Teleoperated Robot Surrogate

A robot that is entirely controlled remotely by a person who sees with the point of view of the robot. (Read the full article)

"umm ... is the link for the 'intouch medical robot' supposed to loop directly back to the 'teleoperated robot' page? by the way, this is a great site for my research, even if its taken me literally days to scroll through every single listed item plus its additional links for my Uni design project, not come across another site thats anywhere near as useful or indepth, dont know where you found the time to do it all! keep up the good work! Charlii (UK) xx"
(Charlilu 10/20/2008 12:30:45 PM )
"Sorry, I forgot to add the link to the inTouch robot; I think I've fixed it. Thanks for pointing out the error, and thanks for your kind words, Charlii. If you have a moment, I'm curious about your project - I'm glad I could help."
(Bill Christensen 10/21/2008 1:46:28 PM )
"lol - totally forgot where i left that comment, only just recognised the link! yeah - im a final year 'Theatre, Performance and Event' Design student and for this project im designing for a totally make-believe event/exhibition show-casing the inventions that have evolved from sci-fi origins. as well as a section on 10 of the groundbreaking authors. so im designing and model-making the different areas ie - Military/Surveillance, Space Tech/Robotics, Lifestyle etc, Media/computers and Communications, Medical/biology related, In Development, and a long list of 'Household' names which includes abit of everything really thats in common use today. ive narrowed it down to just over 300 from ur list, though had to chase up every entry and links - including the LAMINATED MOUSE BRAINS that i was sure would be a dead-end - so i was shocked at results!! so like i said 3-4weeks of searching through, and organising my list, and tweking it here and there. the only comprehensive site that i've come across is this one - saying that after i found this one i didnt really bother trying to find another!! i love sci-fi but never really read any of the old stuff, but i think i might try and find a couple as they sound great from the quotes! i added a comment to the 'magnetic rail' entry - i dont know if its of any use. Do you know EVERY book off by heart? haha - you've found a quote for everything that you seem to instinctively know thats come from sci-fi! incredible!! thanks again for the heavy supply of info!!! Cx"
(Charlii 11/4/2008 6:45:55 PM )
"You're welcome. If you know of any references that I don't have here, feel free to add them using the contact form."
(Bill Christensen 11/6/2008 5:58:09 AM )

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