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Raymond Z. Gallun (rhymes with "balloon") was born in rural Wisconsin in 1910. He attended one year of college at the University of Wisconsin, then left to travel in Europe. He started writing science fiction in 1929; he attained widespread recognition with Old Faithful in 1934. Along with John W. Campbell, he did as much as anyone to help science fiction evolve from crude pulp stories to interesting literature. He died in 1994.
Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Self-Guided Rocket Bullets

The Planet Strappers (1961)

Self-Sealing Plastic

Asteroid of Fear (1951)

Space Bubble (Bubb)

The Planet Strappers (1961)

Space Men - first use of this term

Revolt of the Star Men (1932)

Space-Armor - armored protection

Revolt of the Star Men (1932)


Revolt of the Star Men (1932)


The Planet Strappers (1961)

Sun-Powered Ionic Drive Motor

The Planet Strappers (1961)

Ultra-microrobot - small as an insect

A Menace in Miniature (1937)

Vision Tubes

The Scarab (1936)

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