The Twonky

A robotic device from the future, constructed to look like a 1940's radio cabinet. (Read the full article)

"What a great story. Read it in the 60's as a kid and still remember it well. I want one!!"
( 1/3/2007 10:38:32 PM )
"Made into a film with Hans Conreid. IMDB for further details."
( 1/10/2007 11:02:19 AM )
"I am terribly worried because of the similarity between, 1. NAME USUFRUCTS (illegal since WW 2) SUCH AS PEN NAMES; 2. THE SAME PROBLEM WITH REGARD TO LEWIS CARROLL AND DODGESON; 3. WHO WERE PADGETT AND CARROLL? WHERE ARE THEY NOW? It is an intellectual criminals' and a plagiarisers' world, so that's a personal worry. Ok? (What have they done to E. A. POE? TO THE BRONTE SISTERS?) I mean to say it also in regard to EVE in SPECIES and NATASHA HENSTRIDGE WHO PESTERED ME WHEN I WAS BOY ABOUT BEING EVE IN A NEW BODY. Lastly. Is there a shadow of a doubt to the effect that ALICE, Dodgeson's bookish heroine, had been perhaps forcefully held underground by someone like himself for some reason? Would he get to write ALICE IN WONDERLAND thereafter? Plus that reminds me of my personal difficulty with reincarnation (extra lives)in relation to The Kampusches. However I've decided NOT to bow down to pressures from Bob and Yoko, Mick, and others. I won't lend them my support any more. I got hurt by them regarding such dark archival matters. "
(MARK. 5/18/2008 11:28:50 AM )

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