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Device Name Book/Story Author Date
P-120 Reconnaissance Robot A Season for Slaughter Gerrold  1992
Pacification Drones The Breach Hill  2020
Padloid - National Enquirer on your tablet PC Steel Beach Varley  1992
Padre Booth Galactic Pot-Healer Dick  1969
Paid Avoidance Zone - primitive on purpose The Shockwave Rider Brunner  1975
Pail of Air A Pail of Air Leiber  1951
Pain Box - testing for humans Dune Herbert  1965
Pain Canopy Gather Darkness Leiber  1943
Pain Ray - pain by nerve induction. Crashing Suns Hamilton  1928
Painted Masks Red Planet Heinlein  1949
Palm Flower - what color Logan's Run Nolan (w/G.C. Johnson)  1967
Palm Lock - uses more than a fingerprint Dune Herbert  1965
Palm Plate - your hand is the key The Mechanical Monarch Tubb  1958
Palm Scan - the big print All Tomorrow's Parties Gibson  1999
Panatrope - mutation for survival Surface Tension Blish  1952
Panic Alarm Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Dick  1968
Panoramic Viewer Childhood's End Clarke  1953
Panther Modern Neuromancer Gibson  1984
Paper Steel Robur-the-Conqueror Verne  1866
Para-Beam - light of paralysis The Mechanical Monarch Tubb  1958
Paracompass - detects local magnetic anomalies Dune Herbert  1965
Paragravity Collision Orbit Williamson  1941
Parallel Universe Men Like Gods Wells  1923
Paralysis Bomb If This Goes On... Heinlein  1940
Paralysis Ray - very early use Satellite Five Barnes  1938
Paralyzing Blast The Exile of Time Cummings  1931
Paralyzing Cone The Atomic Conquerors Hamilton  1927
Paralyzing Eye The Best-Laid Scheme de Camp  1941
Paralyzing Gun The Achilles Heel Gallun  1940
Paralyzing Ray - early use Brigands of the Moon Cummings  1930
Paralyzing Ray (Bolar Current) Blood of the Moon Cummings  1936
ParanoidLinux Little Brother Doctorow  2008
Parastatics Return from the Stars Lem  1961
Parent Drone Kill Decision Suarez  2012
Parenthood Lottery Super-Toys Last All Summer Long Aldiss  1969
Parking Orbit - take the gig down Methuselah's Children Heinlein  1941
Parlor Wall (TV Parlor) - original big screen TV Fahrenheit 451 Bradbury  1953
Patient Bath Robot Roujin Z Otomo  1991
Pedomotive - power stilts The Diamond Age Stephenson  1995
Peeper - unlock your inner dreams Shadow World Simak  1957
Pencil Beam Vulcan's Hammer Dick  1960
Pencil Heat Ray - narrow beam Brigands of the Moon Cummings  1930
Penetron Redmask of the Outlands Schachner  1934
Penfield Wave Transmitter - an emotional brain remote control Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Dick  1968
Pent House The Pent House Keller  1932
Pentavalent Nitrogen - most powerful chemical explosive. Space Hounds of IPC Smith  1931
People-Mover Wetware Rucker  1988
People-Sorter - catalog them quickly Millenium Varley  1983
Perky Pat Layout - playset for grownups The Days of Perky Pat Dick  1963
Permalloy Fugitives From Earth Bond  1939
Permanent Skywriting Soap Opera Nelson  1953
Perpetual Train Iron Council Mieville  2004
Personal Cache - a digital safety deposit box Earth Brin  1990
Personal Capsule - for your eyes only Foundation Asimov  1951
Personal Force-Shield - earliest mention? Foundation Asimov  1951
Personal Interest Profile (PIP) - invention of Google Alerts The Fountains of Paradise Clarke  1978
Personal Metallic Record Disc The Ancient Brain Stangland  1929
Personal Rocket Jet Space Cadet Heinlein  1948
Personal Smelter - make your own ingot The Shockwave Rider Brunner  1975
Personal Solar Plant Ring Around the Sun Simak  1952
Personality Death - you're dead to yourself Robot Justice Harrison  1959
Personality Simulator True Names Vinge  1981
Personality Simulator - game your office politics The Dosadi Experiment Herbert  1977
Personalized Fashion Display Bill the Galactic Hero Harrison  1965
Personalized News Ralph 124c 41 + Gernsback  1911
Persuader Storm Thief Wooding  2006
Phantoscope (phenomenoscope) - see it all The Diamond Age Stephenson  1995
Phased Acoustical Array - hear it all The Diamond Age Stephenson  1995
Philips Squeeze Gun Altered Carbon Morgan  2003
Phone-Grid Transex Network Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said Dick  1974
Phonographic Locks A Journey to the Year 2025 Fezandie  1921
Phonotelephote - earliest reference to videophone In the Year 2889 Verne  1889
Photic Borer (Artesian Ray) The Great Stone of Sardis Stockton  1897
Photoelectric Course Warning - aid to spaceship pilots Out Around Rigel Wilson  1931
Photo-Electric Mosaic Beyond Which Limits Schachner  1937
Photoelectric Telescope (Photoelectric Eyes) - astronomical pictures produced automatically The Cometeers Williamson  1936
Photograph of Earth from Space The Prince of Space Williamson  1931
Photomnemonic Tablet - blank recording slate Anathem Stephenson  2008
Photonic Sail Think Blue, Count Two Smith  1962
Photonomous - stay anon on Flickr Little Brother Doctorow  2008
Photophone The Planeteer Flynn  1918
Photophone Collision Orbit Williamson  1941
Photosensitive Pigment Cry Hope, Cry Fury! Ballard  1966
Photosight - sees the highway The Sign of the Tiger Nourse (w/Meyer)  1958
Photo-Voltaic Robes Snow in the Desert Asher  2002
Physiognomic Template Ubik Dick  1969
Picphone Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said Dick  1974
Pigoon - transgenic pig Oryx and Crake Atwood  2003
Pilot Beam Methuselah's Children Leinster  1941
Pilot-Robot Collision Orbit Williamson  1941
Pinlight The Game of Rat and Dragon Smith  1953
Pizzled (Semantic Garble) Autofac Dick  1955
Placental Decanters The Girl Who Was Plugged In Tiptree, Jr.  1974
Planck Juice - pre-quark beverage Master of Space and Time Rucker  1984
Planet Buster Assignment to Aldebaran Crossen  1953
Planet Rules Drop Dead Simak  1956
Planetary Engineering The Cometeers Williamson  1936
Planetary Globe Star of Wonder May  1953
Planetary Propulsion-Blasts - moving a planet Thundering Worlds Hamilton  1934
Planetary Telegraphing In the Deep of Time Lathrop  1879
Planet-Busting Bomb - destroy a planet Testing Ferrat  1956
Planetfall Quicksands of Youthwardness Jameson  1940
Planets Made Habitable Last and First Men Stapledon  1930
Planet-Smasher Propagandist Leinster  1947
Plani-Glass Crystalized Thought Schachner  1937
Planoforming The Game of Rat and Dragon Smith  1953
Plasta-Skin Star Rangers (The Last Planet) Norton  1953
Plasteel - tough metal for tough times Dune Herbert  1965
Plastex - self-healing material The Thousand Dreams of Stellavista Ballard  1962
Plastic Constructor (3D Printer) Things Pass By Leinster  1945
Plastic Igloo - with an airlock Love Among The Robots McDowell  1946
Plastic-Eating Bacteria - that's the good news The Andromeda Strain Crichton  1969
Plasticocoon The Space Merchants Pohl (w/CM Kornbluth)  1952
Plastifoam Collision Orbit Williamson  1941
Plastirobe - variations in opacity Sales Pitch Dick  1954
Plastiskin We All Died At Breakaway Station Meredith  1969
Plastissue Accidental Flight Wallace  1952
Plasto-Textile Foundation Asimov  1951
Platform Flyer The Star King Vance  1964
Platinum Alloy Disc - first CD or DVD? Triplanetary Smith  1934
Pleasure Cap A Planet Named Shayol Smith  1961
Plexiskin A Ship Named McGuire Garrett  1961
Plug-Ups Passage at Arms Cook  1985
Pneumatic Bumpers The Brain Pirates Campbell  1938
Pneumatic Suit The Shot Into Infinity Gail  1929
Pneumatic Tube Station Exiles of the Moon Schachner (w. AL Zagat)  1931
Pneumatic-Tube Zone Mechanocracy Breuer  1932
Pneumo-Slacks The Proud Robot Padgett  1943
Pocket Computer - a PDA The Feeling of Power Asimov  1958
Pocket Display Projector - a nano-projector The Anome Vance  1971
Pocket Dome - handy space tent Chindi McDevitt  2002
Pocket Gravity Nullifier The Sky Maniac Juve  1929
Pocket Nucleo-Bulb - better than those LED flashlights Foundation Asimov  1951
Pocket Phone (or pocketphone) - invention of the cell phone Assignment in Eternity Heinlein  1953
Pocket Projector Foundation and Empire Asimov  1952
Pocket Scanner Sagramanda Foster  2006
Pocket Universe Pocket Universes Leinster  1946
Pocket-Caller The Worlds of Tomorrow Wellman  1940
Pocket-Planet The Duel on the Asteroid Miller (w/D. McDermott)  1932
Pocket-Sized Ad-Blocker Sagramanda Foster  2006
Pod-Chair The Houses of Iszm Vance  1954
Poison Snooper - be careful, my Duke Dune Herbert  1965
Poison Tongue Dart - just squeeze The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch Dick  1965
Poison-Bearing Invisible Glove - let's shake on it Lies, Inc. Dick  1964
Polar Ice The Ring of Charon Allen  1990
Polarization Apparatus Slaves of Mercury Schachner  1932
Polarized Window The Houses of Iszm Vance  1954
Polaron Beam Earthlight (Novella) Clarke  1951
Polawindow - change lighting instantly The Godmakers Herbert  1972
Poldek The Saga of Pelican West Russell  1937
Police Control-Override A Plague of Demons Laumer  1965
Police Detection Robot The Unreconstructed M Dick  1957
Police Robot - a rookie cop bot Arm of the Law Harrison  1958
Police Sketch Artist Software - pc-based police art Runaway Crichton  1985
Polycarbon Exo - a military exoskeleton Mona Lisa Overdrive Gibson  1988
Polycarbon Phone Screen Count Zero Gibson  1986
Poppins - Julie Andrews android Kiln People Brin  2002
Pork Tree - long and lean The Ophiuchi Hotline Varley  1977
Portable Ident-Plate - quick prints Earth Brin  1990
Portable Telephone - early reference Space Cadet Heinlein  1948
Portal True Names Vinge  1981
Positive Ray Propulsion (Ion Drive) The Prince of Space Williamson  1931
Positronic Brain - many connections Reason Asimov  1941
Positronic Motor Sally Asimov  1953
Post Office - special package delivery Millenium Varley  1983
Post-Crime - you're still a criminal The Minority Report Dick  1956
Poster TV - flattest of flat screen TVs A World Out of Time Niven  1976
Powdered Alcohol The Stainless Steel Rat's Revenge Harrison  1970
Power Holster Deathworld Harrison  1960
Power Planet - power for Earth Power Planet Leinster  1931
Power Stilts - lift your house The Human Blend Foster  2010
Powered Armor (or Powered Suit) - military exoskeleton Starship Troopers Heinlein  1959
Powered artificial exoskeleton Between Planets Heinlein  1951
Powered Suit with Trauma Maintenance The Forever War Haldeman  1974
Powergun Hammer's Slammers Drake  1979
Power-Wagon - legless beast of burden The Last Castle Vance  1967
Pray-Machine - megawatts of prayer Lord of Light Zelazny  1967
Pray-o-Mat - coin-based religion Lord of Light Zelazny  1967
Precog - see the future The Minority Report Dick  1956
Precog (v) - I see you Police Operation Piper  1948
Precrime Analytical Wing - precogs babble, machines tabulate The Minority Report Dick  1956
Predator Wrist Display Predator McTiernan  1987
Predictable Crime All the Troubles in the World Asimov  1958
Predictions Registry - if you're sure Earth Brin  1990
Preserved Brains Murder in the Void Hamilton  1938
Preserving Machine The Preserving Machine Dick  1953
Pressor (Pressor Beam) - push not pull Space Hounds of IPC Smith  1931
Pressor Field The Forever War Haldeman  1974
Pressure Curtain The Mote in God's Eye Niven (w/J. Pournelle)  1974
Pressure-Suit Skylark of Space Smith  1928
Pressurized Penthouse Bread Overhead! Leiber  1958
Prethink - seeing the future The Golden Man Dick  1954
Prime Directive With Folded Hands Williamson  1947
Prime Radiant - the ultimate conference projector Second Foundation Asimov  1953
Primer The Diamond Age Stephenson  1995
Prism Window - better plane window The Space Merchants Pohl (w/CM Kornbluth)  1952
Privacy Screen Neuromancer Gibson  1984
Private Flyer Childhood's End Clarke  1953
Private Space Cruiser Crashing Suns Hamilton  1928
Probability Time Wave Tube Elimination Campbell  1936
Probe Screen Hood - block the penetration of the mind The Hood Maker ('Immunity') Dick  1955
Procreative Stump Hellstrom's Hive Herbert  1972
Profile Sniffers - sifting the web Distraction Sterling  1998
Project Scoop The Andromeda Strain Crichton  1969
Project X Atlas Shrugged Rand  1957
Projectile-Vehicle - Verne's spacecraft From the Earth to the Moon Verne  1867
Projection - be in two places at once The Computer Connection Bester  1974
Projection Commercials - 3D advertisements The Computer Connection Bester  1974
Projection Rig - envy of presenters Mona Lisa Overdrive Gibson  1988
Propulsion Gun Venus Mines, Incorporated Schachner (w. AL Zagat)  1931
Proselytizing Robot Cities in Flight Blish  1957
Protective Energy Halo The Scarab Gallun  1936
Protective Field (Safety Field) The Man in the Maze Silverberg  1969
Protective Shield - personal force field Triplanetary Smith  1934
Protine Solar Lottery Dick  1955
Proton Pack - don't cross the streams Ghostbusters Ramis  1984
Proton Pistol (Proton Beam) - beams of fury A Menace in Miniature Gallun  1937
Protonite - for space exploration Twelve Hours To Live Williamson  1931
Protophason Amplifier Ubik Dick  1969
Provigil - sleep surrogate When the Devil Dances Ringo  2002
Provigil-C A Hymn Before Battle Ringo  2000
Pry-Vie (Robotic Detective) Clans of the Alphane Moon Dick  1964
Pseudoflesh - key to boneless meat Whipping Star Herbert  1969
Pseudogravity Common Sense Heinlein  1941
Psychic Probe Foundation and Empire Asimov  1952
Psychode The Infinite Enemy Williamson  1938
Psychohistory Foundation Asimov  1951
Psycho-History Beyond All Weapons Russell  1941
Psycho-Lease Encephalic Gadget Galactic Pot-Healer Dick  1969
Psychophone The Mechanical Mice Hugi  1941
Psycho-Phone A Biological Experiment Keller  1928
Psychophonic Nurse - a nanny robot The Psychophonic Nurse Keller  1928
Psychoprobe - head examined Satellite Five Barnes  1938
Psychoscanner Propagandist Leinster  1947
Psychotropic House The Thousand Dreams of Stellavista Ballard  1962
Psypyx - will your memories wind up on Kazaa? Earth Made of Glass Barnes  1998
P-Terminal Implant - turn yourself on The Terminal Man Crichton  1972
Public Eye Friday Heinlein  1982
Public Iris Scanner - Mr. Anderton Minority Report (Movie) Spielberg  2002
Public Urine Collection The Water Knife Bacigalupi  2015
Public Vehicle Tube The Houses of Iszm Vance  1954
Puddinged Pay for the Printer Dick  1956
Puff (Puff Balls) War Dogs Bear  2014
Pulse-Timer Heretics of Dune Herbert  1984
Punishment Sphere Alpha Centauri Meier  1999
Purple Wage Riders of the Purple Wage Farmer  1967
Purza the Pukha The Rowan McCaffrey  1990
Pushpot Space Tug Leinster  1953
PyrE - thought explosive The Stars My Destination Bester  1956

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TCL CSOT 17-Inch Printed OLED Scrolling Display
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Reachy Humanoid VR Teleoperation App
re: AG Stangland

Unitree A1 Robot ala Black Mirror and Snow Crash
re: Neal Stephenson

DALL-E Makes Creative Images From Text
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BladeBUG Robots Clean Massive Wind Turbine Blades
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Looms To Manually Weave Lunar Rover Wheels
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IceBot Antarctic (Planetary?) Robotic Explorers Made Of Ice
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Glad 2020 Is Over
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PEDOT Polymer Could Enhance Brain-Machine Interfaces
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Study: Robots Encourage Humans To Take Risks
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Kinetic Buildings And Psychotropic Houses
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Jupe Urban Escape Pods Have Tesla, SpaceX Roots
re: Clifford Simak

Best Robot Dance Video Of 2020
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Vertical Farm In Singapore's Output Is 1.5 Tons Per Day
re: Pohl and Kornbluth

3D Printed 'Blisk' Manufactured In Orbit
re: Arthur C. Clarke

Comercial Airlock 'Bishop' Now On ISS
re: John Jacob Astor

Space Station Could Use Some Martian Sawgrass
re: George O. Smith

ARTUu AI Copilot For USAF
re: George Lucas

Smellicopter Combines Live Moth Antenna With Mechanical Drone
re: Philip K. Dick

Kyosho Velociraptor Robot Future Of Combat Robots
re: Various

Arches Of Chaos: Jovian Space Manifolds Create A Celestial Autobahn
re: Edmond Hamilton

New Material Absorbs and Stores Solar Energy
re: L. Sprague de Camp

First Boring Passenger Station In Las Vegas
re: Isaac Asimov



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