Asteroid Mine

The practice of seeking out and mining asteroids for their ore. (Read the full article)

"In my book THE BELT, the mining operations in the Kuiper Belt use nuclear-powered plasma drilling moles to bore out the tunnels and mine the materials. The material can be loaded into cargo ships and flown to the inner planets or placed in powered containers and sent through field acceleration stations so that rocks mined in the Kuiper Belt can arrive in earth-orbitting factories like the one in Geosynch One in a matter of minutes. It might be best to mine the materials in the Belt and process them there in factory stations. In the future, entire manufacturing plants could be built out in the Belt and the products shipped back to the inner planets or out to other planets like Ortasia and its allies. Robots will do most of the work with humans either physically supervising or mentally supervising by using Experiencable Program Units to allow them to electronically experience the work being done without subjecting themselves to danger. Two of the main character in THE BELT become asteroid mine owners and the first multi-trillionaires in the system. One large planetoid could make one so rich that his descendants would never need to work but could live off of the income generated. We will need the space stations Yukon, Siberia, Tibet, Patagonia, and maybe Antarctica to patrol the Belt and keep it from becoming a lawless territory worst than the Old West ever was. In future books that I may write you see what could happen in the Kupier Belt over 350 years in the future. "
(Rick Badman 12/30/2006 4:02:10 PM )
"What is your book based on, do u think its a likely reality."
(L L 1/26/2007 1:33:24 AM )
"okay and decent imformation but the minute amount of imformation "
( 11/7/2007 9:06:46 PM )
"How does this help me? I don't think it does!"
(Hugo 3/17/2008 2:04:45 AM )

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