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Eando Binder is a pen-name used by two mid-20th-century science fiction authors, Earl Andrew Binder (b. 1904 - d. 1965) and his brother Otto Binder (b. 1911 - d. 1974). The name is derived from their first initials ("E and O").

Otto wrote for the Captain Marvel line of comic books (1941-1953) and the Superman line (1948-1969).

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Artificially Pulsating Star
A star that has been modified to pulsate with a message to the entire universe.

The Cosmic Blinker (1953)

An electronic brain that is able to do problem solving. This idea seems to be the impetus behind current artificial intelligence that seeks to solve problems, rather than to simulate human intelligenc

The Cosmic Blinker (1953)

Ether Boat
A space craft.

Murder on the Asteroid (1933)

Flip to Brake
Maneuver to put the tail end (with rocket output) in the forward direction of travel to use for lowering velocity.

Murder on the Asteroid (1933)

Globular Glass Helmet
A bowl-shaped space helmet.

Murder on the Asteroid (1933)

Iridium-Sponge Brain
A human-like metal brain for robots.

Adam Link's Vengeance (1940)

Landing on an Asteroid
An elaborate flight plan for landing a space ship on an asteroid.

Murder on the Asteroid (1933)

Robot Suicide - enough is enough
A robot decides to commit suicide, and sets up a mechanism to put his decision into effect.

Adam Link's Vengeance (1940)

Space Tug
A small vessel used to maneuver other ships.

Murder on the Asteroid (1933)

Time Loop
A series of events repeats, the stream crosses over itself.

The Time Entity (1936)

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