Lucid Dreamer

A machine that guarantees productive REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, and therefore dreams. (Read the full article)

"This is indeed a tenet, if not purely factual. Just the other night I was having a "bad" dream in which I was losing a fight that I started with an older man who had a hidden boxcutter somewhere on his person. He began stabbing me repeatedly in the stomach and chest as I desperately flailed my arms at him. At one point during my evisceration, I heard my girlfriend's voice screaming my name and was suddenly aware, though still dreaming of being murdered, that I was indeed "home" and "safe" (for lack of better terms). At any rate I began to fight back with more vigor and my wounds began to heal themselves, eventually I escaped the belligerent and ran to a hospital, but the dream ended there since my girlfriend was shaking me to wake up, still screaming my name with annoyance in her voice. Had it not been for her persistence in conjuring my semi-consciousness, I may very well have died in my dream, but since I was able to realize (to some small degree) while still dreaming that I was merely stuck in subconsciousness, I was able to compose myself and fight back. I've noticed that most often it is the sounds of the real world (in my case a screaming girlfriend), when repeated enough to "penetrate" subconsciousness, that actually induce this phenomenon. "
(Carlos Canales 5/12/2004 12:36:38 PM )
"There was a movie about a machine that turn dreams into reality, and a scientist? who tried to solve the worlds problems my deaming the cure. but the results were worse that the original problem. One "cure" created an alien invation from the moon.. and one "cure" made all the people on color, (grey i think)... what was the name of this book/movie? please reply to"
(Lou Hernen 8/9/2004 4:04:06 PM )
"The movie was "The Lathe of Heaven" (1980). It was based on the book of the same name by Ursula K. Le Guin."
(Arivne 12/11/2004 7:51:03 PM )

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