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Related to material in A Princess of Mars
by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Science fiction in the News articles describe real-world events that relate to the ideas and inventions in sf novels and movies. Select a news article:

Bytes Restaurant With Touchscreen Ordering
   This modern approach to making food faster meets with customer approval; waiter/waitress bargaining units not so sure.

Automated Restaurant Uses Gravity Feed Rail System
   Nifty gravity feed system eliminates those pesky waiters - should you leave gravity a tip?

e-Menu Interactive Restaurant Menu
   This is a very nicely done implementation of a great idea - you'll think of this one the next time you're wondering 'where is my waiter?'

Let's Pizza Robotic Pizzeria
   More tasty food made by robotic minions is on the way; take a look at the video to see if Let's Pizza meets your standards.

Robotic FuA-Men Fully Automated Ramen Restaurant
   This automated restaurant features an autonomous chef and assistant; ramen has never been cooked so precisely.

Mometum Machines Burgerbot
   'One of these gorgeous eating places where we were served entirely by mechanical apparatus...'- Edgar Rice Burroughs, 1912.

Chowbotics Salad Robot, Sally
   '... gorgeous eating places where we were served entirely by mechanical apparatus.' - Edgar Rice Burroughs, 1912. is devoted to the creative inventions of science fiction authors and movie makers. Look for the Science Fiction Invention Category that interests you, the Glossary of Science Fiction Inventions, the Timeline of Science Fiction Inventions, or see what's New.
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Science Fiction
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Datagrid Model Generation Perfect For Eternal Cities Of Science Fiction
re: Arthur C. Clarke

Kazahk Ironist Protester Arrested For Blank Sign Protest
re: Larry Niven

Bitcoin Surges Again, To $7,000
re: Bruce Sterling

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