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Device Name Book/Story Author Date
D-9 Motherspinner - that's a big spider The Golden Globe Varley  1998
Daily Schedule (DS) - intelligent day planner The Dosadi Experiment Herbert  1977
Dainties - tasty spheres Prelude to Foundation Asimov  1988
Dark Vapor Bubble Man-Jewels for Xothar Wells  1936
Darkdawn City - the venue is musical Dying of the Light Martin  1977
Darkness Bomb - infra-infra-infra fluorescence! The Mightiest Machine Campbell  1934
Darknet Farm - augmented farm reality Freedom Suarez  2010
Dashboard TV The Chromium Fence Dick  1955
Data Goggles - immerse yourself in the matrix Snow Crash Stephenson  1992
Data Haven - an alternative web host Islands in the Net Sterling  1988
Data Space True Names Vinge  1981
Data Tiles - panes of data Minority Report (Movie) Spielberg  2002
Datacase - a status-thin briefcase for electronics Heretics of Dune Herbert  1984
Data-Net The Shockwave Rider Brunner  1975
Datapack - portable DRAM Dune: House Harkonnen Herbert  2001
Data-Retrieval Mode - data recovery for brains The Shockwave Rider Brunner  1975
Data-Retrieval Programs - ferrets, hounds, foxes and badgers Earth Brin  1990
Dataset A Fire Upon The Deep Vinge  1992
Dattoo Mariposa Bear  2009
Datumplane Hyperion Simmons  1989
DC Mini - psychotherapist dream tool Paprika Kon  2007
Deadman's Device Shadowspeer Clayton  1990
Death Bath The Revolt of the Machines Schachner (w. AL Zagat)  1931
Death Projector The Stolen Mind Staley  1930
Death Star - that's no moon Star Wars Lucas  1976
Death-Beam Crashing Suns Hamilton  1928
Death-Rattle The Unreconstructed M Dick  1957
Death-rattle File The Zap Gun Dick  1965
Death-Ray The World Masters Griffith  1903
Death-Reversal Equipment The Age of The Pussyfoot Pohl  1966
De-atomizing Ray - a disintegration beam Crashing Suns Hamilton  1928
Deceleration Chambers The Storm van Vogt  1943
Deceleration Paste - antidote for deceleration trauma Schismatrix Sterling  1985
Decibel Alarms - shhh! we're protesting A Bridle for Pegasus McCaffrey  1973
Decorative Implant - gadget surgery Babel-17 Delany  1966
Deep Thought - second largest computer The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Adams  1979
Deep-Radar Ringworld Engineers Niven  1980
Deep-Space - my dwelling place Triplanetary Smith  1934
Deflector The Ethical Equations Leinster  1945
Deflector Shield Star Wars Lucas  1976
Defuser Moxyland Beukes  2008
Dekon Type DCQ - radiation decontamination Subspace Explorers Smith  1965
Delayed Action Stereoscopic Principle Methuselah's Children Heinlein  1941
Deliverator Car - pizza on the edge Snow Crash Stephenson  1992
Delphi Pool The Shockwave Rider Brunner  1975
Demagnitizing Ray The Lord of Labour Griffith  1911
Dental Switchboard - tongue switching The Stars My Destination Bester  1956
Dentata - anti-rape device worn internally Snow Crash Stephenson  1992
Depilatory Soap Gravy Planet Pohl (w/CM Kornbluth)  1952
Deposition (3D Printing) Assassin Hogan  1978
Dermadisk Neuromancer Gibson  1984
Dermal Spray Dr. Futurity Dick  1960
Dermal-Mist Spray Prominent Author Dick  1954
Desert Cabbage Red Planet Heinlein  1949
Designed Bacteria - purposive genetic modification Seeds of Dusk Gallun  1937
Designer Eyes Blade Runner Scott  1982
Desk (Personal Computer) Ender's Game Card  1985
Desk Secretary The Long Result Brunner  1963
Desktop Flat Panel Intercom The Shape of Things To Come Wells  1936
Desktop-TV Factoring Humanity Sawyer  1998
Detectophone - machine translation of language Ralph 124c 41 + Gernsback  1911
Deviatoscope The Emperor of the Stars Schachner (w. AL Zagat)  1931
Device Replication The Man in the Maze Silverberg  1969
Dew Gatherers Dune Herbert  1965
Dewlog The Traitor von Rachen  1941
Diabological Armory Diabologic Russell  1955
Diagnostat The Man in the Maze Silverberg  1969
Diagnostic Sleeve - smarter than a BP cuff Gripping Hand Niven (w/J. Pournelle)  1993
Diaheliper The Morning of the Day They Did It White  1950
Diamagnetic Levitation The Currents of Space Asimov  1962
Diaspar Memory - everyone gets a copy The City and the Stars Clarke  1956
Dictatel God Emperor of Dune Herbert  1981
Didge-Ital - Islands in the Net Sterling  1988
Digger Worm - mining robot With Friends Like These Willis  1985
Digital Ink License Plate Daemon Suarez  2009
Digital Paper Pad KOP Hammond  2007
Digital Running Shoes - just measure it Islands in the Net Sterling  1988
Dime Disk - data storage The Best of all Possible Wars Niven  1998
Dimensino - alien entertainment center Time is the Simplest Thing Simak  1961
Dimension Shifting Apparatus Cosmic Quest Hamilton  1936
Dimensoscope - see into new dimensions The Fifth-Dimension Catapult Leinster  1931
Diptray This Immortal Zelazny  1966
Dirac Transmitter (also Tranceiver or Communicator) - instant communication Cities in Flight Blish  1957
Direct Interface - cut NaturallySpeaking out of the loop Steel Beach Varley  1992
Directional Ticket - the ticket guides you Foundation Asimov  1951
Directrix Z9M9Z Gray Lensman Smith  1942
Dirigible Space Armor (Working Space Suits) Collision Orbit Williamson  1941
Dirt-Farming The End of the Line Schmitz  1951
Dirtside Starman Jones Heinlein  1953
Disabler The Human Blend Foster  2010
Discorporaphone Babel-17 Delany  1966
Discorporate Sector Babel-17 Delany  1966
Disease Circuit Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Dick  1968
Disintegrator Edison's Conquest of Mars Serviss  1898
Disintegrator Plate Ray The Revolt of the Machines Schachner (w. AL Zagat)  1931
Disintegrator Ray (Dis Ray) Armageddon: 2419 A.D. Nowlan  1928
Disinto - a disintegrating ray Robot AL-76 Goes Astray Asimov  1941
Diskoid Slaves of Mercury Schachner  1932
Disney Therapy Steel Beach Varley  1992
Dispensing Tooth - remember the tooth! Dune Herbert  1965
Disperser - back off Sagramanda Foster  2006
Displacement Booth - instant transport via teleportation Flash Crowd Niven  1972
Display-Induced Epileptic Seizure - you looked, you looked Press Enter Varley  1984
Disposal-Safe Exploration Team Leinster  1956
Disruptor Bomb The Man in the Maze Silverberg  1969
Disruptor Tube (Disruptor Ray) - pale beam of destruction The Emperor of the Stars Schachner (w. AL Zagat)  1931
Distrans - talk to the animals Dune Herbert  1965
Ditto Blank - mindless android Kiln People Brin  2002
Diveskin - wetsuit for the deep rift Starfish Watts  1999
Diving Apparatus - scuba diving in the 19th century 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Verne  1875
Dixon Pump Dr. Futurity Dick  1960
DNA Music Storage Year Zero Reid  2012
DNA Publishing Spiral McEuen  2011
DNA Swab Palate The Breach Hill  2020
Dog Pod Grid - aerostat defensive maneuver The Diamond Age Stephenson  1995
Dog Suit - costumes for aliens that work Doorways in the Sand Zelazny  1976
Dolphin's Hands Handicap Niven  1967
Domed Mapviewer Dorsai! Dickson  1960
Dominator The End of the Line Schmitz  1951
Donnersprache Silent Thunder Ing  1991
Doorseal - retain moisture Dune Herbert  1965
Dope Mule Robot - fast delivery in a pinch Heavy Weather Sterling  1994
Dormancy Switch Sparrowhawk Easton  1990
Dornier - VTOL surveillance drone Mona Lisa Overdrive Gibson  1988
Double-Door Vestibule A Journey In Other Worlds Astor IV  1894
Doublethink 1984 Orwell  1948
Dozer - cadge some O2 Earth Brin  1990
Dr. Smile - psychiatrist in a suitcase The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch Dick  1965
Drafting Dan - born before CAD The Door Into Summer Heinlein  1956
Dragonfly Sky-Bike Rendezvous With Rama Clarke  1972
Dray-Fish - harness fish power The Moon Moth Vance  1976
Dream Console - used by he who shapes The Dream Master Zelazny  1966
Dream Park - theme park ancestor Dream Park Niven (w/S. Barnes)  1981
DreamTime Scleral Contact Lenses - VR contact lenses The California Voodoo Game Niven (w/S. Barnes)  1992
Dressing Machine Roll Out the Rolov! Anvil  1953
Dressing Machines The Revolt of the Machines Schachner (w. AL Zagat)  1931
Drinking Bulb - best drinking container The Warriors Niven  1966
Driverless Car The Living Machine Keller  1935
Driverless Drones - AIs assist Halting State Stross  2007
Driverless Taxi The Living Machine Keller  1935
Droid (First Use) Robots of the World! Arise! Wolf  1952
Droid (Star Wars) - lucas trademark Star Wars Lucas  1976
Dromozoa A Planet Named Shayol Smith  1961
Drone Floater Camera - fly and spy Runaway Crichton  1985
Drop Shaft (Neutralization of Inertia) - watch that first step Galactic Patrol Smith  1937
Drop-Capsule The Man in the Maze Silverberg  1969
Dropshaft Deeper Than the Darkness Ellison  1957
Droud - wire your pleasure center Death by Ecstasy Niven  1969
Dumb Matter Accelerando Stross  2005
Dumbler Hothouse Aldiss  1962
Durachrome Honor of the Regiment Laumer  2002
Durite Misfit Heinlein  1939
Dust-Cruiser A Fall of Moondust Clarke  1961
Dustmice - tiny robot detectives Queen of Angels Bear  1990
Dustmote A Deepness in the Sky Vinge  1999
Dustplug - cover your Microsoft slot Count Zero Gibson  1986
Dust-Ski - ski-doo for lunar powder A Fall of Moondust Clarke  1961
Dutch Clock (Time Machine) The Clock That Went Backward Mitchell  1881
DVD/VCR (Entertainment Player) When the Sleeper Wakes Wells  1899

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