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by Charles Stross

Excellent book goes deep into near-future Scotland in layers; the city and its people, the augmented realities anchored thereon, and the virtual worlds hosted in its infrastructure. The story starts with a theft of virtual goods from a very secure virtual bank and proceeds from there.

This novel does the best job of combining virtual worlds and real life of any sf novel I've ever read; for those of you who got tired of this device in the 1980's, rejoice, because Stross got it totally right. Highly recommended book.

Science fiction in the News articles describe real-world events that relate to the ideas and inventions in sf novels and movies. Select a news article:

Google Glasses With Heads Up Display Coming Soon?
   Google certainly has the information network to back up these glasses, and make augmented reality ... a reality.

Avatars To Walk Between Virtual Worlds
   In Hindu theology, avatars can pass freely between worlds; soon, computer avatars may do the same.

Virtual Theft From Habbo Hotel
   When there is a theft of virtal goods in a virtual world, does your avatar spend time in a virtual jail? Interesting tie-in with an excellent new Charles Stross novel.

Momenta PC Lifelog For Most Exciting Moments
   This interesting concept has a neat twist on the lifelog idea.

Transparent Mobile Search - Just Frame The Question
   Fascinating interface design presents an interesting solution to the problem of stating (framing) your search query.

Tactical Ground Reporting System - TIGR By The Tail
   Charles Stross writes about this idea very convincingly, and with lots of good applications, in his most recent novel. Virtual Evidence Warehouse By TASER
   This company seems to be building what Charles Stross called 'CopSpace' and all of the hardware and software needed to store police 'lifelogs' and geospatial analytics.

Spiderbot Self-Healing Networks
   I'm starting to think that if you want an ad hoc network, you need to send in the robots. With video.

FCC Wants Nationwide Wireless Public Safety Network
   The FCC has proposed significant funding for a wireless network for use by police and emergency workers; they might want to read Halting Space to see how to use it.

PocketCop Data Warehouse From Verizon
   Bringing police work into the 21st century.

$200K In Bitcoins Stolen
   Wherever there are hard working gold miners, there are thieves.

Lifebrowser Revists Your Past
   The Lifebrowser - a rear-view mirror for your life.

Google's Project Glass May Augment Your Reality
   How close to production is this kind of product?

Google Glass: The Next Big Platform?
   Will you be buying these in 2014?

AXON Flex And Stross' Cop Specs
   'Arriving on SOC... Start evidence log." [E]verything you see on duty goes into the black box.'- Charles Stross, 2007.

Seattle Police Body Cams, Ala Stross, Ala Dick
   'Let's hear it for the vague blur!'- Philip K. Dick, 1977.

Ready For Your Halting State Driverless Drone Future?
   'You hate the whole idea that some bored drone pusher in a remote driving centre has got your life... in his hands.' - Charles Stross, 2007.

3RDiTEK Lifeblogging Headband Camera
   'It's logging anyway - everything you see on duty goes into the black box.' - Charles Stross, 2007.

Uber's Robotics Plans Could Use Advice From SF Authors
   'He was expecting disconsolately to be carted by the machine off to the nearest police station...' - Charles Stross, 2007.

North Focals Smart Glasses Provide Augmented Reality In Style
   'The world ... is drenched in unfamiliar information all the way to the horizon.' - Charles Stross, 2007.

Einride Remote Operator Controls Multiple Vehicles
   '...some bored drone pusher in a remote driving centre has got your life - and half a dozen other lives - in his hands.' - Charles Stross, 2007.

5G Will Be Crucial Backup For Self-Driving Cars
   '... some bored drone pusher in a remote driving centre has got your life in his hands.' - Charles Stross, 2007 is devoted to the creative inventions of science fiction authors and movie makers. Look for the Science Fiction Invention Category that interests you, the Glossary of Science Fiction Inventions, the Timeline of Science Fiction Inventions, or see what's New.
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Flatcat Robot Recalls Both Heinlein And Simak
re: Robert Heinlein

Nuclear Batteries May Pack Inner Punch
re: Edmond Hamilton

Elon Musk STILL Wants To Make Heinlein's 1940's Speedster
re: Robert Heinlein

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