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Murray Leinster was the nom de plume of William Fitzgerald Jenkins, born in Norfolk, VA in 1896. He served in WWI in the Army, also serving in WWII in the Office of War Information. He won a 1956 Hugo for Exploration Team and a retro-Hugo in 1996 for First Contact.
Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Carson Circuit - the secret of the Internet

A Logic Named Joe (1946)


The Ethical Equations (1945)

Dimensoscope - see into new dimensions

The Fifth-Dimension Catapult (1931)


Exploration Team (1956)


The Ethical Equations (1945)

First Contact

Proxima Centauri (1935)

Garbage Screen - chaff in space

Space Tug (1953)

Gravity-Simulator Harness - maintain muscle and bone in space

Space Tug (1953)

Inflatable Air Lock - very early reference

Space Tug (1953)


Exploration Team (1956)

Living Space Ship

Proxima Centauri (1935)

Logics - early home computer

A Logic Named Joe (1946)

Logics Service

A Logic Named Joe (1946)

Magnetic-Soled Shoes - required for space walks

Space Tug (1953)

Meteor Blasters - clear the spaceways

First Contact (1945)

Mutated Kodiak Bears

Exploration Team (1956)

Overdrive - it's FTL

First Contact (1945)

Pilot Beam

Methuselah's Children (1941)


Propagandist (1947)

Plastic Constructor (3D Printer)

Things Pass By (1945)

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