Bokanovsky's Process

A very early description of cloning. (Read the full article)

"how horrible. suski is the man but the book sucks."
(carmen san diego 10/9/2006 9:34:38 AM )
"Bokanovsky's Process, with slight modification is being applied to public education. Assess, identify, isolate the problem and change the chemical in the test-tube. Brave New Education"
(one of the students fool enough to ask 1/9/2007 9:36:48 AM )
"it's harder if u have to read it is school but ur native speak is german! goddamn this buck i don't even understand one only sentance!!!!"
( 4/12/2007 9:27:39 PM )
"This is a wonderful book that is barely younger than the first mapping of fly genome, basically the brain child of what the study of genetics may become. Though, I never really concidered it a prediction of what the world may come to, but rather an artistic vision. If you even halfway liked the novel then you should see the movie BRAZIL. Its a great fun si-fi distopia bureaucracy movie by Terry Gilliam (The Monty Python Guy)."
(Lis Q 4/26/2007 10:01:56 PM )
"Great book, read it everyone!!"
( 6/11/2007 10:17:31 PM )
"can barely understand your "don't even understand one only sentance"???"
( 9/5/2007 4:31:18 PM )
"anything associated with this book needs to burn in rightious fire"
( 9/5/2007 4:35:40 PM )
"um, person above ^^^ are you a brimstone and hellfire baptist or just stupid?"
( 11/29/2007 9:21:16 PM )
"Interesting process of genetic engineering. It's a shame the book is not so great in terms of literary quality. "
( 5/2/2008 2:27:25 AM )
"it is one of the worstbooks i have read in my life and it has no point. it is so confusing as well"
( 6/4/2008 11:15:32 AM )
"i am a yr 11 student studying this book. i have read the first chapter and it sounds interesting. But why in the future would we want more people if the world is already overpopulated?????????"
(Nathan 6/22/2008 4:51:36 AM )
"this book is horrible! "
( 10/27/2008 11:35:21 AM )
""it's harder if u have to read it is school but ur native speak is german! goddamn this buck i don't even understand one only sentance!!!!" You can't find a German translation? The ending kinda sucks, but the rest of the book is pretty interesting.... even though it's totally implausable. There are certain human instincts that override culture, including the urge to nurture (which is why so many single women have cats! :P ) and the tendency to have one relationship at a time. The 'bottled babies' and 'everyone belongs to each other' things wouldn't work for those reasons. "
( 8/28/2009 10:01:47 AM )

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