Harley S. Aldinger
Books and Stories

Very little seems to be known about this guy.

(From Science Wonder Stories)

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The Heritage of the Earth, Amazing Stories, 1932






Science Fiction in the News:

Spider Flyer Walker Space Suit For Mars Astronauts (5/7/2017)

Anti AI AI Wearable Detects Artificial Voices (5/6/2017)

Drones Will Transform Cities (5/5/2017)

Orbital Space Tourism For $1M (5/4/2017)

Prynt Pocket Prints AR Pix Right In Your Hand (5/3/2017)

3D Printed Stretchable Skin For Robots AND You! (5/2/2017)

Bat Bot Robotic Flapping-Wing Drone (5/1/2017)

NASA's Astronaut Rescue Ball (4/30/2017)

ARM Wants To Build Brain Chips (4/29/2017)

Sky Fence - A Drone-Proof Shield Created Over Prison (4/28/2017)




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