Edgar Bain
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Transactions of Amer Soc for Steel Treating, Amer Soc Steel Treating, 1926






Science Fiction in the News:

Zephyr Solar-Electric Stratospheric Drone (9/9/2019)

Robot Hummingbird Hovers Biomimetically (9/7/2019)

Harvest Water From Air With Sunlight (9/5/2019)

Capitalist Big Brother Co-Opts Regular Big Brother (9/3/2019)

A Floating Cosmodrome (9/1/2019)

First Artificial Memory Formed In Animals (8/29/2019)

Maintain Your Megastructure (8/27/2019)

Venezuelans Teaching Your Self-Driving Car (8/25/2019)

Robothread Robotic Worms Crawling Through Your Brain (8/23/2019)

Vantablack BMW X6 Is Douglas Adams Approved (8/21/2019)




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