Slaver Disintegrator

Sometimes used as a digging tool. (Read the full article)

"David McDaniel, in his 1967 "The Arsenal Out of Time", describes a mining disintegrator thus: "''s called a portable field model mining disintegrator. Our power source will [...] give us a little over a minute at full blast if we need it that long. Though we shouldn't need more than about thirty seconds. [To dig through more than 4 miles of rock!]' 'What's special about a mining disintegrator?' 'A funny fringe on the edge of the beam that fuses the rock or whatever so you have a lined tunnel that won't cave in.'""
(AJWM 3/30/2005 6:19:08 PM )
"If I recall from the book, it wasn't useful as a weapon, because it worked too slowly. However, the Liar carried a double barreled disentigrator, with the second barrel's beam suppressing the charge of the proton. If both were used at the same time, there would be a "current flow", which is accurate, but doesn't describe the true power. That varient is suitable as a weapon."
( 7/7/2005 2:47:01 PM )
"In "The Ringworld Engineers" Louis is found on the world of Canyon, its eponymous feature having been created by a giant, Wunderlander built version of this weapon."
(John Pfeifer 8/1/2006 9:27:56 AM )

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