Freedom Machine

A birth control device developed using nanotechnology. (Read the full article)

"More like a Slavery Machine. Yet another device that would continue to reduce women to nothing more than a sex object for men. "
(Russ 10/25/2004 11:31:51 AM )
""Slavery Machine"? "Freedom" really is the better word. Such a machine would free women from having to have children when they cannot raise them or do not want to. I suppose you think all contraceptives make women sex objects? Go to the Third World, where contraceptives, family planning, etc. are scarce or non-existent. See the infant mortality, the diseases, the poverty. That's what that kind of technology frees people from. Hell, talk to a teenage mother from the FIRST WORLD. Yes, it's possible to manage, even be happy, but it's hard (I know someone very well who has gone through that), and women should not have to be forced into that. Please don't talk about what enslaves women when you don't even know what on Earth you're talking about. *As a side note, ALL technology frees people from the patterns and difficulties imposed by them on nature. Contraceptives, real or science-fictional, are no exception."
(Hraxi 10/26/2005 6:43:03 PM )
"Good points, Hraxi. Some people out there assume that saying "no, because if we do it tonight then I'd get pregnant" is the only way a woman can refuse sex and that saying it always works. IRL sometimes refusing sex some other way does work and sometimes saying "no, because if we do it tonight then I'd get pregnant" doesn't work. "
( 12/3/2005 2:38:34 PM )

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