Mood Organ

A device which allows you to dial the mood you would like to have. (Read the full article)

"I am inspired to develop this; music soothes the savage beast etc. To avoid patent complexities it will be the Penfold Mood Organ (Cripes D.M.) You read it here first! R.M."
(Richard Morris 11/15/2004 12:40:48 PM )
"No such device shall exist while I'm still around. -God"
(God 1/10/2006 7:48:09 AM )
"["No such device shall exist while I'm still around. -God"] Chill out, Bonzo."
(Bubba 2/8/2006 6:25:46 PM )
"I don't know if was intentional, but the name Penfield could refer to Dr. Wilder Penfield, a pioneer in the study of the human brain. He first discovered that the brain contains maps or "homunculi" of the body in sensory and motor areas."
(ThomasWillis 5/14/2006 7:56:36 AM )
"Here's another quote: 'So I left the TV sound off and I sat down at my mood organ and I experimented. And I finally found a setting for despair… So I put it on my schedule for twice a month; I think that's a reasonable amount of time to feel hopeless about everything...' How much time do you set aside each month for specific moods?"
(Bill Christensen 11/2/2007 11:56:13 AM )

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