Thomas A. Easton:
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Thomas A. Easton (b. 1944) is an American science fiction author and critic, and a professor at Thomas College of Maine. Easton holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Colby College and a doctorate in theoretical biology from the University of Chicago.

He wrote the book review column in SF magazine Analog Science Fiction and Fact from 1979 - 2009. He appears frequently at Boston-area science fiction conventions.

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Assassin Bird - genetically engineered

Sparrowhawk (1990)

Bioform House - pumpkin house

Sparrowhawk (1990)

Cannibal Grass

Sparrowhawk (1990)

Dormancy Switch

Sparrowhawk (1990)

General Bodies Tortoise - terrapin fast

Sparrowhawk (1990)

Hanky Bush - use the white leaves

Sparrowhawk (1990)

Leaf Screens

Sparrowhawk (1990)


Sparrowhawk (1990)

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