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Roger Zelazny (1937-1995) created many of our best science fiction stories; he won six Hugos and three Nebula awards. His quirky humor is found in all of the books; you'll enjoy the characters as well as the inventions. His monumental Amber novels demonstrate his absolute mastery of the fantasy genre as well.Select a novel or story title to see the inventions from that work:

Blood of Amber, Arbor House, 1986

Changeling, Ace, 1980

Doorways in the Sand, Harper Science Fiction, 1976

Eye of Cat, Pocket Books, 1982

Flare, Baen Books, 1992

Lord of Light, Doubleday, 1967

My Name is Legion, Del Rey, 1976

Nine Princes in Amber, Doubleday, 1970

The Dream Master, Ace Books, 1966

This Immortal, Ace Science Fiction, 1966

This Moment of the Storm, Not Known, 1966






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