Dr. Hackensaw's Secrets Some Minor Inventions by Clement Fezandie:
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"DOCTOR HACKENSAW has his secrets, but most of our readers make no secret of the fact that they appreciate the doctor's work. The author has the knack - or perhaps we should call it, the quality of helping the doctor present the most extraordinary, wonderful things in such a manner as to make than appear both plausible and passible. Here this ingenious inventor, explains to us some of his comparatively simple inventions, giving us a machine with which to can bread, another to do away with the human typist and even- translator - entirely etc. all useful machines. Still he is dissatisfied so he always goes ahead, ever seeking new improvements. Usually he succeeds. Here is food for thought and experimentation even if the story is humorously told, it is full of interest and new ideas."

('Dr. Hackensaw's Secrets Some Minor Inventions' by Clement Fezandie)

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Automatic Judge
Automatically listens to the plaintiff and defendant and provides a just verdict.

Electric Typewriter
A typewriter that used the power of electricity to strike the letters onto the paper, rather than the finger muscles of the typist.

Vocal Typewriter
A device that accepts spoken dictation and produces printed copy.


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