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by Clifford Simak

Another terrific novel; it has an unusual twist to the hard science fiction premise that machines will get us what we want. Shepherd Blaine, who travels to the stars in his mind, runs into someone (or something) he did not expect: an immortal creature who can unlock a new future for humanity. It was originally published as "The Fisherman".

('Time is the Simplest Thing' (The Fisherman) by Clifford Simak)

Science fiction in the News articles describe real-world events that relate to the ideas and inventions in sf novels and movies. Select a news article:

Deterministic Quantum-State Teleportation Achieved With High Fidelity
   Teleportation, the transfer of quantum states between widely separated atoms, was achieved by different research teams in Austria and the United States.

The Robotic Blanket Project And The Hunting Robe
   The robotic blanket interacts with users; the hunting robe traps them.

Symbiotic Sphere By Space Synapse
   Art and space science combine for earthlings - a cheaper way to visit space is coming.

Be The Soul Of The New Machine
   This tele-operated robot will move along with you as you walk, and let you manipulate objects in a remote environment.

Fracture Putty For Compound Fractures - DARPA
   Clifford Simak thought about this almost fifty years ago; it's about time DARPA tries to make it real.

DARPA's Restorative Injury Repair Dream
   Those guys at DARPA must spend all their spare time reading old 1960's sf novels. Not that I'm knocking it; if you're going to read, you can't do better than Phil Dick, Clifford Simak and Larry Niven.

Stem Cells From Fat May Heal Bones
   A special gel made from a soldier's own stem cells may be able to effect better healing of broken bones.

Veti-Gel Closes Wounds, Starts Healing
   'It's done miracles. It can patch up a smashed and broken body...'- Clifford Simak, 1961.

Fix Michigan Roads, Or Get Hovercars?
   'Dead for many years was the old concept of smooth, hard-surfaced, almost polished highways...'- Clifford Simak, 1961.

Guide A Telepresence Robot With Your Mind
   'The floor was hard and smooth and of a bright blue color and a very easy for him to roll on.' - Clifford Simak, 1961.

XSTAT 30 - Plugs Wounds In 15 Seconds!
   'It's done miracles. It can patch up a smashed and broken body...' - Clifford Simak,

'Living Bandage' For Knee Injuries
   'It can patch up a smashed and broken body.' - Clifford Simak, 1961.

Bees Royal Jelly Helps Wounds Heal Faster
   'An alien drug... used by an insect race.' - Clifford Simak, 1961.

Drones Guided By The Mind Alone
   'His treads left no tracks upon the floor...' - Clifford Simak, 1961.

Bioreactor Helps Legless Frogs Get Their Jump Back
   'An alien drug... Used by an insect race... It can repair bones and organs. It can grow new tissue." - Clifford Simak, 1961 is devoted to the creative inventions of science fiction authors and movie makers. Look for the Science Fiction Invention Category that interests you, the Glossary of Science Fiction Inventions, the Timeline of Science Fiction Inventions, or see what's New.
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Shanghai Guidelines For Humanoid Robots
re: Isaac Asimov

Desktop TARS Robot From Interstellar
re: Christopher Nolan

Robots Can Now Have Smiling Faces With Human Skin
re: James Cameron

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