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Robert Silverberg (b. 1935) in Brooklyn, NY, is a remarkably prolific author and winner of multiple Hugo and Nebula awards. He began submitting stories to science fiction magazines in his early teens. He received an A.B. degree in English Literature in 1956.

Science fiction in the News articles describe real-world events that relate to the ideas and inventions in sf novels and movies. Select a news article:

EyeBall: Omni-Directional Smart Eye Sensor Update
   O.D.F. Optronics has created a small spherical sensor called the EyeBall that can transmit a 360 degree "omni-directional" image and can hear everything within a twenty-five meter area.
Throwbot - Pocket-Sized Recon Robot
   Redstone Arsenal is developing the Throwbot, a soda can-sized robot to aid soldiers in quickly gathering more information about their immediate environment.
Micro Spacecraft To Explore Planets
   NASA and The Aerospace Corporation of El Segundo, CA are preparing to flight test 'micro spacecraft' as early as 2006. Robert Silverberg gave a pretty good description in 1969.
Knife-Wielding Robot With X-Ray Vision
   At great expense, this robot has been given sensors to tell just exactly where the ribs are, where the legs are and of course where the shoulders are.
RFID Sensor Tag Shower For Disasters
   A snowstorm of RFID tags could help save lives in a disaster.
Stereo Omnidirectional System Intelligent Wheelchair
   No blind spots and 360 degree vision - this wheelchair sees it all.
PongSats - Tiny 'Satellites' At Space's Edge
   Excellent program allows amateurs to send their experiments aloft.
Robot 'Minister' Performs Wedding Ceremony
   In South Korea, your dream wedding can be engineered precisely to your specifications.
Khanty Mansiysk Siberia Tower Of Glass
   Ambitious glass tower under construction in Siberia reminds me of an earlier effort by Robert Silverberg.
Rapid Deployment Integrated Surveillance System (RDISS)
   Quickly deployed surveillance is a must in Iraq.
I-Ball Grenade Cam Just Lob And View
   Unique surveillance device can be tossed, lobbed or even grenade launched; it sends back 360 degree views.
Human Cities Are Similar To The Human Neocortex
   Interesting study correlates the structure of cities and the highways that serve them with the neocortex and its structures.
I-Fairy Robot Minister Performs Wedding Ceremony
   This is not, as claimed, the first wedding ceremony performed by a robot. However, the wedding video might make roboticists cry.
CamBall Smallest Personal Camcorder
   Yes, but can you drop them from orbit?
Robots With Knives 3, Irregularly Shaped Meat 0
   This HAMDAS-R robot is the latest in bots with knife-wielding skills; can you name any others?
Texas Couple Married By Computer
   'Do you take this woman as your lawfully wedded wife Y/N?'
Firefly Cameras Shot From Grenade Launcher
   How about one launched from space?
Throw This Panoramic Ball Camera!
   Let's hope that it proves possible to manufacture this camera at a price at which we can afford it.
Sensorbot Robotic Bubble Swarm For Ocean Exploration
   'Sensor swarms operating autonomously could function in complex, harsh, and remote environments.'
Physical Exam? We've Got Apps
   See the future of handheld, personal medical devices used with your smartphone.
Robots Converse, But Should They Count In A Minyan?
   'This is the morning everyone has waited for, when at last the robot cardinal is to be elected Pope...'- Robert Silverberg, 1971.
Flock Of Minisats Will Image The Earth
   'We... dropped roughly a thousand eyes on Beta Hydri IV.'- Robert Silverberg, 1969.
Minister Wants To Convert Artificial Intelligences To Christianity
   'Getting to his feet he crossed the waiting room to the Padre booth...'- Philip K. Dick, 1969.
Cicada UAV Dropped In Swarms
   'We... dropped roughly a thousand eyes on Beta Hydri IV.'- Robert Silverberg, 1969.
The Eye Is Watching! Samsung Gear 360 Camera
   'It scooped up the eye that had been witnessing its activities.' - Robert Silverberg, 1969.
Arctic Cities Crumble As Permafrost Melts
   'The tapes stretch several kilometers in each direction.' - Robert Silverberg, 1970.
Humans Use Mental Power For Turtle Slavery
   Now we need to start looking for animals with fingers...
Sky Fence - A Drone-Proof Shield Created Over Prison
   'There’s still a protective field over the whole thing. It volatilizes anything that tries to get through.' - Robert Silverberg, 1969.
BlessU-2 Robot Priest Celebrates 500th Reformation Anniversary
   'at last the robot cardinal is to be elected Pope.' - Robert Silverberg,
Melting Permafrost Endangers Infrastructure
   'From the tower's huge octagonal base radiate wide silvery strips...' - Robert Silverberg, 1970.
Forward CarePod The AI Doctor's Office
   'It's an old model,' Rawlins said. 'I'm not sure what to do.'



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