Space Travel

Human movement through outer space. (Read the full article)

"Obviously not having read the story, I would assume the speaker was a race already born and rasied on Neptune. Back in the 1920s, it was an easy thing to speculate life on our neighboring planets, since that's all the general public knew about then. Pluto hadn't even been discovered then. Never mind thousands of entire galaxies!"
(Joey1058 1/30/2010 8:57:45 PM )
"I listened in some anguish Tuesday, November 18th, as you struggled in a Capitol Hill forum with the requirements of the oft-toted “new space vision” for the US. Everyone shouts impossible ideas at you, each one delivered with strident firm conviction. Yet you know that at a time when Congress signs off $87 billion for Iraq and Afghanistan, NASA’s total annual funding is unlikely to increase to much more than its current level of $15 billion, so any new vision must be promulgated within realistic financial constraints. Easy Travel "
(smartbrains 7/4/2010 10:14:45 PM )
(smartbrains 7/4/2010 10:16:15 PM )

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