Meat (protein) that is produced apart from an animal; great steaks without rumination. (Read the full article)

"perhaps someday we will have to clone our own flesh to eat...a cannibal world..."
( 6/9/2004 8:45:02 PM )
"I'm a vegetarian and this would be JUST the thing for me. I expect to see it within my lifetime."
( 1/1/2006 6:17:56 AM )
"I'm a vegeterian too, and i might like this. tofu still rocks, though!
(I'm really curious about this; I wonder if the main argument against "flesh" eating is that you must kill an animal to get it. If you didn't need to kill an animal, would it be okay for vegetarians? "Back in the day" (ie, the sixties and seventies) I knew a lot of very philosophically committed vegetarians...
(ndesi62 2/12/2006 9:51:16 AM )
"To push the ethical bounds just a bit; if the objection to eating meat, eggs, dairy is the need to kill or exploit another conscious being capable of feeling pain or realizing its situation, what about eating cultured flesh from a being capable of giving its flesh in a non-exploitative manner, AND capable of giving its unequivocal, conscious consent? Namely, cultured meat from humans? Next: how about cultured meat which you yourself have donated the DNA? How could anyone (at least from a libertarian perspective) ethically object to you eating meat you've grown from yourself? One more twist: how long before famous chefs along with geneticists create totally synthetic tissue cultures with totally original flavors not tied to traditional animal tastes? Or combine faunal muscle tissue DNA with fungal, bacterial or algae combos, either directly or in symbiotic communities (like lichen)? This really deserves more than one comment per year."
(Disgustedandamused 7/1/2007 7:10:26 PM )
"Yes, this item does deserve more than one comment per year; I'm working on a better way to help people make comments. If you want to think about it as a forum, the Technovelgy site is a forum with 2,300 different topics and who knows how many threads, all going at once - slowly!"
(Bill Christensen 7/2/2007 8:17:18 AM )

More info on Pseudoflesh

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