Kelvin, at high pressures, according to researchers at the National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center.
(re: Kurt Vonnegut, 4/20/2005 )
Nanostructured Thermoelectric Devices (And John W. Campbell, Jr.)
Nanostructured thermoelectric devices may have a wide variety of practical applications, generating electricity from heat; sounds a lot like John W. Campbell's thermelectrium from a 1935 story.
(re: John W. Campbell, Jr., 4/7/2005 )
RepRap: Self-Replicating Rapid Prototyping
A self-replicating, rapid prototyping machine developed at the University of Bath in England could transform the nature of manufacturing. People could produce everyday household objects in their own homes and put them together.
(re: Philip K. Dick, 3/25/2005 )
Electrical Barrier To Keep Asian Carp Out Of Great Lakes
A permanent electrical barrier will go into use in February to protect the Great Lakes from Asian carp that are moving up the Mississippi river.
(re: Roger Zelazny, 1/13/2005 )
Niven's 'Black Power' Now Available In Infrared
A team lead by University of Toronto scientist Ted Sargent has created a sprayable plastic composite that could harvest as much as thirty percent of the solar power that strikes a surface.
(re: Larry Niven, 1/10/2005 )
Afroditikrassa World View LED Cluster Lamp
Industrial design consultants Afroditikrassa have created a virutally weightless lighting fixture called 'world view.' It's pretty close to Frank Herbert's suspensor lamp from Dune.
(re: Frank Herbert, 11/12/2004 )
The Smart Construction Site Of The Future
The future construction site detailed in Bruce Sterling's Distraction is closer than you think.
(re: Bruce Sterling, 9/28/2004 )
uFR-II Micro Flying Robot - (Lighter) Son of Micro Flying Robot
Micro flying robot enthusiasts rejoice! Now you can revel in the (lighter) son of the uFR Micro Flying Robot - uFR-II.
(re: Neal Stephenson, 8/18/2004 )
Fatal Vision Goggles - Simulate Impaired Driving
Fatal Vision Simulator Goggles are designed to help you see poorly. They simulate the experience of driving while under the influence.
(re: Rudy Rucker, 8/14/2004 )
Electronic Number Plate RFID Keeps Tabs On Vehicles
A South African company now offers Electronic Number Plate RFID technology to keep track of your comings and goings in your car.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 8/9/2004 )
Data Mining In Three Dimensions
Graphical representation of information is not new; the first graphs appeared in the late eighteenth century. More recently, Sandia National Laboratories has created a data mining and visualization software suite that is able to accept information fr
(re: William Gibson, 7/12/2004 )
Printing RFID Tags With Magic Ink
Security technology like RFID devices, barcodes and smart cards are going to be smaller, more flexible and easier to manufacture responsibly thanks to a metal printing technology developed by QinetiQ Metal Printing.
(re: Larry Niven/Steven Barnes, 7/7/2004 )
Deterministic Quantum-State Teleportation Achieved With High Fidelity
Teleportation, the transfer of quantum states between widely separated atoms, was achieved by different research teams in Austria and the United States.
(re: Clifford Simak, 6/17/2004 )
Zombie RFID Tags Arise To Face Privacy Advocates
Zombie RFID tags may find their way into your pockets - causing some privacy advocates to breath a sigh of relief.
(re: Neal Stephenson, 5/21/2004 )
Super-Photons Used For Good, Not Evil
Super-photons may be able to provide a way to encode yet more information on CDs; more powerful computers and higher data security may also be possible. This is not your father's Thessian super-proton technology.
(re: John W. Campbell, 5/19/2004 )
Talking Washing Machines Are More Accessible
New washing machines are starting to look, well, more modern, with LCD displays and smooth, easy-to-clean panels. Unfortunately, that makes appliances much more difficult to use for people with vision problems, who would prefer large knobs.
(re: William Gibson, 5/18/2004 )
Global Water Crisis
An excellent article from The Scientist provides excellent details about the global water crisis, and some possible solutions.
(re: Frank Herbert, 5/11/2004 )
Obtaining Unobtainium at DARPAtech 2004
DARPA searches for impossible materials - unobtainium - and is succeeding.
(re: William Gibson, 4/10/2004 )
Tunnel Boring Machine B6 For Sale
580 tonne boring machine used to dig the Eurotunnel on sale now - perfect ornament for the garden.
(re: Jerry Pournelle, 4/6/2004 )
NASA Debates Terraforming Mars
NASA will hold a formal debate on terraforming Mars tomorrow night at its third Astrobiology Science Conference.
(re: Larry Niven, 3/29/2004 )
StrikeAlert Personal Lightning Detector Gives Warning
There are 8,600,000 lightning strikes per day on Earth - better get your StrikeAlert detector before the Mother of Storms comes to an open field near you!
(re: John Barnes, 3/29/2004 )
Nanotechnology Grand Challenge Events Called For
We've all had fun watching the recent Grand Challenge race run by DARPA. Let's help DARPA set up the nanotechnology Grand Challenge for very small vehicles.
(re:, 3/17/2004 )
Philips FluidFocus: Variable Focus Fluid Lens
Philips FluidFocus - a variable-focus lens system with no mechanical moving parts - is very similar to Frank Herbert's oil lens in Dune (1964).
(re: Frank Herbert, 3/4/2004 )
Extreme 2003: Hydrothermal Vent Grind
The National Science Foundation (NSF) is hosting students from around the world on a 23-day research expedition to the Pacific Ocean floor: Extreme 2003 - To the Depths of Discovery.
(re: Peter Watts, 12/8/2003 )
Bush Signs Nanotech R&D Act
At 2:10 P.M. EST this afternoon, President Bush is scheduled to sign the 21st Century Nanotechnology Research and Development Act into law.
(re: Philip K. Dick, 12/3/2003 )






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