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Leslie Francis Stone Silberberg (b. 1905 - d. 1991) was an American writer who began publishing science fiction in 1929. She remained active in the field for the next decade, publishing about twenty stories.

(Leslie F. Stone)

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Annihilator Beam
A deadly ray that literally dissolved matter!

The Conquest of Gola (1931)

Attractor - come hither and stay still
A beam capable of holding objects motionless, as well as adjusting their position.

The Conquest of Gola (1931)

Matter Transmitter - ride the beam
Device which causes a physical object to disappear from one place and reappear in another.

The Conquest of Gola (1931)

Mechanical Thought Transformers
Machinery to expedite the process of thought transfer.

The Conquest of Gola (1931)

Object-Finder Beam
A unique device that projected a beam that found what you wanted.

The Conquest of Gola (1931)

Familiar name for our own sun.

Out of Void (1929)

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