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Robert Anson Heinlein was born in Missouri in 1907; he died in 1988. He entered the Naval Academy in 1925 and was commissioned in 1929; his career as a naval officer was cut short by ill health. He studied engineering and mathematics at UCLA. He wrote his first short story (Lifeline) in 1939. He wrote many well-known novels (see below). He received the Nebula Grand Master award in 1975.
Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Eetee (E.T - extraterrestrial)

Double Star (1956)

Ferretscope - who's listening?

If This Goes On... (1940)

Flat Cat

The Rolling Stones (1952)

Flexible Frank - the all-purpose household robot

The Door Into Summer (1956)

Flip to Brake

Methuselah's Children (1941)

Flying Saucer - alien spacecraft

The Puppet Masters (1951)

Fold Box

Glory Road (1963)

Fresher - refreshing chamber

Methuselah's Children (1941)


Gulf (1949)

Gravity Centrifuge

Space Cadet (1948)

Grok - a Martian sees and knows

Stranger in a Strange Land (1961)


Waldo (1942)

Group Ego - a kind of group mind

Methuselah's Children (1941)

Guided Missile Control Station

Between Planets (1951)

Half-Sphere Force Field - not an ordinary spherical force field

Between Planets (1951)

Hands Free Helmet - chin up

Starship Troopers (1959)

High-Frequency Oven - essence of the microwave

Space Cadet (1948)

Hired Girl Robot - robotic floor maintenance

The Door Into Summer (1956)

Howard Families

Methuselah's Children (1941)

Hush Corner - noise reduction

Double Star (1956)

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