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Max Valier (b. 1895 - d. 1930) was an Austrian rocketry pioneer, experimentalist, test pilot and writer. He was fascinated by Hermann Oberth's work, and published both fiction and non-fiction on rockets and space travel.

He was killed when an an alcohol-fuelled rocket exploded on his test bench.

Valier piloted the world's first rocket-plane in experiments conducted by Fritz von Opel. Shown here is the Sangar Rak. I on September 30th, 1929.

(Max Valier pilots first rocket plane)

(Max Valier)

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Braking Disks
Used when the ship is falling through a planetary atmosphere.

A Daring Trip To Mars (1931)

Filling Station Moon
The idea that Man could first go to the Moon to obtain fuel or propellant.

A Daring Trip To Mars (1931)

Iron Inlay Plates
Works perfectly with an electromagnetic table to maintain place settings.

A Daring Trip To Mars (1931)

Ozone Radiation Shield
Filling the gap between the inner and outer hull with ozone.

A Daring Trip To Mars (1931)

Selenium Photo-Electric Televisor
A specialized photo-electric cell.

A Daring Trip To Mars (1931)

Ship's Telescope
A large telescope built into the main axis of the ship.

A Daring Trip To Mars (1931)

Solar Power Apparatus
An ingenious device to gather solar energy, melt water, power a turbine and get hydrogen and oxygen fuel from ice.

A Daring Trip To Mars (1931)

Space Madness
The monotony of space travel could drive you crazy.

A Daring Trip To Mars (1931)

Trans-Oceanic Rocket Ship
Rocket-propelled airplanes making short work of long trips on Earth.

Berlin to New York in One Hour (1930)

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