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"One does not have to read science fiction to realize that we, on our tiny speck of a world, are utterly helpless in the face of cosmic occurrences. Suppose the earth shoald some day blithely roll into a poisonous gas nebula. We could not prevent it. We could not protect ourselves from it. We can only take what comes. This may seem a rather pessimistic or fatalistic viewpoint, but it is the truth, and no one can deny that. How could a race of creatures that cannot even control their own weather expect to thwart cosmic forces? It cannot be done.

This tale is realistically presented, and we know you will enjoy every word of it, as the various threads of the plot gradually associate themselves with each other. Here is science, mystery, human nature, common sense, and extravagant fantasy."

('The Menace From Space' by John Edwards)

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