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Alastair Preston Reynolds (b. 1966) UK writer who has also worked as a physicist and astronomer notably 1991-2004 at the Netherlands European Space Research and Technology Centre, a division of the European Space Agency an experience that strongly informs his work. His first published story was "Nunivak Snowflakes" for Interzone in June 1990. See also his collaborations: Alastair Reynolds (w/S Baxter).
Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Computational Textile
Wearable computer sensors.

Pushing Ice (2005)

Flexy (or Flexies)
A flexible, quasi-living computer.

Pushing Ice (2005)

A genetic chimera of pig and human.

Redemption Ark (2002)

Sprayrock - tough when it hardens
Special compound that can be sprayed onto a surface, that hardens into rock.

Pushing Ice (2005)

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