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by Stanislaw Lem

Wonderful utopian novel by Lem; sleep teaching and robot labor make life easier for the humans.

Science fiction in the News articles describe real-world events that relate to the ideas and inventions in sf novels and movies. Select a news article:

Fabrican - Spray On Clothing
   To change your look, just spray it on. It's clothing in a can - and Stanislaw Lem wrote about it in 1961.

SkyCeiling Big Indoor Sky
   This remarkable product from The Sky Factory is worthy of Hogwarts - and Stanislaw Lem.

Kindle E-Book Reader From Amazon
   Yet another e-book reader, you say? Maybe, but this one has online book powerhouse behind it.

iRex Iliad E-Book Reader AND Writer
   For an alternative to the Amazon Kindle, consider the iLiad device from iRex. No mere reader, it also lets you write all over your ebooks.

Moral Performance Enhancement
   Is it possible for a person to behave better through the use of pharmaceuticals?

SkyV SkyCeiling From The Sky Factory
   Now that we have amazing sky ceilings, it's time to get to work on those vast underground cities I've been reading about.

Google Maps Public Transit Layer
   Google maps has caught up with a sixty-year-old vision of Stanislaw Lem's. Nice going, Google!

Kindle 2 Reads Aloud, As SF Writers Predicted
   The idea of a mechanized 'book reader' or 'news reader' has been around for more than 100 years; take a look at the imaginative works of five sf writers.

Biggest Electronic Book Store On Earth
   I'm a bit late with this story, but then again, so is Barnes and Noble with that whole electronic bookstore idea.

iRex DR800SG E-Reader Has Unlimited 3G Data
   Unlimited 3G data from Verizon make this an interesting entry.

Crystals In Gel For Computer Memory
   Ah, nothing like curling up at night with a good crystal. A data storage crystal containing tens of thousands of volumes, that is.

Time Inc. Digital Magazine Video
   Compare this video of Time's prototype digital magazine with an earlier tongue-in-cheek video of a real-world handheld device.

iPad With VoiceOver Reads Aloud
   It's been an important part of e-readers for almost sixty years.

Amazon Sells More Ebooks Than Hardcovers
   'I spent the afternoon in a bookstore. There were no books in it.'

Fabrican Spray-On T-Shirt Video
   This video recently turned up; Stanislaw Lem nailed this idea almost fifty years ago.

Google Ebookstore - Great Expectations In The Cloud
   A few glitches in the cloud not withstanding, Google's eBookstore is open for business.

Thanks For Being Open Apple, Amazon, Barnes And Noble
   In which the author, a modern-day consumer, has a better-than-sfnal experience in shopping for a book.

Amazon Sells More E-Books Than Books
   Truly mind-boggling development at Amazon.

Smart E-Book System Outperforms Apple iBooks
   Take a look at the video with this article, and decide for yourself whether this is better than the iPad.

Penguin E-Books For Libraries
   Read about it on your iPad.

Hitachi Quartz Glass Memory Lasts Forever
   'The books were crystals with recorded contents.'- Stanislaw Lem, 1961.

First Bookless Public Library?
   'No longer was it possible to browse among shelves, to weigh volumes in hand, to feel their heft, the promise of ponderous reading.'- Stanislaw Lem, 1961.

75 Percent Of Americans Prefer Paper Books!
   'The books were crystals with recorded contents.'- Stanislaw Lem, 1961.

PaperFold Foldable Smartphone
   ' gave me a little plastic book with four fold-outs'- Stanislaw Lem, 1961.

Coleus LED 'Skylight' Dispenses Natural Sunlight Indoors
   'How do they work it so that the sky is visible at every level of the city?'- Stanislaw Lem, 1961.

Data Crystals Offer Eternal Storage
   'The books were crystals with recorded contents...' - Stanislaw Lem, 1961.

Audiobooks - Fastest Growing Format In Publishing
   'The public preferred lectons...' - Stanislaw Lem, 1961.

SunnyFive 'Window' Has Full Spectrum Angled Natural Light
   'On the ceilings are screens.' - Stanislaw Lem, 1961.

Kaleido Color E-Reader Pocketbook Go
   'At a touch, successive pages of the text appeared on it.' Stanislaw Lem, 1961.

Fabrican Dress Sprayed Directly Onto Model On Coperni Runway
   '...that might appeal to women, because by discharging from a few or a few dozen bottles a liquid that immediately set into fabrics... they could have a new creation every time.' - Stanislaw Lem, 1961. is devoted to the creative inventions of science fiction authors and movie makers. Look for the Science Fiction Invention Category that interests you, the Glossary of Science Fiction Inventions, the Timeline of Science Fiction Inventions, or see what's New.
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Cognify - A Prison Of The Mind We've Seen Before In SF
re: Joe Haldeman

Robot With Human Brain Organoid - 'A Thrilling Story Of Mechanistic Progress'
re: Otis Adelbert Kline

Goodness Gracious Me! Google Tries Face Recognition Security
re: Schachner and Zagat

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