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Rudy Rucker (b. 1946) is a computer scientist and science fiction author. He is perhaps best known for the Ware Tetralogy, the first two of which (Software and Wetware) won Philip K. Dick awards. He has also authored several non-fiction books on science and mathematics.
Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Boppers - robots do their own thing

Wetware (1988)

Flexitime - you've had enough, pal

Master of Space and Time (1984)

Flickercladding - light emission and absorption

Wetware (1988)

Heartshirt - wear your pulse on your sleeve

Wetware (1988)


Freeware (1997)


Postsingular (2007)


Wetware (1988)

Planck Juice - pre-quark beverage

Master of Space and Time (1984)

Twist-Box - hack your own reality

Wetware (1988)

Vizzyprint - phone printer

Wetware (1988)

Week Trees - quick bonsai

Wetware (1988)

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