A device which extracted moisture from the air for use in farming. (Read the full article)

"It Could Be Made To Work. It Would Probably Work Like A Badly Set Refrigerator. I.E. One That Has Been Left Turned On Full And With The Door Left Open. Wich Is Not The Same As An Air Conditioner. It Could Be Solar Powered. You would Need To Get Rid Of The Heat From The Heat Exchanger Some Distance from The Unit though Or Dump The Heat Strait Down Into An Insulated Heat Sump Or Heat Store To Be used For Other Purposes Such As Night Heating Or Even To Generate Electricity Thru The Use Of A Stirling Heat Engine Powered Generator Or Even Thermo Couples Or Both. "
(Christopher Thomas 11/8/2005 6:20:13 AM )
"In the webcomic freefall, the humans are terraforming the planet and since the planet lacks water, they add water by de orbiting comets into the atmosphere of the planet. Since the freefall universe appears to be set 100-200 years in the future, I wonder why no one bothered to Terraform Tatooine. Even if the Tatooine system was bone dry they could import a few comets"
(Vince 10/4/2008 5:19:07 AM )
"They don't do it cause the HUT run the place, and that's a big expensive operatiopn, when they can continue to profit from dealing with things as they are right now. the hut are profit minded, but not very long term minded. Peletier junction devices are too0 inefficent at present, but it could be done if they could improve efficency. The base pedistal is a stainless steel holding tank, on a broad flat foot. this prevents tipping, even in wind. The LOWEST part of the assembly is a flared cone to catch the condensate and run it down and out to the rim of the tank, where the collection holes let it trip through the top of the tank into it. The wall extends above the top, so the condensate cannot escape. Above this is the condenser; air blows in and up through this, it's moisture condensing on it's cold surfaces. Above this is the chill machine, a ;leletier junction assembly ring- or something better not made yet- that sucks heat out of the condenser and dumps it into the heat dump chimney above it. Last, towering high, is the heat dump, using the chimney effecto to cause the air to rise through the entire stack. through it all is a central assembly stalk, with cables run through it and the different assemblies lowered onto it, like donuts on a finger. On top of it all is a lightling rod with brush, and a small warning light for low flying aircraft. On the outside of it facing (south or north) are 3 panels of photovoltaic cells to make it run. no moving parts other than the air blowing through it. Simple- given superior material technology. For example, current solid state refrigeration devices are woefully inefficent; the heat sink and dump should be highly thermally conductive, if not Super-conductive, and the solar cells have to be BIG, CHEAP, and fairly efficient. But it's coming... "
(dELIBERATUS 8/30/2009 4:19:38 PM )

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