Dictionary of Armor Terms in Science Fiction
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Armored Clothing - modern armor
Ordinary apparel that contained both armor and muscle amplification devices.

Frank Herbert (1977)
Bullet-guard Overalls
Very tough fabric.

David Brin (2002)
Bruce Sterling (1999)
Flexible Armor Suit - now you're Superman
A pressure suit that, while flexible, becomes rigid like armor upon impact.

Larry Niven (1966)
Impact Suit - shear-thickening armor
A body suit that is flexible, but upon a hard impact becomes rigid and impenetrable.

David Gerrold (w/L, Niven) (1971)
Monomol Mesh Armor - chain (molecule) mail
Material to protect selected areas that must bend (elbows, knees, and so forth).

Greg Bear (1990)
Material for special body armor.

Jerry Pournelle (1976)
Powered Armor (or Powered Suit) - military exoskeleton
An armored suit that magnifies the power of the soldier's muscles, along with other weapons.

Robert Heinlein (1959)
Refurbished Nervous System - rewired for speed
Your nerves are rewired for 5-10 times the speed of a normal person.

Alfred Bester (1956)
Edmond Hamilton (1932)
Sintered Armorgel
A substance that is flexible when moved slowly, but which hardens upon external impact.

Neal Stephenson (1992)
'Sites - nanobots are your friends
Small parasites that cause muscles to twitch in sequence for strength.

Neal Stephenson (1995)
Space Armor
Armored space suits for use in vacuum.

James Blish (1957)

Related Science Fiction in the News

Liquid Body Armor For TALOS Exoskeleton
'... instantly became rigid all over when something struck it...' - Larry Niven, 1966.
(re: Larry Niven, 7/11/2017 )
DIY Taser-Proof Clothing
'His suit-shield sucked in the energy and discharged it...'- Philip K. Dick, 1954.
(re: Philip K. Dick, 3/7/2014 )
Look Great In Your Garrison Bespoke Bulletproof Suit
'McKie longed for his armored clothing…'- Frank Herbert, 1977.
(re: Frank Herbert, 1/5/2014 )
Bionic Body Armor Makes You Dodge Bullets
Fascinating patent idea by IBM turns everyone - yes, everyone - into a bullet-dodging Neo.
(re: Various, 2/13/2009 )
Designer Bulletproof Fashion
Finally, a solution to that pesky assassination problem that you aren't ashamed to be seen in.
(re: Frank Herbert, 7/29/2008 )
Super-Suit Fabric Now Available In T-Shirt
Super-fabrics are good; when they come in t-shirt form, even better.
(re: Various, 3/27/2008 )
Exoskeleton Like Halo Suit
If you can build a suit to fight with bears, you can build a military exoskeleton with some practical experience built in.
(re: Various, 1/16/2007 )
Liquid Armor With Shear Thickening Fluid
Science fiction writers were first on the scene again in conceptualizing armor that flows with the body but hardens upon impact.
(re: Neal Stephenson, 8/2/2006 )
Thor Shield Energy Weapon-Proof Fabric
An engineer with an interest in lightning protection systems comes up with a way to foil taser weapons and cattle prods.
(re: Philip K. Dick, 5/2/2006 )
Air Warrior Microclimatic Cooling Garments Tested By Army
The Army is testing personal cooling vests for soldiers in Iraq; Philip K. Dick suggested them in the sixties.
(re: Philip K. Dick, 12/21/2005 )
d3o-based RibCap: Flexible-Rigid Beanie-Helmet For Snowsports
It's a helmet! No, it's a soft beanie cap! You're both right, kids - its the Ribcap with d3o.
(re: Gerrold/Niven, 11/29/2005 )
Transparent Aluminum Armor Tested By Military
Transparent aluminum armor (ALON) well along in testing, and is considered superior to other see-through choices.
(re: Gene Roddenberry, 10/18/2005 )
Liquid Armor In Two Flavors: Shear Thickening and Magnetorheological
Liquid armor using shear thickening fluid and magnetorheological fluid is being developed to protect soldiers and law enforcement personnel.
(re: Greg Bear, 4/26/2004 )
DARPA Wants Exoskeletons
In a briefing today on GovExec.com, a variety of projects from DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) demonstrate that some science fiction thinking is good.
(re: Robert Heinlein, 11/10/2003 )






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