Light Pressure Propulsion

First mention of the idea that light itself could be a form of propulsion for spacecraft. (Read the full article)

"whenever light travels it is never affected by the laws of physics we commonly experience in our everyday lives, thus always making a straight path undisturbed, unaffected and never hindered, why? does it bend the space time idea which highly affects every human made vehicle conceptualized since time immemorial? what if humans can then emulate the properties of light to a craft, any possibilities? anybody see what this humble comment is painting???"
(Sam... 7/1/2009 4:54:26 AM )
"If any body can find a way to increase the density of light and more importantly magnetize light itself which as science tells us has particles, then the leap of human technology's evolution has just been achieved. Kudos to the powers that be that first finds this idea and realize it's implications."
(Sam... 7/1/2009 5:03:47 AM )
"Achieving propulsion sans propellant can be done with todays technology (see blog at To get is so that all you need is the propelling light requires some engineering that is well within our means. Why has it not come about? Research maybe."
(Michael 1/26/2010 10:07:51 PM )

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