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Since Jules Verne wrote his story "Around the World in 80 Days, his fantastic effort has been vastly eclipsed and the world has been circled many times in a greatly reduced time, the latest official record being 351 hours or 15 days of flying time.

Sooner or later, we will be able to travel at the same speed as the rotation of the earth, which being a thousand miles an hour, will permit us to circle the planet in 24 hours.

('Around the World in 24 Hours' by RH Romans)

Mr. Romans in his present story, shows us a way to do so and it is not any more fantastic than Jules Verne's story was a few decades ago. While perhaps fantastic to-day, a human being wilt circle this earth in 24 hours, and people now living will see or read about this exploit, and perhaps take part in it. Select an invention:

Atmospheric Pressure Control Plane
A vessel that flies by creating pockets of high and low pressure. is devoted to the creative inventions of science fiction authors and movie makers. Look for the Science Fiction Invention Category that interests you, the Glossary of Science Fiction Inventions, the Timeline of Science Fiction Inventions, or see what's New.
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