Digital Running Shoes

Shoes with a digital readout showing performance. (Read the full article)

"Check out - they have a new shoe coming out at"
( 5/6/2004 5:49:00 AM )
"You are my saving grace!!! About 4 years ago my husband and I were running 2 miles 3 times a week before we moved to Wickenburg, AZ. My legs and back had started to bother me and our middle daughter, who is a runner, took one look at my shoes and said, "Mom the life span of your shoes is over!" I asked her, "How many miles can a 140lb. person get out of a pair of athletic shoes?" She didn't know but she knew my shoes were shot! So that day I went to Lady Foot Locker and asked the same question. No one knew the answer. That night I actually dreamed about "Distance Shoes." In the inside arch near the heel was a pedometer that you can see on both shoes through the clear air pocket. The right shoe has a permanent pedometer to show you when the life span of your shoe is up and the left shoe's you can reset to keep track of each run, walk or hike. Along with the shoes you got a credit card that told how far at a certain weight, starting at 100lbs.and going up in 10 to 15lb. increments, the shoe could travel and still support you. It would also show you the number of calories burned at the end of the shoes life span. But it didn't end there, for repeat buyers they would swipe your card to get a $25 discount. Well, I just couldn't shake my idea and after hiking Havasupia and everyone I was with wanted to know how far we hiked I thought I'd better get with it and try to get a pair of my shoes in the works. So I wrote Nike and mailed them a copy of my idea. The original I had notarized and mailed to myself. Don't know if that can help me or not but I tried. Nike sent back my idea and said to get a patent. I really didn't know what to do so time passed and after my next hike and everyone again wanting to know how far we'd hiked I got on line and punched in and got Invent-Tech. Well, of course they LOVED my idea and wanted $845 to do a research portfolio. Then it would probably be another 8 to 10 thousand $ to proceed onto getting a patent. Well, I saw "red flags" all over their paper work and called our lawyer. He gave me two patent attorney firms in Phoenix. I spent a day visiting with one of them and they want $1250 to do a patent search just to see if there's something like my distance shoes out there. If it's rejected, for more money, they rewrite it and resubmit. So the game begins. If the patent office finally says they're pretty sure something like that doesn't exist they need $9,000 to get started on trying to get a patent. The firm said that we wouldn't hear anything for about 12 to 14 months and then it's almost always rejected at least once. So there are more costs. Invent-Tech said they did a market analysis and didn't find anything out on the market like my shoes. I found out about the Adidas 1 from a newspaper article that my sister just sent me on Friday. After researching news articles there are ideas like mine out there. I just wish I had a pair. Though, my shoes you can read the steps taken through the clear air pocket, figure your mileage, clear your left shoe and start again. Where are these shoes? There are quite a few people in Wickenburg, AZ, I hike with who would also love a pair. People I've told my idea to ask me all the time if I've done anything with it. I was moving in that direction but after reading your article I now know that adidas has something like it. To get a patent your idea has to be novel. Thank you for the information. Patsy :)"
(Patsy Workman 5/16/2004 7:44:03 PM )
"sweet website ...... "
(Robyn 4/3/2006 7:55:26 AM )
"Have you seen a product called the Shoe Odometer? It does what you are talking about."
(Runcoach40 3/24/2010 9:13:38 AM )

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