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by Frank Herbert

An exceptional novel; this book introduces many races and characters. Dosadi is an experimental planet, where individuals from different species are forced into a pressure-cooker environment that either kills them or radically expands their capacities (it may remind you of Manhattan - it's even surrounded by a poison river). Will the people of Dosadi be loosed upon the rest of the complacent universe?

Science fiction in the News articles describe real-world events that relate to the ideas and inventions in sf novels and movies. Select a news article:

Frank Herbert's Odalarm - Scent-Based Alarm Clock Update
   In his 1977 novel The Dosadi Experiment, Frank Herbert wrote about an "odalarm" - an alarm clock that worked by scent. You can buy one now from Hakugen Online.

Sad Day For Odor Alarm Clock Enthusiasts
   Stunning news reaches us today regarding a new Brown University study concluding that scents will not rouse us from sleep.

CLEVER Car One Meter Wide
   The CLEVER car is a zippy little prototype vehicle just one meter wide

Mr. T Pities The Fool Who Won't Turn Left
   Mr. T pities the fool who won't turn left; and he don't take no back talk, sucka!

OKAO Vision Lets Machines See You Smile
   This remarkable product will help computers understand whether you are happy or not.

Mood Recognition Technology: Pivo 2 Driver Experience Enhanced
   Here's a closer look at Pivo 2 and its unique effort to sense the mood of the driver to improve vehicle safety.

Robo-Rucksack: Six-Year-Old Designs Talking 'Smart Backpack'
   This clever and innovative backpack (or rucksack, as they say in the UK) was designed by an elementary school child.

World of Warcraft School of Business
   Nothing like a teamwork simulation to help you succeed in business.

Military To Create Human, Social And Cultural Simulations
   The military is showing a greater interest in the value of simulation technology to prepare personnel for insurgencies.

Wasabi-Based Odor Alarm
   What would be a good name for an odor alarm? Perhaps an ... odalarm.

Inferno Sonic Barrier Is A Sonabarrier
   The Inferno device is intended to create a barrier impassable by human beings.

Training Videogames Bought By Defense Intelligence Agency
   This series of games is intended to teach analysis how to succeed in intelligence work.

Designer Bulletproof Fashion
   Finally, a solution to that pesky assassination problem that you aren't ashamed to be seen in.

NASA iShoe Insole Could Prevent Falls On Earth
   Interesting advance is a NASA spinoff; this researcher realized that the device might be able to help his grandmother - or yours.

Grow Customized Skin
   This new technique holds great promise for burn patients.

Labyrinth Aquarium Has Swimming Tubes
   A Habitrail for your fishy friends, it's all the rage among the Gowachin.

NSA Patents Herbert's Network Snooper Catcher
   The NSA apparently forgot to search for prior art when patenting ways to determine if someone is tampering with network communication.

Voice Interactive Alarm Clock By Moshi
   Hello Moshi - now haven't we all spoken to our alarm clocks at one time or another?

Meetings To Be Recorded And Scored For Body Language
   'Jedrik was reworking the simulation model of Broey which she carried in her head.'

Artificial Skin Swatches Mass-Produced
   These tiny swatches of artificial skin come complete with little blood vessels.

Wasabi Smoke Alarm Now Available
   Oh, this will get you out of bed all right.

Is China Altering Web Traffic?
   SF fans were prompted to think about this a generation ago.

Biomaterial Mimics Human Tissue
   Feel comfortable in your new skin.

The Most Densely Populated Place On Earth
   'The population density shocked McKie...'

UrbanSim Counterinsurgency Training App
   'Why simulation?' 'He's beginning to do things I didn't anticipate.'

Not Going To Google IO
   'Those who could not come in person would watch these proceedings via the glittering transmitter eyes...'- Frank Herbert, 1977.

Look Great In Your Garrison Bespoke Bulletproof Suit
   'McKie longed for his armored clothing…'- Frank Herbert, 1977.

Timeful Appointment App Learns, Optimizes Your Routines
   'The [Daily Schedule program] suited its tone to his movements and the combined analysis of his psychophysical condition.'- Frank Herbert, 1977.

No Cages In Future Zoos Is Zootopia?
   'The park... twisted through specimens from every inhabited planet of the known universe.' And The Quest For A Digital Personal Assistant
   'In McKie's thoughts, the DS [Daily Schedule] was suddenly transformed into a valued confidante.'- Frank Herbert, 1977.

Terminal Snooping At Bloomberg
   'The evidence began with a slowed response at her computer terminal.' - Frank Herbert, 1977.

Evorus Your Crowd-Powered Conversational Assistant
   '...the DS [Daily Schedule] was suddenly transformed into a valued confidante.'

Handheld Human Skin Printer
   It outputs a thin wad of uniflesh.

Stan, Robot Valet, Will Drag Your Car Away
   'He activated the grapple tracks. ' - Frank Herbert, 1977.

Vascularized Human Skin 3D Printed
   Hey Fishboy! Three days and you're out!

Olfactory User Interfaces - Judith Amores Dissertation
   Awakened with a whiff of lemon.

SensorWake Scent-Based Alarm Clock
   'The odalarm awoke Jorj X. McKie with a whiff of lemon.' - Frank Herbert, 1977. is devoted to the creative inventions of science fiction authors and movie makers. Look for the Science Fiction Invention Category that interests you, the Glossary of Science Fiction Inventions, the Timeline of Science Fiction Inventions, or see what's New.
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re: Isaac Asimov

Desktop TARS Robot From Interstellar
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Robots Can Now Have Smiling Faces With Human Skin
re: James Cameron

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