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Henry Kuttner (b. 1915 - d. 1958) was an American writer, married to C.L. Moore from 1940 until his death; his childhood interest in Weird Tales early led him to correspond with H P Lovecraft and others. His first sale to the magazine was a poem, "Ballad of the Gods", in February 1936, followed by "The Graveyard Rats" (March 1936 Weird Tales).

(Henry Kuttner)

He collaborated with his wife C.L. Moore using the name Lewis Padgett.

"BORN in Los Angeles on April 7th, 1915. Have been viewing life with rapidly growing enthusiasm ever since. Consistently flunked math and Latin all through high school, but eventually graduated tastefully clad in a sky-blue cap and gown. Worked for a time in a bookshop, but wasnít notably successful, as I spent most of the day reading instead of selling books.

When Iíve finished a yarn I always find myself in the midst of large heaps of reference papers, books, magazines, ashes, and shed rattlesnake skins. I have never been able to figure out where the snake skins come from.

Chief ambition: to indulge my phenomenal laziness to the utmost. Things I like: weird stories, cats, rare roast beef, Thorne Smith, Laurel and Hardy, Spanish brandy. Things I donít like: exercise, Henry Kuttner milk, crowds, traffic, traveling, centipedes, Gerry Carlyle."

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Seoul Self-Driving 42dot Bus Unveiled
   'Buses without drivers moved close to the curb and stopped at intervals.' - Henry Kuttner, 1946.
CAVForth Autonomous Bus Of Scotland
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