A portal for traveling between distant stars; inexpensive, instantaneous travel to remote worlds. (Read the full article)

"I can appreciate what Author Simmons went through so in my novel [The Final Phase] you become 'triturated' in which - to oversimplify - your physical form is reformed into another state so that your body subsequently does not age at all on long space flights. However, being from that 70s era, I do like his idea as well as the possibility of developing any wormhole technology. As for the Star Trek transporter? I've always been partial to Dr. McCoy's misgivings myself."
(William Neven 11/3/2004 6:46:01 PM )
"Anyone read Niven? Stepping discs. Remember those?
(Yes - they're on the site - I added the reference - Chief Technovelgist.) "
( 11/27/2004 1:33:18 PM )
"There are lots of novels going way back that posit such ports. A more recent one is Jack McDevitt's FAR SHORES. So, when are our hotshot technologists going to produce some a them ports, eh?"
(threeoutside 1/4/2005 8:52:43 PM )
"Where is actual research being conducted on teleportation in physics department around the world?"
( 8/15/2005 6:34:59 PM )

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