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Here is an exceedingly interesting story by the author of “The Revolt of the Pedestrians." Dr. Keller has touched a subject which will be of greatest interest to every woman.

('A Biological Experiment' by Dr. David Keller)

Is it possible to propagate the race without fertilisation? In other words, can we raise fatherless children? Biology teaches us that it can be done. We are not at all sure that such a thing may not come about in the future, and while it may not take on such proportions as outlined by the author, still, from a scientific standpoint, it may prove a great experiment.

We urge our male readers to let their female friends read the story. They will not regret having read it. Select an invention:

A device that recorded and played back the thoughts of the user.

Synthetic Babies
A means of gestating eggs to term is found.

Universal Sterilization Law
All young people were sterilized, and replacement people were generated artificially.


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