To understand fully; become one with (from the Martial verb "to drink"). (Read the full article)

"I believe Heinlein borrowed the word "grok" from Arabic. In arabic the verb garaka means to be immersed or to drown. "
(Joel Hardin 7/14/2004 8:17:15 AM )
"I thought "grok" meant water not to drink but w/e."
(David Savage 1/30/2005 10:38:49 PM )
"Remember, that it can not be placed into the human language. You can only grok it's fulness when the fulness has been reached."
(Badger 1/12/2006 10:34:34 AM )
"And he may have borrowed it; however, it appears that the new meaning has roots deeper than this Earth. Perhaps Jupiter or the area cubed from here to Alpha Centauri... Somewhere around there, but you get the idea. "
(Badger 1/12/2006 10:36:41 AM )

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